The Average person on the street is vulnerable. Most people have no idea how big targets they are.

When something bad happens they have no idea what to do. They think most people are nice and think bad things will never happen to them.

I see people everywhere I go that have absolutely no self-awareness, they walk around like sheep. They walk into you and don't even look up from their smartphones when it happens.

These same people look fat, out of shape and weak. They have no idea what is going on around them. They have no idea how vulnerable they are.

If you take into consideration the massive drop in average testosterone levels among men then we have a large group of weaklings walking around with targets on their backs.

When men are low in testosterone they become lethargic, passive,non-aggressive and lose their natural ability to spot predators or potential threats.

Most importantly they lose their ability to react with extreme violence in a life-threatening situation.

These people I am talking about are all targets. They don't know it but most predators will mark these people as soft targets.

The reality is that most people in the world are soft targets. Most of them live in a sheltered world where too much excess and comfort has made them soft, weak and vulnerable.

I'm not talking about the women here, I'm talking about the “men”.We live in a time where things are comfortable and relatively safe.

However, as we have seen the last few years with terrorist attacks and other lone wolf attacks around the world that this “safety” is a false reality.

The bottom line is this. You are a man. Your job on this planet is to survive and protect your women, family and other people you care about. It's your job. Now whether you like it or not it's your responsibility.

To help you survive on this planet you need to do the following things:

(1)Get Strong and Fit

This means lift weights and do cardio. You should be able to lift, pull, jump and run. This should be your standard reality not just something you do now and then. This should be part of your culture. If you don't do it for yourself then do it for the people you care about.

(2)Learn How To fight and Defend Yourself

You will most likely be physically confronted or find yourself in a physical confrontation where you don't have any weapons and you need to use your body. This means you should know how to fight and defend yourself.

Don't waste your time with flashy martial arts, do stuff that works. Pick one of the following as your foundational martial art. Jiujitsu, boxing, Mui Thai or wrestling. Then add a few Krav Maga classes on top of that and you are good to go.

(3)Learn How to Use Firearms

Learn how to become proficient with a few weapons. Learn how to fire, clean and maintain an assault riffle and a pistol. The reality is that you might find yourself in a worse case scenario and then you will need to take action.

(4)Learn First Aid

Go on a basic first aid course or read a book. Learn how to check for a pulse and breathing. Learn how to Learn Basic CPR skills. Learn how to step bleeding and clean wounds.

(5)Learn the Sheepdog Mindset

The Sheepdog Mindset is something I discuss in a different post. But its basically a mindset and lifestyle that makes you hard to Kill. You are not a Wolf, and your definitely not a Sheep. You are a Sheepdog.

Take Control

The reality for most of this planet is that it's dangerous and predators lurk around every corner. In our first world bubbles, we lose touch with the hard reality that 80% of the world population experience on a daily basis.

Don't let civilization put you in a false sense of security. Don't get too comfortable, keep your edge as a man and be ready to react with extreme violence if the situation calls for it.

If you accept this reality of the planet and prepare accordingly then you should be fine when chaos breaks out and all the sheep get picked off. Don't be a victim, be prepared.

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