Most men are unaware of how anxiety affects relationships.

Most men make the mistake of thinking once they sparked sexual attraction that they can now sit back and relax.

They think because they started the relationship and entered the so-called “Honeymoon phase” of a relationship that they are safe.

The honeymoon phase is the early stage where you can't get enough of each other and everyone is happy.

But when this ends after a few months most relationships start to suffer and many end.

The worst-case scenario for men is that they get trapped in miserable relationships.

Then relationship anxiety starts to creep into the relationship.

The good news is you can avoid this if you are smart.

If you think because she was attracted to you at one point that she will stay that way forever then you are in for a surprise.

Complacency destroys attraction.

To avoid this you need to be proactive.

You need a strong mindset and when your mindset is strong these proactive steps comes easily.

You must maintain your relationship like you maintain everything else in life.

How Anxiety Affects Relationships And What To Do About It.

-Demonstrate Your Strength Both Emotionally + Physically.

Work on not being emotionally reactive.

It's a habit for most men to go to an emotional response.

Stay calm and never match her emotional level when in conflict.

Build your emotional strength by not reacting but rather responding rationally.

Breath and stay calm.

Show emotional resilience.

Physical strength is part 2:

Work on building your physical strength so that you can get things done(lift and pull things).

But most importantly if you are physically strong she will feel safe.

You must be able to protect her.

-Stop Complaining To Her(that's why you have friends).

Every time you complain to your girlfriend or wife you break down the attraction she has for you.    

Dont be an emotional vampire.

You should never take from her emotionally.

You should be the emotional pillar of strength.

Constantly complaining to her just shows on an unconscious level your inability to handle life.

If you want to complain and blow of steam then meat your friends for a beer.

-Remain Ambitious.

Never get complacent and think you have finally arrived.

Firstly it's important for you to mentally and psychically stay in the game, always be a hunter.

And secondly, it's important for her to know you are always out in the world-conquering it one day at a time.

If you are not on your purpose she will become nervous about her survival even if there is nothing to worry about and this will lead to conflict.

-Communicate Your Desire For Her.

When your girl is working on her fitness and health let her know she is sexy and you want her.

Show her you find her attractive.

When she is letting it slide let her know then do the opposite.

If she is getting fat or sloppy let her know that you notice it.

-Remind Her That She Is Part Of Your Future.

Every now and then tell her she is part of your future plans(Only if she is).

Let her know that the 2 of you are a team and you are going to do great things together.

This is part of the process of making her feel safe.

-Indirectly Show Her That Other Women Are Interested In You, But You Choose Her.

Indirectly show her other women are interested in you.

For example, put on a new T-shirt and then ask her how it looks.

Whatever her answer is tell her “Annie who works at the gym told me this shirt looks good on me, so just wondering what you think?”

The shirt is irrelevant, it's just an indirect way to make her imagination start running.

This is an easy indirect way to let her know other women take notice of you.

-Don't Live In Her Frame.

Frame in a relationship is important.

In other words, in whose reality do you live in?

Her's or yours?

Who is the leader in your relationship?

Most modern men live in the frame of their wife or girlfriend.

Their wives control them and tell them what to do.

Dont fall for this trap.

From the very beginning, you must set the frame.

-Please Her In The Bedroom.

Dont neglect your duties in the bedroom.

Experiment with what she likes and give it to her regularly.

Dont be predictable and boring.

And don't set “date nights” or “sex nights”.

These schedules are just symptoms of relationships that got watered down by men allowing women to set the frame.

Try and figure out what her dark fantasies are and play with that and keep her excited.

Remember the book 50 shades of Grey sold millions of copies by 2017, start there.

Dont think your girlfriend/wife dont have an imagination.

-Show Her You Can Protect Her And The Relationship.

I already mentioned your physical capability to protect her with your strength.

But there is more to protecting her than just your physical strength.

You need to be a leader and make smart decisions that make her feel safe.

If you are reckless with your decisions, lifestyle, and money it will lead to instability.

This instability will lead her to start doubting your ability to protect her.

So be smart, build your value and make strategic decisions.


-Demonstrate To Her She Is Better Off With You Than Other Men.

Lead by example,dont tell her.

Show your value with how you live.

Holisticly be a man of value.

This will show her that she is in a better position than other men.

Make sure you develop your whole life so that your value is expansive.

-Never Be More Emotional Than Her.

I mentioned it before but I will mention it again.

Never match or exceed her level of emotions when you are communicating with her.

Do not start screaming when she is in a bad mood.

This does not show strength, it shows emotional instability.

-Make Her Life Better When She Is With You(she should become stronger with you).

A high-value man's mind is a mirror for a woman.

If you are making her happy then you will notice something interesting, she will start copying some of your habits and lifestyle.

She will identify things that she can use in her own life and start unconciously using them.

This is a good sign and a sign of respect for you.

Always lead by example.


-Never Stop Seducing Her.

The first rule for being a high-value man is this don't become complacent in life, don't become weaker.

Remember attraction isn't just something that happens once or twice at the beginning of a relationship.

It has to be constantly triggered to improve and maintain the relationship through the entirety of its existence.

Her attraction is based on your consistency of behavior.

Use her imagination to keep the relationship dynamic.

And remember to never tell her every little detail about your life.

This removes the mystery of the relationship.

Leave room for her imagination to figure you out by herself.

Many men make the mistake to tell their partner everything about themselves and then lose all the spark in the relationship.

Dont make this mistake.


Starting, building, and maintaining relationships is a process.

Some of your relationships will last a few weeks, others a few months or years.

Some might be for life.

But the reality of maintaining attraction is always the same: It's a never-ending process.