Life is a game, the game of real life.

Yes, a game.

But it's not a game you want to lose.

When you lose, things get hard.

However, you have to lose in the short term to win in the long run.

You will not start winning until you feel the pain of losing at a very deep level.

When you get kicked in the face, and you bleed that is when you start realizing this game is hard and uncompromising.

Yes, it's fun, and the highs are extreme, and the lows are the darkness that we try to avoid, but sometimes we need the darkness.

We need it just as much as the light, it will give you the fuel to make the climb when no one is watching.

It will inspire you to get up from the dark corners of life.

We all get born into this game with no choice of our own.

Or maybe it is a choice if you believe in reincarnation.Maybe you want to play another game?Who knows?

So we get into this world.If you are extremely lucky, you get a perfect upbringing and perfect mentorship, and you are equipped to take on the world in the best possible condition.

Unfortunately for myself and many other guys, this is not the reality.

Although my parents were good people and tried their best, they also had flaws and were busy people trying to provide for me.

So I was educated in bad schools by bad teachers.

I had no personal mentors or older men showing me how things are done in this modern world.

Sure my father showed me the fundamentals and I'm grateful for that.

He is a good man.

But I had to figure out the strategy of life myself.

I'm not pointing fingers or saying my parents were bad.

I'm just trying to make the point that I was totally unprepared for this game of life.

I was taught the basic subjects in schools like math, science and a few others.

I went to church with my parents on Sundays and sometimes fell asleep.

That was my education for the game of real life.

I knew nothing.

I was walking into this game so unprepared it was laughable.

I was unaware of the fact that I was going to struggle and that I was going to have to learn the hard way, through trial and error.

So you go into the game, and you very quickly realize this game has rules.

It's like a football game.

You can do whatever you want inside those rules as long as you stay inside those lines.

Step over them, and you will pay the price.You will lose.

You could lose everything or gain everything.

It's up to you.

So how do we get better at this game of life?

Well, you need tools!

You need knowledge!

You need to get every bit of information you can get to play this game better than everyone else.

I play this game to win.

That is the only reason I play.

Sure its fun, but only if I'm winning.

To win you need to have the edge over your opponent.

Your opponent is not other players.

It's the older version of yourself and life itself.

The game(life) will come at you hard and it's usually your old version of yourself that's holding you back.

That part of you that tells you that you can't do something or that you are not good enough.

Its that part of you that starts looking for something to blame when life gets hard.

That part that wants to hide from the fight.

That part that doesn't want to play the game as hard as possible.

The new consistently improving you is the one that wants to win.

It wants to win at all costs.

It loves the game.

It wants to play and enjoy every second that life throws at it.

It knows that this game is temporary and nothing lasts forever.

Its that part of you that wants to leave a legacy on this planet.

It wants to be remembered as someone that played this game better than anyone.

Someone that created new rules and pushed the boundaries as far as possible to get the most out of this game.

Your game of life twist and turns.

You will get better at this game, and as you get better the game will get more complex, and you will have to fail and experience pain to learn.

Sometimes this failure could have been avoided if you learned from previous mistakes or you took the time to learn from the great masters from the past who wrote everything down on paper.

Sometimes our own arrogance and false modesty will hold us back before we learn and make the climb to the next level of this game.

The game has dangers that could end it all in a second.

It has opponents that want to see you fail, opponents that want to hurt you, even kill you.

There are machines and technology that make the game even more interesting and challenging in some aspects.

The game will throw physical challenges like disease, viruses, and depression your way to test you in ways that you thought couldn't happen.

Its all part of this game that gets brutal at times.

This game can get so intense sometimes that some people can not handle it and end up in insane asylums or even take their own lives.

This is the brutal reality of life sometimes.

So get ready to play.