In this life everything is connected.

It's like an invisible string.

We can't see it, but it's there.

But most don't know it exists.

On this planet we have :

Known knowns. (things we know exist)

Known unknowns. (things we know we don't know about)

Unknown unknowns. (things we don't know we don't know about)

This invisible string is an unknown unknown for most.


My Job

My job is sharing ideas, motivating, and helping other men build awesome lives.

What I see with a lot with guys asking me for advice is that they are missing the obvious.

They come to me and say they want to make more money, quit their job, find a girlfriend, or get in shape.They want success in life.

These are good goals.

But the problem is the way they think change works.

They think I have a magic pill that will take them from A to B.

I then point out to them that change starts in a second but the end product is a process that takes time.

You will not get what you want overnight.

Some accept this and start the climb.

Many don't want to listen and decide they don't want my help.

I'm cool with those guys at least they are honest.

But there is a second group that bothers me more.

There is a group of men that come to me for help that says “they get it”.

the force

The Truth

But the truth is they don't.

So I tell them what steps they need to take.

And what they will have to sacrifice to get what they want.

Then they get a surprised expression on their faces.

They nod their heads in agreement.

But I can see in their eyes that they don't buy it.

They think they know better.

They think this even if their current position proves otherwise.

So they stay with me.

They think I don't know what they are doing.

So they play along pretending to follow my advice.

But what they are really doing is just taking my “map” of success and ignoring my route on the map.

They have a hidden superiority complex that makes them think they know a better way.

They think all they need is some new ideas to copy and then “they will make it work in a different way”.


The Reasons

The reasons for this are simple.

One is the superiority complex.

The second reason is the big one.

They think my plan or “route” will take a lot of work, so they decide to skip it.

They want to know where the endpoint is so they can go directly there.

They don't care about the work, they want the prize given to them.

They think the others that figured out how to get things done “just don't get it”.

These are the same guys who won't buy a book or an online course.

They go to some torrent site and get it for free.

They think they are too important to pay other people for value.

They just take what they want without paying the price.

And even after getting their illegal download they still fail.

Even with all the information they still fail.



Well, there are a few reasons:

1- They go to the table of contents to find the “important parts” and then skip everything else.

2- Because they only read the “important parts” they miss all the parts that require work.

3- Subconsciously they know they stole information and therefore don't deserve to get value from the book or course.

When you confront people with the reality of the situation they look at you with a weird expression on their faces.

They look at me that way because the truth is so far removed from what they want that they can't even begin to imagine it.

They want the path of least resistance.

They want the money, the women, or the body now.

But let me tell you what the deep truth is that they run from.

The deep truth is this: “The way you do one thing is how you do everything”.

zen mind

Let's explain what I mean by a few examples:

Don't feel confident with women?

Show me your bank account.

Show me your mission in life.

Show me your fitness level.

Show me the work you do on your mind.

Don't make enough money?

Show me a schedule of your time in the last 7 days.

Show me your office and room: Is it neat or is it untidy?

Show me your fitness?

Don't feel happy with the way you look?

Show me what you eat.

Show me your workout program.

Show me your level of consistency.

Show me your will.

With all of the above show me your self-discipline.

Everything is connected.

boss hunting

The Elite Mindset

People with high levels of success have a different reality than most people.

They have an elite mindset.

They operate on a different level.

They have intensity on that next level.

They know there are no short cuts.

Sure there are better ways, but you can't run from the truth.

The truth is you will need to work hard and not just on your goal.

The truth is that your biggest problem is the one person that is the key to it all.


The biggest problem you have with getting what you want is you.

And within this truth is the problem.

See, confronting yourself is hard.

But that is not the hardest part.

The hardest part is identifying your bullshit and then doing the work of fixing it.

That is where the work is.

And that is where the key to long term success is.

the force

The Mysterious Force

My job is to motivate you and share with you the knowledge that I learned from masters that lived on this planet before me.

But doing the work is up to you.

But this work is something that stops most in their tracks.

They might get all fired up about the idea of changing their lives but then something happens to them.

A mysterious force comes to them as soon as they start taking action.

For example, you finally decide to start taking care of your body.

You set the alarm clock for 5 am.

So you go to bed and 7 hours later the alarm starts ringing.

The motivation you had 7 hours ago is gone.

Motivation is a great fire starter, but you have to keep feeding the fire.

That is your job.

So the clock starts ringing.

It's still dark out and you hear the wind outside.

You get up and see it's freezing outside.

So what do you do?

You feel the mysterious force and you get back in bed.

It's over.

If that is you that I'm talking about then know this truth:

You need to find the pain in your mind that motivates you in the first place and remind yourself of that pain.

Let it burn inside you like an inferno.

Let it heat you up and motivate you to get the fuck up and get going.

Let it push you through cold weather, hot weather, or whatever is in front of you.

That is the iron will you need to accept the reality of this process.

The process has a lot of suck in it.

success mindset

Accept It

Accept the suck.

The sooner you accept it the sooner you can start making some progress and move closer to your goal.

If you do that you are further than 99% of the others out there not confronting themselves.

Don't make the mistake of going after your goals with the current version of who you are.

That's what got you into trouble in the first place.

Who you are now is not the person who will reach those dreams.

You have to transform yourself into a character that will achieve those goals.

success principles


Remember that your time on this planet is limited.

Accept the process

And get it done.

Get up now.

Start moving.