The reality for most men when it comes to women and dating is that they have no idea what they are doing.

Some think they know what they are doing but their level of success tells a story of total incompetence.

They think they know what women want.But they don't.

This is not totally their fault.

Dating success is a challenge in the modern world.

The culture we live in has failed men and have taught them to be “good” little robots that follow all the “rules.”

The consequences of this are generations of men that have no idea how to successfully approach dating, relationships, and women.

We evolved into hunter-gatherer societies and lived that way for hundreds of thousands of years.

So the primal part of ourselves was hoping for wisdom from mentors, role models, heroes, traditions, and rituals that would teach us how to be men and find females for sex and relationships.

Obviously, those days are over.


The Problem In The Modern World.

The problem is that the gap was never filled with something to help us in the modern world.

Unfortunately, the gap was filled with bullshit “advice” from parents, professors, churches, and politicians.

Their goal was not to help you with women, their goal was to reach their selfish goals and agendas.

In this article you reading now you will learn about the 5 dating success principles you need to follow to get the success you want.

Men want different things: Some want one woman for a relationship, some want to date many women and some wish to have one one night sexual experiences.

Whatever your goals are the principles stay the same.

So let's take a look at the 5 Rules For Dating Success:

(1)You Need To Have A Scientific Approach To Dating

If you have no success with dating right now then you are guessing or following some bullshit advice.

The reality is that using science and evidence is more reliable than “conventional wisdom.”

When you have a scientific approach, it will force you to test things, think critically and get feedback from others.

This is critical if you are struggling with meeting women.

When you take this scientific approach by testing and experimenting based on knowledge, you will improve fast.

More importantly, you will be forced to take responsibility for your success.

It will also help you see the truth and reject superstitions and “conventional wisdom” that gave you nothing in the past.

We live in a time where we have large amounts of knowledge at our fingertips.

We can learn from the fields of psychology, evolutionary biology, anthropology, genetics, and animal behavior.

We can use all these theories and see what we can use and what we can discard.

Don't worry we don't need to study thousands of textbooks. We have people that wrote books with all the most important information we need.

This information will not only make you understand women better but also yourself.

It will expose your weaknesses and show you where you need to improve.

(2)The Importance Of Women's Perspective.

One of the biggest mistakes men make is not looking at the perspective of women.

This perspective will change the whole way you look at women and dating.

It will also expose most of the things you do wrong.

It will also disclose your weaknesses as a man.

If you don't understand the perspective of women, then you will meet with failure over and over again.

If you know anything about women then you should know that they are a lot more complicated than men.

They evolved in a different way with complex biology to carry babies and survive pregnancies.

One specific quality that they evolved with is to screen men.

They have complex self-protection systems to protect themselves from seduction, manipulation, and exploitation.

If you are trying to be successful with women and you don't understand this, then you will keep on failing.

Not understanding this is like flying an airplane without a compass.

That airplane will crash.

This is one of the biggest problems most men have with women.

They don't understand their perspective.

Remember the risks in sex is a lot bigger for women than men.

She doesn't just deal with the dangers of std's and assault but also pregnancy and raising a child alone.

For a man the risks are low.

Men can potentially impregnate a group of women and disappear.

Women don't have that luxury.

So they evolved a complex system to spot men trying to exploit them.

Even if your intentions are good but you give signals that look threatening you are done.

Sure, you can keep on doing what you are doing right now without this knowledge.

You might find someone stupid enough to deal with your bullshit.

But modern divorce rates will show you that these types of relationships mostly end in divorce or years of unhappiness.

You need to understand the following about the women's perspective in terms of dating success:

-All Women have specific concerns and preferences about sex.

-She feels anxious about her own vulnerability connected to stalking, rape, std's, harassment and being labeled a slut.

-Why women are similar but very different in what they want in terms of experiences and relationships. Some want a variety of experiences with different men. Some want one experience with one person etc.This could mean one night stands, boyfriends, husbands, or friends.

-You need to understand why women want good genetics and good fathers and the right partners. Sometimes women don't want the previously mentioned qualities from the same man. It all depends on a range of circumstances and personal preferences. As I said, women are complex.

-Why women are looking for qualities like intelligence, mental health, physical health, willpower, protectiveness, kindness, etc.

