self defence

All man skills are important but being able to protect yourself and those you care about is key to your survival.

Self Defense is a skill you must master.

Whether you like it or not the chances are good that you will be physically confronted in your life.

The question for you is this: Will you be able to deal with the situation?

Or will you panic and get your ass kicked.

Situations can turn violent pretty quickly even if you try to avoid the confrontation. 


So the best technique still is to avoid fighting but being able to protect yourself will give you more options.

It will also give you a sense of confidence knowing you can handle yourself in any situation.

My recommendation is Gracie Jiujitsu.

And there is nobody better than the Gracie Academy to teach you the basics of Self Defense.

The Gracie Comabatives course is perfect to give you a good Self Defense foundation.

If you are located at a place with no Gracie JiuJitsu Academy then you have an online option.All you need is a training partner.

If you have a training partner then you can start training online from wherever you are and do your belt testing at your closest certified Gracie Academy.

Online courses at Gracie University

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