Today we are looking at another Man Skills post.

I have done several others on different skills that every man should learn and master to improve their life.

Today we are looking at a topic that I have been talking about a lot over the last few years.

That topic is box breathing.

Yes, I know there are many forms of breathwork, but I find box breathing one the most efficient and simple ways to start getting control over your mind.

Proper Breathing is key for the overall improvement of your quality of life.

Like in all my man skills posts I will let a professional explain the basics of box breathing to you.

This time an Ex-Navy Seal will show you how to do box breathing.

So there you have it, box breathing.

Now it's up to you to start doing this very simple practice in your life.

Be consistent and you will start noticing the subtle changes in your life.

You will feel more calm and composed.

You will also think better and become more confident.

You will realise with time just how important your breathing is. 

Until next time.      

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