A friend asked me a week ago what my plans were for new years.

I told him that I was working on my business.

He was shocked.

He started attacking me by saying that no normal person works on new years eve and that only crazy and obsessed people work on new years eve.

I told him he was right.I am “crazy” and “obsessed”.

He left thinking that I was joking.

The reality of this world is that 99% of people in the world are taking new years and Christmas time off and that's perfectly fine.

I mean we all need rest and time to recover.

However, the flip side of that coin is that working is also a choice that I am free to make.

I'm allowed to be obsessed and crazy.

For me, the thing is that I am now at a point of my life where I have so much momentum that taking time off to party over new years is a luxury that I just don't think I deserve yet.

I need to take the momentum of what I am currently doing and push forward.

Here is the thing.If I were happy where I'm currently at then, I would probably have taken the day off and relaxed and reflected on the new year.

Also if I was really exhausted and needed rest then maybe I would have considered taken the day off and join some friends for a beer or two.

Reality is I have done that before in my life; I've gone out new years eve when I knew I shouldn't have because it was a luxury at that stage of my life.

I went out to party and picked up women and then suffered in my hangover for a few days unable to work on my mission and goals.

Those days are gone.

Now I'm in the “crazy” and “obsessed” camp of lone wolfs and lions that are out there fighting to reach their goals.

There is something that is liberating about moving away from the crowds and going after what you want obsessively.

You feel your momentum building and your focus growing stronger.

The weird thing about “New Year's Eve” and New years, in general, is that the same people who criticize me about being obsessed are the same people who make massive lists of new years resolutions that they break within hours of going into the new year.

After waking up with a hangover and feeling normal a few days into the new year, they would start talking about how they will start taking action “next week” or “Next Weekend “.

All of this is fine; people are free to do whatever they want.

The problem for me is when these same people start complaining about their lives and how they wished things were different.

Things can't be different if you don't take action to change them.

So new years pass and they play out the same thing until the next year until they call me weird and crazy again.

Time is our most important commodity, and we only have a limited amount to get things done and reach our goals on this planet.

If I have to work Christmas, New Years, Weekends and every other day to get what I want then I will.

I will be crazy and obsessed because it's my duty and my obligation to reach my full potential.

Happy New Year!