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How To Do CPR?

There is a good chance that at some stage of your life something bad will happen.

You might be somewhere in a public space and something bad happens.

You might be somewhere alone with a friend or a group of friends and something bad happens.

The something bad I'm talking about is when someone is in a medical emergency and can't breathe.

Most people have no medical knowledge at all.

The chances are good that you will have no choice but step up and take control.

Of course, your first option should be to get professional help.

But you might have no choice but to step up and take some emergency action.

first responder

I'm specifically talking about CPR or Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

This is the second post on man skills.

In the first post on Man Skills, we talked about using a Tourniquet.

Today is just about learning the basics of CPR.

The military is always the best place to look for emergency knowledge.

So let's take a look at a British Army Infantry CPR video.

I get it ,we all think that we will never be in a situation where we need to save a life.

But it happens.

It happened to me and there is a chance that it might happen to you.

So be ready.

special operations

Be the one that steps up when you are needed and there is nobody else to show leadership.

But remember as I mentioned earlier, always look for professional medical assistance first.


But if you have no choice then step up in an emergency.

Until next time.

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