The topic of the Alpha male is something that people talk about a lot online.

Women refer to some men as alpha.

And men try to define what alpha means to them:

“What makes a man an Alpha Male?”

“Am I an Alpha Male?

“What are the qualities of an Alpha Male?”

What is an Alpha Male?”

“What is a real alpha male?”

These are the questions that many men ask themselves.

These are also the types of questions and arguments I see online.

Of course, men have their own ideas of what an Alpha Male is and they adapt it to make sure they fall into that category.

Before we go into what I think what an alpha male is I want to say a few general things about the concept of being an “Alpha Male”.

The first thing is that most men are not born a total Alpha .

Some are born with more natural alpha qualities and others with less.

But we all have the potential to develop those qualities if we choose to do so.

There is always a set of circumstances that allows for men to develop into Alpha Males.

Men are born with many or very few alpha male qualities but then the qualities either get developed or suppressed.

Again this is about the conditioning you grow up with as a toddler and into your adulthood.

If your foundation is solid as a child and as a young man then you develop those qualities and potential even more as an adult.

So the good news is that at any time you can decide to drop your Beta conditioning and develop your Alpha Qualities.

Another part of being alpha that many people miss is that being Alpha does not mean you are a good or virtues man.

Alphas can be good and virtues.

Or they can be dark and evil or anyplace in between on the spectrum.

You get alphas that are men you look up to and admire.

And then there are Alphas that are total douche-bag Alphas but you can't deny that these douche-bags are Alpha.

But this article is not to talk about the ethics or qualities of different types of Alphas.

The point is just to point out that Alphas comes in different forms.

The same as Beta males that come in different forms.

Some Betas are good men and some are evil little men that will sucker punch you from behind.


The Alpha Mindset.

The most important part is that Alpha is a mindset.

Alpha is not your muscles or about your achievements or level of success.

All your achievements and success comes from the fact that you are Alpha.

You were alpha first and then you achieved the things you wanted.

Betas also achieve things but it's mostly not what they want. It's what they think society wants them to do.

So what is the heart of being an Alpha?

The Alpha male is alpha because there is one standard he always lives up to:

The standard he sets himself.

He doesn't get his standards from the outside world.

He always rises above the mainstream mediocrity in everything he does.

He walks is own path.

Again I have to point out that this rising above mediocrity can be good or bad.

Being alpha has nothing to do with being good or bad.

Alpha is Alpha whether you use that power for good or bad is up to you.

This website is built on the whole mindset of rising above mediocrity.

This website also is guided by living by a code and being virtues.

But there are blogs out there in the world that are Alpha but I won't spend 1 minute reading the trash they put out there in the world.

The reality of the world is that good or bad Alpha's are in the minority of the world.

The saddest part of many men with Alpha qualities is that they get pulled into the Matrix and get seduced by the feminine culture and get turned into nice obedient little betas.

Why does this happen?

Well, we all have some Beta potential within us.

Of course, some are born with a lot of beta potential and they develop that mindset very easily

And others, as mentioned above, have a lot of alpha potential and choose to develop those qualities.

Also, the way we are raised plays a major role in how this potential plays out in real life.

Another major part is the mediocre mainstream culture and the feminist influence in education.

In modern schools and universities the Alpha male qualities are seen as a threat and are discouraged.

For example, ideas like strong competition, aggression, adventure, and individual thinking are seen as dangerous.

And what the mainstream sees as dangerous must be suppressed.

So many young boys with Alpha Potential get molded into nice betas and get stripped of any alpha potential they had.

But again many men with some alpha qualities get lost when they get married or go into relationships and give away their sovereignty.

They choose to compromise on their inner Alpha.

For example when it comes to relationships and dating many men allow women to run their lives and dominate their relationships.

Before you know it the guy is a stay at home dad watching the kids while his wife is out on a girl's night with her friends.

Alpha Male

Rising Above The Mediocre.

So most Alpha Qualities in us gets stirred or activated with our good old friend Testosterone.

