Most people overcomplicate a healthy lifestyle transformation.

But real transformations are usually simple in structure, but the execution is hard.

The real quistion should rather be how to commit to a healthy lifestyle.

But before we get there let's start from the beginning:

How do you get strong, healthy, fit and lean?

Are there ways to jump start healthy lifestyle transformations?

Are there some things you can do or put in your body that will help you reach your goals?

Yes there are and I have made a list of 14 simple things that will help you get there:

Your Healthy Lifestyle Transformation

(1)Stop Eating Processed Food Including Sugar 

Keep it simple when it comes to food with a few exceptions.

Just eat food that is natural and not anything that is not in a box or plastic packaging is good.

So this means meat, eggs, vegetables, fruit and healthy fats like butter.

For carbs eat white rice.

Simple is better.

You can transform your body with a diet of beef, chicken, unsalted butter, rice and a bit of greens.

Avoid fast food, sugar, and processed food.

The exception to this rule is whey protein and a few other supplements.

(2)Drink Loads Of Black Coffee

Black Coffee is one of the gifts of the Gods.

It's the drink that builds civilizations and pushed men above and beyond their abilities.

It keeps men energized, focused and sharp.

Armies have conquered countries with coffee pumping through their veins.

Companies have exceeded expectations with thousands of cups of coffee.

Contrary to popular belief coffee is good for you.

The benefits of coffee are immense.

There are long-term benefits to drinking black coffee.

Like reducing the risk of cancer, Alzheimer's and heart disease.

When I talk about coffee I talk about a man's coffee.

That means black, no sugar no milk.

Of course, coffee will be unhealthy if you load it with sugar, syrup, and milk.

So let's be clear, black filter coffee.

Not processed instant coffee.

We are talking about Arabica ground coffee.

Take the beans and ground them up.

Add boiling water and a French Press and you good to go.


Creatine is one of the few “muscle building” supplements that actually work.

In fact, it's more than just a muscle building supplement.

It increases your testosterone levels and gives you that boost that you need.

It is, without doubt, one of the best things a man can use to build muscle and help with recovery.

After using Creatine for a week or so you will notice your power increase in the gym.

You will also notice that you need less recovery between sets.

Once you start using Creatine you will wonder why you haven't used it for years.

(4)High-Quality Supplements

Not all supplements are equal.

Say that again, not all supplements are equal.

The first thing you have to do is take your multivitamins and throw them in the trash.

Most of them are low quality and not good for you.

If you can't afford good supplements then dont take any.

Find good supplements and make sure you are taking the most important vitamins and stay consistent.

You can find my list of supplements here.

 healthy lifestyle transformation

(5)Eat Lots of Meat

I already covered meat in this article but its so important that I want to talk about it again.

Meat is the most important ally in your path here on earth.

It will give you the life energy you need to stay healthy, focused and energized.

Meat is the foundation of your health as a man.

It's the foundation of your testosterone building factory in your body.

Don't be fooled by modern trends that say meat is bad for you.

Meat is very good for you, it is essential.

(6)The Bullet Proof Diet

If you want to learn everything about living a healthy life then read the Bullet Proof Diet.

The book changed my health and helped me transform my body.

It will explain to you exactly what you need to do to transform your health and your life.

If you are struggling to lose weight, build muscle and get healthy then I highly recommend this book.

The Bulletproof Diet the only diet that has ever worked for me.

Don't let the title mislead you.

It's, not a diet. It's a lifestyle.


Fasting is probably one the most healthy things you can do.

In the west, we have an obsession with eating 3 or 4 meals a day.

The west has a system with so much excess that even poor people are fat.

People snack all day on low-quality food and then stack 3 meals on top of that.

Cultures in Asia and the middle east have higher levels of health.

All these countries have something in common.

They have a culture of fasting.

People fast some part of the month or for shorter periods of time every week.

Science has studied the effects of fasting and the positive effects are powerful.

Start Fasting by eating a big meal around 9 pm at night and then eating nothing until the next evening at 9.

The only thing you can do when you fast is drink water or black coffee.Simple.

(8)Avoiding Soy

Avoid soy products at all costs.

Soy is not your friend as a man.

As a man, it is your enemy.

Soy is loaded with estrogen.

It will reduce your testosterone and increase the female hormone estrogen in your body.

Soy has quietly slipped into the western diet.

Companies use it as a cheap filler in processed foods.

So people are getting a lot of soy into their bodies without knowing it.

Soy is also used as a “healthier “option than milk.

People buy a variety of soy drinks on the market.

The rise of soy can be directly correlated with the drop in testosterone levels in men.

You have to avoid soy.

Soy is something they give women after pregnancy to help raise their estrogen levels.

So stay away from soy and you will see the positive effects on your health.

(9)Whey Protein

Whey protein is another supplement that works.

Like I said before most “muscle building “supplements don't work.

This one does work.

If you can get high-quality whey protein with no soy then you are good to go.

Try and get a grass-fed whey or at least a high-quality product.

(10)Lift Heavy

Lifting heavy and eating red meat is the 2 most important things for your health.

Lifting heavy is one of the best things you can do for your overall health.

It will transform your body.

It will not only give you physical benefits but will also make you mentally calm and confident.

You will see your strength and confidence increasing with a good consistent heavy lifting program.

Make lifting heavy part of your lifestyle and see your life change in ways you didn't think possible.

(11)Sprinting Sessions

Sprinting is another one of those ancient activities of man that is very important to our health.

We evolved to run fast over short distances to run away from predators and get into a tree or cave away from danger.

Our bodies respond to sprinting a lot stronger than other forms of running like endurance running.

You can get a lot more positive results from sprinting than long distance running in a short time.

Want to lose weight and get stronger?

Start sprinting 2 or 3 times a week.

Start doing sprints for 20 meters walk for ten and then sprint 20.

Keep on going until you can't do it anymore.

Simple and very effective.

how to commit to a healthy lifestyle

(12)Reduce Masturbation-No Fapping

Don't masturbate too much.

It will drain you of all the powerful energy that you need to stay on your purpose.

The masculine energy that you store in your body gets depleted every time you start fapping.

Learn to channel that strong energy into your work and mission on this planet.

When you learn to channel your energy into your work you will see the incredible things you are cable off.

Your life energy is your creative energy,don't waste it all in your hand. Channel it into your work and change the world.

Read Think and Grow Rich and see what Napoleon Hill said about energy transmutation.

Your sexual desires are the strongest desires in your body.

If you can transform that power and use it for your creative work then great things can happen.

This takes massive willpower and discipline but the rewards are great.

(13)Have a cheat day.

Once a week have fun in terms of your diet and exercise regime.

One day a week eat and drink what you want.

Get those pancakes, hot dogs, burgers and other stuff that you love. Eat as much as you can.

Life is fun, so eat and enjoy.

A cheat day will shock your body a bit but it will be good for your mind to let go and enjoy the pleasures of civilization.

It will also help you maintain discipline through the week knowing you have a reward on the weekend.

I usually have my cheat day on Saturday after I had a heavy lifting session on Saturday morning.

Then on Sunday, I go into my fasting day and don't eat anything until 9 pm at night.

jump start healthy lifestyle

(14)Be Consistent

Whatever you do in life be consistent.

Consistency is the most powerful thing in the universe.

You can transform your life and the world by being consistent.

Consistency is many times the missing ingredient for people.

They wonder why they fail and don't realize that the lack of consistency is stopping them from having success.

If you are consistent in everything you do you will get the results you want.

Consistency will make or break your life.

Don't forget it!