-You need to learn why women look for certain proofs of value. For example material success, social success, style, and commitment.

-You need how, and where to meet women. Whether its online locations or physical locations. You need to figure it out and go where women spend their time. You need to understand how these places work so you can position yourself as a high-value man in these places.

The key to understanding a women's perspective is that the sooner you learn the sooner you can give it to them.

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(3)Take Ownership Of Your Attractiveness.

One of the main ideas of my life philosophy is taking ownership of everything in my life.

And when it comes to your attractiveness it's precisely the same.

This means you have to develop the qualities that women find attractive.

You can read this article, but nothing will change until you do the work.

The reality is that you did not choose your genetics, your family or background.

But from this moment you have to take responsibility for everything in your life.

This includes your choices, your traits, your habits, your sexual value, and your all-around attractiveness.

Nobody can do this for you; only you can do this work for your dating success.

Your personal development and attractiveness is all your responsibility.

This is not a new idea.

The ancient Stoic philosophy had the same ideas.

The famous Philosopher Niethzhe and even modern psychology acknowledge that it's your responsibility to get this right.

They all agree that you have a duty towards yourself and your future self to take control of this part of your life.

Attraction is not a choice.

Women don't choose to be attracted to someone.

Certain qualities in men trigger attraction in women.

This means that it's in your hands whether women find you attractive or not.

You can choose to develop these qualities or not.

Think of this as an opportunity for you build your attractiveness.

You have a choice:

Either settle for a mediocre life and pretend that you don't have the time or resources to do this.

Or you can make a different choice.

You can choose to step up,take the ball and take responsibility.

The only “negative” of this process is that you will have to do some work and develop self-discipline.

The upside is infinite.

You can create every area of your life and meet many beautiful women.

Then you get to have the choice of relationship or experience you want to have with women.

The best part of all this is that your whole life will improve and get better

When you develop your attractiveness, you develop every part of your life.

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(4)Honesty with Yourself And Others.

Honesty about what you want is the foundation of all success.

This includes success with personal development and dating success.

If you are not honest about what you really want and the actions you need to take then one thing is certain to happen.

You will never get what you want.

Out there in the world are women that want precisely the same something like you.

Some want exactly the same sexual experiences or relationships you want.

But if you are not honest with yourself about what it is you want, then you can not meet these women.

Most women think men are lying all the time.

If you get noticed for your honesty women will start talking about that guy who always speaks his mind and tells the truth.

I'm not saying tell her everything about yourself,I'm saying if you do decide to talk,then tell the truth in what you choose to say.

If you lie to get women into bed or have a relationship with you then you are only damaging yourself.

Eventually, you will be exposed, and everything will fall apart.

Lying never brings long term success.

You might get away with it for a week, months or even a few years.

But eventually, it catches up with you.

Lying in the end just makes you feel bad about yourself and brings down your self-confidence.

This leads to low levels of success in all areas of life.

The bottom line is that long term honesty leads to long term success.

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(5)Winning in Life Is A Conscious Choice.

I wrote a previous article about winning and that in life winning is a conscious choice.

With dating success and relationship its the same.

There are 2 aspects to winning:

-You have to make a choice that you will do whatever it takes to develop the qualities that women find attractive so that you can win in this game of life.

-The Second aspect is putting both you and the women you meet in winning positions.

Let's take a deeper look at this second aspect:

There is a common way of thinking out there that men and women are playing some type of mating game where one of them wins and that's the end of it.

But that type of winning leads to one party losing and creates unhappiness and resentment in either you or the woman.

A better approach to take is creating a win-win situation.

That means the men and the women getting what they want.

This means everyone ends up happy.

How do we create this win-win situation?

If both of you can get value from your interaction both wins.

For example, she wants a one-night sexual experience, and you want the same then both of you win.

If both of you want to have a long term relationship, then both of you wins.

If both of you want to date other people and then both of you win.

The key is both get value.

The opposite happens when only one of you wins.

For example, if you want a one-night sexual experience and she wants a potential husband, then you win, and she loses.

Win-win situations create a situation where everyone gets what they want.


If you follow these principles or guidelines you will see your life improve.

The only steps you have to take is to make a decision that you are committed to doing this.

And the second thing is to take action in your dating life.

Only you can this.

So Take Responsibility for your dating success.