Should you be starting a family?

Probably the most important question of your life.

Having a child is probably the biggest decision you can make in your life.

The problem is in today's world the decisions are made by many men with very little thought or none at all.

The results of this type of thinking can be seen everywhere.

Mental illness is at an all-time high, and a lot of it is linked with bad parenting.

The old saying that says everything wrong with me is my parent's fault, and everything good is too, is not far off the mark.

Sometimes I see dog owners walk their dogs and it's clear they do not know that animal.

The dog run's away or pulls the owner around on its collar.Most of these dog owners did not give it a second thought before they got the dog.

The just did it and thought they would figure it out.

Of course, most of the time you end up with a dog that is nervous, dysfunctional and a menace to people in the neighborhood.

These people could have gone on Amazon and got a book for ten bucks to learn about dog psychology and try and understand their pets better.

But they didn't, they just want it the easy way.Of course its never the easy way.

In today's world, many people make similar decisions when they have a child.

Many people with almost no preparation beyond babyproofing the house.

They don't find out about the psychology of young infants and young boys or girls.

They don't make a study of the young life they bringing to this planet.

They don't go sit down and ask themselves if they can afford to have a child?

Can they give it a good life?

These are important questions.Unfortunately, many people think they will just figure it out as they figure it out when buying a dog.

Its no wonder we have so many problems.

Just listen how many parents talk to their children, and the little time they spend with them.

In today's world with so much knowledge available, we don't have any excuses.

We have knowledge that can drastically change the destiny of a child if we choose to use it.

Sure many babies come into the world without planning, but this links up with the choices we make.

Use condoms or birth control.

Our world will be a different place if we start controlling this massive decision of bringing life to this planet.

Having a child is a major responsibility and if you do it right that child will contribute to this world in a positive way.

If you do it wrong and have a child because you feel pressured to have one,then you and the child is in for a long and difficult road ahead.

One of the biggest reason for so many social problems in America and around the world is the lack of a family structure.

The lack of a father figure is one of the biggest reason many boys in America are out of control and end up in jail.

Don't be another statistic.

Make the right choice.

You don't have to have a child.

It's a choice.