Sometimes life sucks.

Sometimes life gets hard and we have no idea how we got there.

Life has ways to punch us all in the mouth.

The ebb and flow of life are many times unpredictable.

Who knows what will happen?

Sometimes looking back on what happened could have been avoided.

But hindsight is always 20/20.

But let's forget for a second about what we could have done differently.

This article is about what to do if you find yourself in a deep dark hole.

We all have experienced a place in life where our backs are against the wall and we are deep in the shit.

We got ourselves into something.


Maybe one bad decision fucked everything up.

Or maybe it was a whole series of bad choices that positioned you knee-deep in the shit.

Whatever the reason for your current bad situation is not relevant in this article.

But what is relevant is this:

What are you going to do Next?

Maybe you left the military and fell into depression?

Maybe you are knee-deep into credit card debt or all kinds of debt?

Maybe you have become fat and unhealthy and now you have potential health problems?

Maybe you found out your wife or girlfriend has been cheating on you?

Maybe you went through a dark breakup?

Maybe you had a best friend stab you in the back?

Maybe you have a serious illness?

Maybe you have a combination of shit storms coming at you from all directions?

Usually, when bad things like this happen we go to alcohol, drugs, food or sex to numb the pain.

Sometimes its all of the above.

All of them usually leads to depression that manifests in different ways.

But usually, its always the same endpoint.

That end point is a deep dark hole.


We start enjoying the hole because here some people give us attention and feel sorry for us.

Or sometimes we stay alone in the hole and think about ending it.

Or sometimes we just stew in the hole and hope life goes by fast.

At this point, you have a choice.

You can either stay here and end in one of the above-mentioned ways.

Or you can do the following:

Make a choice to get up.

Wherever you are right now ,get up!

Stand up!

Go get your running shoes out and put on your training gear.

Go get a glass of water.

Drink it!

Now go out the door and run as far as you can.

Get your heartbeat up and get the blood flowing.

Clear your mind.

Maybe its 2 miles or 10 miles. 

It doesn't matter.

If you can only do 1 before your heart pops then do 1.

But get out and get your body moving.

When you get home take a shower.

Decide right there that things change right now.

Go to the supermarket and buy real food.

Not trash!

I'm talking about real food.

Not anything in a box or plastic wrapper.

Get some real meat and vegetables.

Cook a real meal.

Now get a piece of paper.

Make two columns.

Write down in the one column what your biggest problems are and in the second column possible solutions.

At the bottom of the page write down the following words.

“We can rebuild this using 24-hour blocks.”

That's right.

Forget about the mountain that is in front of you.

Sometimes certain situations are so bad that ist hard to even imagine how we are going to get ourselves out of the shit.

success habits

But there is always a way to unfuck ourselves.

So forget about the big picture and just work in those 24-hour windows.

Ask yourself how am I going to use the next 24 hours as well as I possibly can?

This includes the actions you take to keep your body healthy(food, exercise sleep) and the steps you are going to take to dig yourself out of the hole you are in.

But if you are reading this you have already taken the most important step.

You got up!

And if you follow through on what I just described then you will find out that you can have 1 good day.

And if you can do 1 day you can do 2.

Then you can make that into a good week and then a good month.

You can do this.

But you have to make a choice.

Wherever you are right now someone else has gone through something similar or worse.

And there is always a way out if you choose to fight.


You have a choice between courage or fear.

Fear is in absolute abundance on this planet.

It is everywhere and gets handed out for free.

Courage on the other hand is very rare.

It's one of the rarest commodities on earth.

Courage doesn't mean you don't feel fear it just means you move forward despite the fear.

You step into the darkness and face whatever is waiting there for you and you overcome it .

That is how you fight back.

That is how you rebuild your life.

That is how you win.

It all starts in your mind with a choice to have 1 good day.

That's all.

1 Good day.

Yes the journey of a thousand-miles do start with a single step.

It's up to you to take that single step.

Step boldly forward into that uncertainty.

Step into that darkness.

Then after that first day take another step.

Don't worry about the details.

You will find the resources on how to figure out the details later.

For now, just take that step into 1 good day.

Change starts with movement.

You can meditate or pray as much as you want but nothing will happen until you move.

The universe will reach out and take your hand if you have the courage to do your part in this game of life.

It's a 50/50 world.

That is a fundamental law of the universe.

You cant expect things to change until you step up and reach out.

Only then will you see a glimpse of light.

So what is it going to be?

Are you going to stay where you are or are you going to rise up and do what nobody expects you to do?


Because I can tell you right now that your enemies,coworkers, family and even your friends won't expect you to rise up from a very deep dark hole.

But what they won't expect at all is you not only getting out of that hole but going beyond it.

Going a level up and start building a legacy.

Find your warrior spirit again.

You can do it.

But only if you get up.

And only if you take that first step and start climbing out of that hole one day at a time.

Your move.