In a world of domesticated men, it's easy to lose your edge.

That edge where most men stop.

The edge where other people ask you to stop.

Safe Space society wants to make sure you don't move off the reservation and do things that make them uncomfortable.

Things that are unsafe in the eyes of the domesticated masses.

I get it, we don't live in a world where we constantly need to fight physical battles.

We don't need to be ready to kill a bear and fight off invading warriors.

The dangers are a lot less but it doesn't mean we shouldn't be ready for the threats that still exist in a modern but still dangerous world.

The problem with modern comforts is that they make you comfortable.

Too comfortable.

You get complacent.

Every time you move in deeper into the world of domestication you lose a bit of your inner warrior.

That part of you that the masses wish that you would just let go.

They wish you would finally grow up and be the domesticated man they want you to be.

They wish you would accept the safe space as your new normal.

How do we start losing our edge?

How do we lose the warrior inside us?

We lose it when we let go of our inner foundation of warrior living.

Warrior living is a lifestyle.

Its that ancient part of us that is so deeply ingrained in masculinity that when we go to our warrior mindset we feel right at home.

How do we not lose our edge?

How do we build the warrior mentality?

The Warrior Mentality?

(1)Learn how to Fight.

There is no better way of building courage, resilience, and perseverance.

When you learn how to fight you learn how to be uncomfortable and how to deal with the reality of being a man.

Combat sports will remind you of the fine line between life and death.

When we start doing martial arts we start doing something that is hard.

Something that challenges us in a way that no other sports do.

It forces you to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

It teaches you to stay calm in the face of adversity.

It teaches you to be OK with being a beginner.

It teaches you that you are vulnerable in a dangerous world.

The thing about martial arts like Jiu Jitsu is that it's difficult and demanding.

You will have to go back week after week even when you don't want to.

You will have to become comfortable in dealing with aches and pains that are part of learning self-defense.

You will bleed and be choked unconscious.

You will learn how to potentially take life and the possibility of losing your own.

When you are on the mat with a black belt you will learn very quickly that you are an easy target and you better get yourself squared away.

In JiuJitsu you will be in close contact with other humans and you will learn to handle their energies and temperaments like no other activity in the everyday life will.

There is something unique about JiuJitsu where you and your partner try to kill each other in a playful way and stop right before it gets too serious.

You feel alive.

This playful type of fighting used to be the foundation of manhood in older societies, we need to hold on to these traditions.

They are invaluable.

(2)Physically Challenge Yourself.

Make exercise part of your daily routine.

Makes sure you spend time in the gym, on the road or in the pool.

You need to push your body and stay strong, fit and lean.

You need to constantly be getting better in all your physical workouts.

One of the biggest problems modern men face is that they let their bodies slide and they become soft.

When they get soft they lose their edge and they lose their ability to physically do the things a man are supposed to do.

Things like defending himself and his family, run, jump, pull, have great sex and keeping his mind sharp.

You need to push yourself in all your physical activities where you become comfortable when you are exhausted and in pain.

When you reach the point of exhaustion you should ask yourself if you re comfortable in staying at this painful place and taking it up a level.

If the answer is no, then do it anyway. Push beyond your edge. That's where you get stronger.

(3)Test Yourself Mentally.

Do things that scare you.

If you scared of heights then go bungee jumping, if you don't like flying then take a trip overseas.

Find something that makes you uncomfortable.

Whatever it is that scares you, find a way to confront it and overcome it.

Think outside the box and try something that will scare you.

Instead of running from the fear, stop and confront it.

Don't go to the safe space in your mind.

It could be anything,for example, smoke marijuana and then go for a walk in the forest at night.

See how the experience makes you feel.

How do you react when your mind is not totally under your control?

Do you start panicking or do you stay calm?

The whole point is putting yourself in uncomfortable situations mentally and physically.

Now I'm not saying do something stupid or encouraging anyone to break the law.

I am encouraging you to take calculated risks to pull you out of the soft safe space of everyday life.