Testosterone is seen by many in the modern world as the enemy but without it no progress in the world would have been possible.

So to put it simple terms testosterone is like the gas that gets poured over the alpha spark that is already present in you.

This Alpha spark then turns into a fire and many cases a permanent fire if you choose to let it burn.

It's this fire that allows men to rise above the mediocre and do things that are out of the ordinary.

It allows Alpha Males to try things that most men will never do.

Things like:

Starting a business that most think will never work.

Walking up to the most beautiful women in the nightclub and then take her home.

Getting on a plane without telling anyone and then calling them from the tropical island to ask them to water his plants.

Investing money in companies everyone thinks is a bad idea.

Speaking up when no one else will.

Saying things no one else will.

And taking a stand that nobody else will.

The alpha will do things no other man will do because Alphas do what they want and not what other people expect of them.

The Alpha Male doesn't look around to see what everybody else is doing.

Everybody else looks around to see what the Alpha is doing.

He lives in own world with his own rules.

They live in their own reality.

This links up with the point that Alpha's are both good or bad…..that is up or you.

alpha mindset

Cultivate The Alpha Mindset.

So how to cultivate your potential Alpha?

The best way to get to the primal level of being alpha is to watch a 5-year-old boy walking around and doing whatever he wants without thinking.

That kid explores, touches, pushes, tastes and laughs at the world around him.

Of course we can't act like 5-year-olds but getting back that sense of exploration and adventure for life is a good starting point.

Getting back that mindset of living life your way and taking risks before the world told you to stop doing that.

The modern world programs us in schools and with their entertainment industry that we should be good followers and good cogs in the system.

They are conditioning us to be beta.

Unfortunately if your parents were beta conditioned then you were drenched in beta conditioning.

So you have to find a way to go back to your Alpha roots and develop them.

Find that sense of risk again.

Go against what everyone expects of you and as corny as it sounds follow your heart or intuition.

Deep down in your soul, you know if you are going in the right direction.

Follow that voice of your intuition.

Its truth talking.

Get your self-discipline back and start embracing personal development as a way of life.

Start rebuilding the way you think about reality.

Study blogs like this one, read books on a wide range of topics and start building your mindset back in the direction of Alpha.

Take back your mental strength.

Have the courage to walk alone.

An important part of being a mature Alpha is figuring out your mission and then having the courage to go after it with everything you have.

If you don't have a mission or purpose it means you are overwhelmed by beta conditioning and just going with the stream.

Step out of that matrix and walk tall again.


“Safe sex, safe clothing, safe hairspray, safe ozone layer………too late! Everything that's been achieved in the history of man has been achieved by not being safe.” -Lemmy Kilmister, Motorhead.

Being an Alpha male means pushing the limits and going outside your comfort zone.

It means stepping into your fears and going after whatever it is you want.

The thing that drives and inspires us is our old friend testosterone.

We started to get exposed to testosterone in our mother's wombs.

Gradually the dose of testosterone were increased and if you are a healthy young teenager the spikes of testosterone exploded in your teens and into your twenties.

In your thirties and onward it decreases and you need to do more work to keep your testosterone levels healthy and high.

The problem with the modern culture is that they indoctrinate parents and young men into a lifestyle and way of living that is decreasing even young men's testosterone levels.

One of the problems with the diets of young kids is that they spike everything with soy. Soy is loaded with high levels of estrogen the female hormone. That is why men are walking around fat with man boobs.

And like I mentioned before they discourage competitive and adventurous behavior.

So now it's up to you to make sure you keep your testosterone levels high by living a healthy lifestyle.

This includes lifting weights and eating food that encourages testosterone production.

You need to take full responsibility to keep this superpower of testosterone healthy in your body.

 What is a real alpha male?


Being Alpha obviously has a biological origin but it's a choice to follow through on that starting point or to suppress it.

We live in strange times where being a man or boy is not something that is simple anymore.

Manhood and Alpha living is under attack.

You have to step up and stand tall.

Until next time.