What is your mission?

Do you have one?

Let me ask you this: Are you feeling happy?

Or are you feeling some kind of emptiness?

Maybe you don't know why you feel the way you feel.

Something is missing but you don't know what the problem is.

You go to work and it feels pointless.

It feels like every hour that goes by is a waste and you are one step closer to your grave.

This is the story of millions of men.

In a world where we have no more bears to kill and most have no wars to fight.

So men live in a digital world where most of their reality is online.

They live mostly in a virtual world.

They feel no meaning.

It all means nothing.

Their job means nothing.

Social interactions are mostly empty and real bonds are hard to come by.

So what happened? Where did men go to fill their void.

Well they fill it by pretending it's not there.

They either don't know its there.

Or they try not to look at it.

They pretend it's not real. This deep emptiness in them is ignored.

So many go to alcohol, drugs, pornography, social media and pointless empty interactions with empty people.

We can see the symptoms around us.

Depression levels are sky-high. Divorce rates are through the roof.

These men have lost their natural instincts by consuming food that gives them nothing.

They have lost contact and union with their own bodies and have let their bodies start deteriorating to the point of no return.

Their minds have been sold out to a fake story that as been placed in their minds by the ocean of propaganda.

The propaganda goes into their headphones and TV Screens.

Their brains has been programmed to surrender.

Surrender who they are.

Surrender their heart and their soul.

They have taken their God-given rights as Kings and have given it up.

They gave it up for a quick high, an easy paycheck, a Game Of Thrones Marathon, years of consuming junk food, smoking and using drugs.

They gave it up for spending time with people who despise them. They have lost their sovereignty but they just don't know it yet.

your mission should you choose to accept it

The Way Out: A New Life Mission

But there is way out.

I'm here to tell you about it.

But for you to experience it you have to see it for yourself.

What is it?

It's a mission.

A new life mission.

You need to get back that God-given drive that is deep inside you.

That instinct has been blunted and darkened.

You know its there.

You can feel it at night when you lie in bed.

You can feel it when you sit in traffic in the morning.

You can feel it when you feel alone surrounded by thousands of people.

Yes that instinct that you know is there.

That instinct to conquer.

That instinct to go after an objective that is out in the future.

That instinct to overcome anything that comes in your way.

That instinct to be a warrior one more time.

This time your mission is clear.

It's to take back your life.

Take back your sovereignty.

You are an aristocrat.

Maybe you have forgotten but it's not too late.

But you have to start now.

You have to realize that your mission is going to ask everything from you.

But know this: If you commit to it something in you will come alive.

Something in you will start burning.

It will be your heart that's beating faster again.

Taking back your life must become your mission.

The road will be long.


But first preparation for the journey:

Your Body

Your body has been depleted.

You need to go to the God of Iron and ask for forgiveness.

You are now in his hands to be molded in a way that will prepare you for the journey ahead.

Here you will start feeling alive again.

The medicine of the iron will teach you about discipline and pain.

It will give you the injection of your old friend testosterone that will make you feel like the masculine lion that you are.

intermittent fasting

Your Diet

You will start feasting on meat. Lots of meat.

You will eat eggs, butter and green cocktails of goodness to rebuild your blood into fuel that will carry you into the mission ahead.

The cleansing of your blood will clear your mind.

It will give you a new perspective on what is waiting for you.


Your Mind

The years of pushing the real you to the ground are over.

Its time to kick out that loser that was running the show.

Time for the real you to step up.

Time to take back control by filling your mind with knowledge.

Knowledge and wisdom that will empower your mind and heart and give you the direction you need.

You will silence the ghosts by meditating on what you need to do next.

You already know what you need to do next.

You need to face your fears, learn to from them and move on.

But you know the battles ahead will test you and will expose your weaknesses.

Therefore you have to prepare your mind by training its focus on the upside, the positive.

Focusing on your vision.

And by doing this a new story will be created.

This is the story that you will tell yourself from now on.

A story of making a choice to take back your sovereignty.

The story of the return of the King.

return of the king

This Brings You To The Big Choice.

You have to make a choice right now that you will win in this life.

Because make no mistake winning in this life is a conscious choice.

You have to take a step into that direction and commit to it.

It's either that or go back to the way things were.

Now Your Mission If You Choose To Accept It.

What is your new life Mission exactly?

That only you can answer.

I gave you tools for preparation but the mission is yours to choose.

But I will give you some clues.

Find something that will set you free.

Find something that will make you feel alive:

Start a business.

Start Doing Jiu-Jitsu.

Join the Military and go to Special Operations.

Get Rich.

Be Of Service To Your fellow Man.

Travel The World.

Become a Doctor and Save some lives.

But whatever it is let it be something that gets you to jump out of bed in the morning.

Something that wakes you up in the middle of the night.

Something that consumes you.

Something that makes you obsessed.

Make this your goal.

Make this your mission

When you do this. You will feel that you are back.

You are back hunting again.

You are back fighting battles.

You have picked up your sword.

my mission in life

The King is Back.

And now its time to take back that land that has been stolen from you.

Time to take back that what is rightfully yours.

Your mind

Your heart.

Your spirit.

Your body.

And your soul.

You are a FREE man…

Step up and live like one.