Getting through hard times is not easy.

We all go through hard times or tough times.

And if you don't yet Know this: You will.

It's just life.

Whatever you experiencing now it will pass.

If you are going through a painful experience like a breakup, loss of job, failed business, death in the family or whatever it might be one thing is certain.

It is painful.

The problem is when people go through hard times they tend to set up camp in pain.

They get hooked on the attention they get from people for being a victim and they start enjoying it.

Or if you are totally alone you get seduced by self-pity and start feeling sorry for yourself.

And when you start feeling sorry for yourself you don't have to take responsibility for what is going on in your life.

The other problem with painful experiences is that they usually lead to negative momentum into a direction you don't want to to go.

The momentum is towards darkness.

Darkness is a very unpleasant place where a lot of people like to get together and share all their victim stories about how the world fucked them over.

Here they are in a safe space.

Here in this dark safe space nobody has to take responsibility.

They can blame the big bad world.

Somewhere someone did this to them.

These people have another big thing in common.

They gave up on life.

They stopped dreaming.

They let a painful experience in life lead them towards this helpless position in life.

The life of a victim.


When Did You Stop Dreaming?

Let me ask you this.

Did you have dreams when you were a kid?

We all had dreams as a kid.

Maybe it was being a soldier or doctor or an astronaut.

Doesn't matter what it was, the point is you were dreaming.

You didn't care what people thought about your dreams.

They were yours.

Somewhere along the line, someone told you it's not possible.

Somewhere people and the world started convincing you to stop dreaming of magnificent dreams.

Beautiful, massive, colorful crazy dreams.

The type of dreams most people laugh at.

The problem is most people give up when enough people laugh at them.

They start listening to the peanut gallery judging them.

So they give in and get a “normal life” and get ready for retirement.

Game over.

vision board

Start Dreaming Again and Make it Big.

Wherever you are today on this planet and whatever your position.

Remember this:

You have the absolute power and right to Think Big.

This is your right as a free man.

This is an ancient superpower we all have.

Its the alchemist power inside us all.

The power that some people don't want you to believe is real.

Call it what you want.

The universe, the force or God.

There is magic in dreams.

Your dreams tap into this force when you let them out and take massive action to turn them into reality.

Let them laugh at your dreams.

But it's your job to show courage and protect them.

Keep them alive.

What would have happened if the Wright brothers listened to the people who laughed at them trying to fly?

Would we have airplanes today?

What would have happened if Elon Musk listened to the people who said Tesla can't compete with traditional cars?

Would have mainstream electrical cars?

First, they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

– Mahatma Gandhi

If you are in a shitty position right now I get it.

Talking about dreams and airplanes right now might seem over the top so let's start with a simple concept:

Showing Up.

Most successful people in the world know that nothing happens without showing up.

Showing up when you don't want to.

That is key.

I know how hard things get.

If you are knocked down right now brush yourself off and stand up.

Get up, take a shower, get a cup of coffee.

Stand up straight with shoulders back and stand tall.

Now show up!

Go do that thing you think you cant do.

Go do that thing that you need to do even if you hate doing it.

The Harder I play the luckier I get.

If you don't show up you are not going to get lucky.

You not going to change your life conditions if you don't show up.

Next, you have to come over the resistance it is that you are facing.

Maybe it's making sales calls?

Talking to your boss?

Talking to that hot girl at the coffee shop?

Finally going to the gym?

Stop eating junk food?

Whatever it is take the first step.

Just do it.


Raise Your Value.

You have to become more valuable to yourself and the environment around you.

Before you do these things like talking to the girl or talk your boss do this one thing.

Help someone else.

Show your value the world

Give someone a word of encouragement or say thank you to someone.

Just contribute and your mindset will shift to creating more value for yourself, for others and for the world.

inner dialogue

Start Listening To The Right Voice.

I know inside of you there in a little voice that is telling you that you can do more.

A voice that is telling you that there is something great inside of you.

Start listening to that voice.

get real

Embrace The Real World And Focus.

Focus on cutting out all the other noise in the world.

Those other voices, those voices trying to stop you.

Whatever it is that you are doing now.

You can do more.

A lot more.

Put your ego aside if you want to make it.

Getting what you want is not about being too glamorous like it's on Instagram or TV.

Your goals are possible but the way of getting there is totally different than you think it is.

You are going to have to do things you don't like.

If you can get good at something you hate then you will achieve greatness in your life.

The mind-power it takes to become great at something you hate means you have strength.

You can overcome these things you hate to get what you want .

This is something not many people can do.


Don't Get Comfortable.

Remember getting comfortable is a mistake.

You will always get punished for getting comfortable.

The Middle class is an example of getting comfortable.

Buying things they don't need and can't afford.

Creating debt by trying to fit in with the neighbors?

Focus On Your Future.

Forget about your past and try and try and think what you can do.

Think about the future that is possible if you do the work.

The day you take responsibility for what happens to you is the day everything changes.

On this day you start controlling what happens to you.


Don't Give Up.

I know the feeling of being lost.

Not knowing what to do or where to go.

I know the feeling of thinking “Is this it?”Am I done?”

I have experienced it and have overcome it.

You can do the same.

And after studying and meeting some of the most successful people on the planet I learned the following:

Even they wake up some mornings with no clue what they are going to do or how they are going to solve the problems they are in.

Its normal and it happens to everyone.

We all get to a point where we don't know what to do.


Start Punching Back.

When life throws punches.

Punch back.

You have to make a choice to stop just getting buy.

get it done

Stop Over-Analyzing.

Stop Over-analyzing and Take Action.

You will start feeling better when you start moving and take massive action.

And Always Remember these 2 words:

Show Up!