When men are in the process of dating different women or ending a relationship they all end up in a kind of grey area.

With a grey area I mean they end up confused or in conflict with reality.

They don't understand why things are the way they are. They then look for someone or something to blame.

They then go online and come across some opinions of how the world really works.

One of these opinions is the so-called “red pill” ideas about women and relationships.

These men act very defensively towards red pill ideas.

They do this because they have been conditioned in a certain way that make it almost impossible to consider that there is something like a red pill reality.

So they start saying things like men who are “red pill” hate women.

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The Red Pill And Angry Men

They say these “red pill” men are angry at women.

The reality is that yes some men who get “red-pilled” do hate women.

But these men are the exception, not the rule.

Personally, I love women, I think they are great.

They evolved to have a certain nature.

Some parts of this nature can be brutal and calculated.

But men can also be calculated and brutal.

I don't play the victim because women act in their own best interests.

My point of this article is to tell men to not generalize to such an extent that all knowledge gets denied because you dont like the overarching reality that got exposed.

When I read books there are very few of them that I agree with 100%.

But I learn from most of them.

When it comes to the red pill philosophy I agree with most of it because I understand it logically.

There are certain viewpoints I dont agree with but generally, I see the matrix clearly when looking at the broader philosophy.

A lot of men go into a defensive posture when learning about the red pill philosophy because it rips their worldview apart.

The most popular red pill book is The Rational Male.

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The Rational Male Impact. 

This book has changed many lives and I have written about the book on this blog.

A lot of the ideas in the book can clearly be observed if you are honest with yourself and you have the ability to read between the lines.

One of the challenges for men who are first exposed to this reality is that the Disney worldview about women and dating blocks them from seeing how the world really is.

They read the rational Male and the ideas seem insane to them and an “attack” on women.

They think the author is saying all women are out to “get” men.

This is not the point of the book.

The book simply reveals the reality of female nature.

Of course, there is a whole spectrum of women with different levels of these different female aspects.

Not all women will be exactly the same.

But there will be certain truths that will be expressed on different levels in all women.

This all depends on women's values, culture, age, education, etc.

Women's Nature.

All of these aspects of a women's nature come down to the ancient human brain.

The ancient part has one very big goal:


For both women and men, survival is the unconscious driver in almost everything we do, but for a woman, this is even stronger than in men.

It's stronger because women need to think long-term in terms of a potential child that might be borne.

She has to be more strict in the way she approaches life.

Women have also taken over modern culture and have turned into something that serves mostly female interests.

Now, in saying all this does this mean I hate women?

No, it doesn't.

Are there some men that do hate women?

Yes,unfortunetly there are some men that go into victim mode and start living their lives in this toxic way.

But most men I know who understand this part of female nature are not angry at women.

They just see reality as it really is.

I see some men on Twitter complaining about “red pill ” men being toxic.

I think this is a generalization and defense mechanism.

This unfortunately is an obstacle to learning because of an attachment to a certain worldview.

Reality is sometimes not what you want it to be.

I'm currently in Dubai.

I'm living here for a while and will probably leave and continue my travel in a few months.

But one thing I have learned from my time in Dubai is that the Red Pill reality is no place more clear than Dubai.

Dating in Dubai can be a challenge if you expect it to be like most other cities in the world.

I invite you to set your Tinder dating app to Dubai.

red pilled in Dubai

Tinder Dubai And The Reality Of Hypergamy.

Swipe for 1 hour and look at the profiles.

You will see the hypergamous nature of women out in the open.

I have traveled to many places in the world.

Nowhere have I seen it like this.

But again this doesn't mean all women are the same, it means certain truths are present in all women.

And the level of that truth depends on the factors I mentioned earlier.

Factors like age, culture, education, finance etc.

People like to say they have an open mind until their worldview gets confronted.

Generalising about men in terms of philosophy will give you inaccurate data about the world.

The bottom line is this: there are good and bad people in all areas of life.

This includes the men who think the red pill philosophy has value in helping men avoid bad relationships and understanding reality.

I am not a “red pill guy” or part of the “manosphere”.

However, there are people in those groups I have learned from.

There were peole in this group that wrote valuable books that I read and found value in.

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You can find value in the red pill dating philosophy and still love women.

Men and women have a true nature that is just below the surface.

This nature is not good or bad.

It's just the way we evolved to optimize our survival on this planet.

Don't take it personally.

A better idea is to understand it and start working on yourself.

Until next time.