One of the most common and annoying things to hear people say is “Just be yourself”.

In my life, this was the most common thing I used to hear when I was trying to change my life for the better.

When I was doing absolutely nothing to become better in life my “friends” were nowhere.

But as soon as I made a move for the better they came running with the famous “Just be yourself”.

But the truth is the habit of being yourself is holding you back in life.

Being yourself is a terrible idea.

Guess what ?

You are not really yourself.

You have been conditioned by society, your parents, school, TV, movies, and university.

They have molded your brain into a sheep vehicle. It's not yourself.

Let's look at some classic examples of where the habit of being yourself is used.

These situations are so common and so full of shit that you will recognize them all:


(1)You start reading some books and articles about how to become better with social dynamics.

You learn about the psychology of women and get some tips from so-called “Pick up Artists”.

People start to notice you walk around with more women and go on more dates.

Suddenly the thought police appear out of nowhere and start asking questions.

They start telling you how dangerous these pickup artists are and that it's not right to “manipulate” women.

Then they drop the famous just be yourself.

(2)You decide you want to get in shape and decide to join the gym.

So you try to clean up your lifestyle and start drinking less to align with your gym program.

Suddenly your “friends” start calling and ask why you are not going to the pub anymore.

They ask you why you have suddenly become a “health nut”.

They say stop trying to be someone else “Just be yourself”.

self publishing

(3)You decide to start your own online business.

You make a plan to stay with your job and work on your new business after work.

You set a goal to quit your job a year after starting your business and move to Thailand to pursue your new business full time.

Thailand is a good choice because of the low cost of living and lifestyle.

You are excited about life and start executing your job.

You call some of your friends and tell them about your plan.

You thought they would be excited but you were wrong.

All of a sudden you get punched in the mouth with “Just be yourself”.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg with the “Just be yourself “horse shit. I'm not telling you to stop being yourself.I'm here to tell you to never be yourself.NEVER!

We live in a world of mediocrity.

Mediocrity is celebrated and encouraged.

Why would I “just be myself”?

If I was just myself then I would still be doing a shitty job working in a dead-end job.

The moment I decided to not be myself is when my life started to get better.

You see, moment by moment I'm trying to get better.

I don't want to be myself.

I want to be better.

I want to build my life into something incredible and that is never going to happen if I just stay myself.

I think the truth is that if you keep on giving 150% you start getting closer to the real you.

If you keep improving until the end of your life you might get a glimpse of the real you.

The real you is hiding under all the excuses and bullshit you hide behind.

When you start working to reach your full potential you start chipping away at the bullshit in your life and you become someone worth becoming.

I can guarantee you one thing.

If you decide to just be yourself then nothing will change in your life.

Your life will not improve, in fact, things will get worse.

Imagine staying yourself if you are fat, overweight and unhealthy.

What will happen?

Probably an early heart attack.

Imagine staying yourself if you are in a crappy financial position and just staying afloat with credit cards and borrowing money from friends and relatives.

Imagine being stuck in a mental jail where you meet no women and can't get a date.

Just being yourself is not going to get you to the point where you actually have a dating life.

If you stay yourself you will die alone.

Imagine having no confidence in life and being shy and afraid of what other people think.

Your life sucks but the people around you just tell you to “just be yourself”.

You will probably end up taking anti depressions for the rest of your life or maybe take your own life.

be yourself

The bottom line is this. The only choice you have is to not be yourself.

If you choose to stay with the habit of being yourself you are lost.

It also means you should leave this blog right now.

Look to the upper right corner of your screen, click exit and go and be yourself.

For the rest of you guys that are still here.

Never be yourself, get the resources to start creating the most awesome life that you can imagine.

Get the resources you need and start executing now.