If you have been on this planet for a while you know a universal truth:

Bad things happen.

We all go through bad events, setbacks, and disappointments.

Its just life. But how you deal with is what make the difference.

The UFC commentator and comedian Joe Rogan has an inspiring video about becoming the hero of your own movie.

In the video he talks about how we are not our past. But we have learned from those things.

He goes on to talk about how we can create a different future with us being the hero character in our own movie.

Unfortunately in today's world the story most tell themselves is one of defeat.

And the most popular story is the one of the victim.

We live in the time of the victim Olympics where people are competing to see who are the biggest victim.

It's sad to watch these weak individuals fight over who the biggest victim is.

But this type of thinking is widespread and a lot of people get seduced by that type of thinking.

They get seduced to become a victim because then they dont have to take responsibility for their own life.

They can just sit back and blame other people and events for their current situation.

If you are a victim right now then you need to stop.

Stop right now.

It's weak and it will bring you nothing but misery and failure.

It might give you attention for a while but even that will fade.

So let it go.

Every Day Is A New Start.

The good news is that even if you fuck up a lot in your life you can stop and start again.

You can put your whole history behind you and start over.

Where Do You Start If You Want To Change?

Like Mr. Rogan mentioned in the video.

Imagine you are the loser character in a movie but you decide to rise up and become the hero of your story.

Ask yourself this:

How would that movie character start to change from being a loser to becoming a hero?

From zero to hero?

be the hero of your own movie quote

You Make a Decision and Commit!

Wherever you are right now you need to stop and get a pen and a piece of paper.

Go sit in a room and close the door.

Write down what is you want in life.

This is the only way to do it.

Otherwise you are just living in this grey area of not fully committing to something.

This is why most new years resolutions fail.

People just talk bullshit over a couple of glasses of wine and then forget about it.

And even if they do start it doesn't last for longer than a few weeks before they give up.

You have to commit.

Use the pain you felt in the past to make you commit and become obsessed to change your life and build momentum.

Think about what is wrong in your life.

Are you overweight?

Are you lonely and single?

Are you broke?

Does your job suck?

Does your family need you?

Are you generally in a fucked up situation?

Do you need to unfuck yourself?

Whatever it is write it down.

Then start thinking about how you can change.

Start thinking about how resourceful you can become to start changing these things.

Do whatever it takes with whatever you have to start changing.

You Have To Make A Friend With Self Discipline.

Self Discipline will help you get things done.

Because guess what?

You might get all fired up after reading this article and after a week this motivation you got will start fading.

I promise you it will fade.

And you will start thinking about giving up.

This is why most people fail.

This was why I failed in the past.

This is why I admire successful people.

Not because of their money or fame.

But because I know what it takes to get where those people are at.

Or at least I have some understanding of what it took for them to reach that kind of success.

Next time you see a famous CEO,professional athlete,actor,entrepreneur or doctor stop for a minute and think.

Think about what it took to get to that position.

They had to sacrifice a lot to reach that level of success.

You see the reality of success is a lot harder than most people realize.

It doesn't happen when everyone is talking shit at a party about how they are going to do something.

It doesn't happen when you show up twice a week at the gym for a month and then give up.

It doesn't happen when you talk about how you are going to start a business.

Success gets build when the show is over and lights are out.

When everyone else is sleeping.

When you don't want to go running but do it anyway.

When you spend weekends and vacations focused on your craft.

When you don't sleep for days.

When you feel like shit but still build momentum.

When you don't drink because you know its going to affect your work.

When you eat healthy for months and years as a habit.

When you put on your running shoes and go for the run even when its freezing outside.

When you to the gym consistently when others are out partying or watching The Game of Thrones reruns.

All success gets build when nobody is watching.

This is the cold hard reality of success that nobody likes to talk about.

Because it's not glamorous and not cool.

But this is how winning gets done.

You hold on to your self-discipline and you build success.

There are no magic pills or overnight success stories.

There is only building momentum and creating value

Then success will come for you.

Start With Your Mind And Body.

If you are in a bad place in your life then you need to start working on 2 things right now.

Your body and mind.

If I was starting over right now I would start with that.

The mind and body.

When you get this right everything else starts falling in place.

When you get this right you can start building momentum.

Keep it simple.

First start meditating

And cut out social media and TV.

Or at least limit it to the weekends.

Start surrounding yourself with positive influences.

With people books,audio or whatever is possible.

But start changing the way your mind gets influenced.

Start eating healthy.

Again,keep it simple.

Cut out processed food and eat real food.

If you don't have money for good food then buy a bag of rice, minced meat and some eggs.

There you go.

That is all you need.

Then add some supplements if you can but it's not absolutely necessary.

Next start lifting weights.

And if you can't lift weights or can't afford to get a membership then start doing the following body weight exercises:

100 pushups a day,100 sit-ups a day and 100 Jumping Jacks a day.

If you cant do it in one go then spread it out through the day.

But get done.

You Will Be Uncomfortable: Good!

When you start meditating or exercising your brain will start fighting against you.

Your brain wants to be comfortable.

So it will start fighting you so can go back to the good old days of comfort.

Don't listen to that voice that tells you to stop.

Stay focused and expect this resistance to come for you.

Fear will always come for you.

So don't be surprised when it does.

What a lot of people don't know is this:

There is no link between comfort and getting success.


However there is a big link between being uncomfortable and success.

To achieve anything of value in life you will need to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

You will have to overcome some hurdles and go through pain to get what you want.

The reality this:

If you want to get what you never had before you will have to do what you've never done before.

So doing the work will be uncomfortable.

This is the reality of building long term success.

As the hero in your movie start seeing yourself as the guy who gets things done.

Tell yourself these words when things suck: “This is what I do,I get things done”.

Don't let the resistance stop you.

Overcome it.

Every Day You Have a Choice.

The choice is this:

You are either a warrior or a victim.

Because every day you have to choice:

The choice of giving in to the worst parts of our human nature or not?

Are you going to fight every day to do the best you possibly can?

Are you going use the limited time you have on this planet?

Or are you going to be the victim who looks for attention?

This is a daily battle.

But there is some good news.

The good news is it gets easier over time by building momentum.

You will still feel the resistance every day.

But with the warrior mentality growing you will see the resistance, smile and just walk past it.

Keep That Vision In Your Mind.

Keep the new identity that you are building fresh in your mind.

Remind yourself who it is you are trying to become.

When you start transforming yourself, you will find yourself slipping back into old patterns.

So it's important to read that piece of paper we talked about every day.

Read your vision of your new life every morning when you get up and every evening before you go to bed.

Build a new frequency in your mind.

Attract good things into your life with a new mindset and a new way of thinking about yourself and the world.

joe rogan be the hero of your own movie


“But John it's not that easy I can't just be this new person”.


If you decided to be that old version of you then you can decide to be this new version too.

Just decide and do it.

It won't be easy and you won't get all the results you want overnight.

It's not a magic pill, its a process.

But you can decide to change and start building momentum right now.

Right now!

Get up and do it.

The clock is ticking.