How to get the life you want is something that gets talked about a lot.

But in our modern culture of quick fixes and instant gratification people look for the shortest route to the prize.

They start something and if they don't immediately get something they change course.

They never try one thing long enough to build something of real substance.

Every time a little shape starts to form in what they are doing they quit and go after something else.

They go after a new overnight success route.

how to get the life you really want

Success Leaves Clues.

But if they start looking around them they will see the clues of how success is built and created.

Life is a series of runs.

It comes in streaks like football, basketball, boxing or poker.

Some streaks are times of things going up.

And other streaks are times of things going down.

Some call it hot streaks and cold streaks.

Whatever we do in life there will be down periods.

The test for most of us are those down periods.

What you cannot do is panic during those down periods.

The ones who don't flinch and stay the course gets into position every time to win.

how to get what you want out of life

The Secret of Success In Life.

Success in life is about staying the course.

Following the plan and not running when everyone else starts panicking.

Stay in your lane, regardless of who or what is coming your way.

Stay your lane and face it.

If they try to push you off your mission you always stay in.

When others go out of their lanes and quit you stay right where you are.

You stay the course.

It's OK to slow down or speed up. But never drift.

Most people drift when they get bored or negativity hits their minds.

Then they quit.

how to get what you want out of life

The Example Of Sport.

“Perfect is not obtainable but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence .”

– Vince Lombardi

Take sports, for example, there are some teams and individuals(also teams) that consistently win.

In Football its the New England Patriots.

In Boxing it's Floyd Mayweather.

In certain sports, there are always teams and individuals that consistently perform.

They always come through no matter what.

Even if it seems they are slowing down they never drift.

They stay the course.

They are always in contention.

Why is it that they are always in business no matter what?

Because they stay true to the system.

They embrace the process that they know works and have brought them success before.

Nobody or nothing is bigger than the system.

Success Leaves Clues tony robbins

No Big Gambles.

They don't take crazy gambles that make them drift.

If they do take a “risk” it's always a calculated risk.

If they find themselves on a down streak and they are down 20 points, what happens?

Most teams will start taking gambles and stupid risks.

Most teams take these gables to try to get back into the game quickly with a hack or short cut.

But the great teams don't panic.

They just stay true to the system.

They make tactical adjustments but they stay the course.

They always stay the course.

And by doing that they find themselves creeping back into the game slowly.

Because they know if they keep on pushing they will get themselves back into position to win every time.

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The Poker Game.

Even in poker, there are great players.

And average or bad players.

The bad players make wild and crazy bets.

And by doing that they have a 50% chance of losing it all.

The best players consistently take calculated risks.

That is why the same poker players always come back to the world series of poker.

They are not lucky.

They have a system.

Nothing happens by chance.

Most people think that poker is mostly a game of luck.

But its a game with choices like everything else in life.

You win and lose with the decisions you make.

There is a big element of taking calculated risks and staying the course.

Those great poker players don't earn the big stack of chips in one hand.

They build it up with small stacks and then build those small stacks into mediums stacks and then big stacks.

They are all formed within the process.

Outsiders who walk in mid-game will think that guy got lucky with that big stack of cash.

But luck had nothing to do with it.

He stayed calm during down periods and attacked when the rhythm of the game changed.


Following The Example.

For us to have success like that poker player is to follow our processes.

Then stay calm during down periods and don't panic.

Always remember in life there will be ups and downs.

Periods of winning and also hard times that will test us.

In those periods of winning and success don't become complacent and arrogant and lose focus.

Remember that your system needs maintenance.

But stick to your plan.

Make small adjustments and stay focused.

If you start a business, go to the gym, play sports or any other job then create a plan and a system

Sep up a plan and a system for whatever you are doing.

Then focus on execution and taking calculated risks when you feel its necessary.

Make small adjustments as you go along.

You stay flexible but don't break.

Don't panic when things go wrong or slow down.

Stay the course and results will come.

how to get what you want out of life

The Gym Example.

Think about someone starting a new gym program.

Usually there are 3 types going to the gym:

Type 1

Most people will have no plan. They will go to the gym and just randomly do stuff and get no results.

Type 2

Then there is the second group who will find a plan and try it for a few weeks.

But after the few weeks, they don't see the results they want.

So they quit and try another plan.

And then a few weeks later the same thing happens again. So they never get the results they want.

Type 3

But then there are a small group of men.

They find the best plan and then create a system for them to stay consistent.

They commit to the system and plan.

They don't stop, they stay consistent and they stay the course.

These are the men you see at the gym who are ripped and look like monsters.

Which group do you think is best? Easy answer, right?

get the life you want


So the answer to, ” How to get the life you really want?” is simple:

Make a plan and a system.

Stay true to that system and stay the course.