When most people start a new diet they think it's a no fail diet.

They were convinced their diet is special. 

Most diets are a hoax.

Yes, a Hoax and that is why they are one of the biggest talking points for people who want to change the way they look and the way they eat.

I see it all the time. People will talk about how it and say:

“Things are going to be different from now on”

“I'm going to lose fat and get in shape.”

They then go online and tell the world:

“I'm going on a diet. For the next 30 days I'm going to eat nothing but salad and fish”.

“For the next 2 months, I'm going to be on a juice cleanse”.

“For the next 3 weeks I'm eating no carbs”.

There are millions of different plans and diets for people to lose weight or lose fat.

Some of them are bad and some of them are good.

But the diets are not the problem.

Yes some of the diet plans are really bad and they probably won't work.

Most fad diets fail because they were not designed to help you.

But again the diets are not the main problem.

The problem is that most people have already failed before they started.

The problem is not the diet.

The problem is the mindset about the diet.

And no it's not a complex psychological problem about diets.

The problem is simple and it has a connection with time.

most fad diets fail because

What Is The Problem With “No Fail Diets”?

The problem is this:

Diets are temporary!

Your “No fail” diet is temporary. 

It's temporary!!

That is the problem!

It's something people do for a month or a few weeks.

So they are already defeated before they started.

They fall for the marketing that tells them if they follow the steps they will get the body they wanted.

But the person who wrote the diet plan or the book didn't tell them one big secret about the plan:

The effects are temporary.


Is it because the plan is bad?

Not necessarily.

Maybe the plan was good.

But the important thing is that just like the plan was temporary the results were temporary.

So you do the diet and maybe you get great results.

And then you get the results and guess what?

You made it!

The diet is over!


You made it through the 30 days!

So you celebrate your new-found the slim body and you start celebrating that you can finally go back to the way things were.

That good old comfort zone.

So a month later the inevitable happens.

You picked up all the weight you lost.

Because let me tell you something that most people don't want to accept:

For you to get the results you want with weight loss and fat loss you need to accept one very important thing.

It has to become a lifestyle.

It's A Lifestyle.

There is no other way.

The temporary nature of diets is creating failure before you even started.

This the same reason why many people who have tried diets have totally given up on them.

They will say things like :

“I tried diets before it doesn't work”

“I did a diet once but then I just got it all back”

“Diets are a waste of time”

weight training


Here is the reality for not only weight loss but all other achievements in life:

Everything in life has to be maintained to function at an optimal level.

Your car needs a service, gas, and oil to keep on running.

You need to go to the gym consistently to stay strong and lean.

You need to cut your nails to keep them short and tidy.

You need to shower every day to stay clean and hygienic.

You need to meditate consistently to have a relaxed mind.

You need to work on your relationships to keep them strong and healthy.

And the list goes on and on…

Now ask yourself this: Why would a diet be any different?

What you put into your body consistently you become.

What you consistently put in your mind you become.

So your food is the building blocks of your entire body.

Do you really think 30 days will make you good for life?

No!!! Of course not!

It's a process!

Your diet has to be maintained.

men's fitness

So How Do You Maintain It?

“But John that is crazy I can't go on a diet for life”

This defense has some validity if you take a look at the type of diets people go on.

Most diets people go on are extreme in nature.

They are extreme to lose fat fast.

The problem is they get the fat back just as fast as they lost it.

They want fast results and they sometimes get fast results.

The problem with these fast results is that it goes both ways.

You lose fast and then gain it back fast.


So What Is The Solution?

The solution is to incorporate a scientific, realistic and practical diet lifestyle.

And most importantly a diet lifestyle that doesn't take the fun out of your eating.

This is where most people lose the game.

They think that they have to give up most things they love.

Sure there are things that will have to go or be radically reduced.

Things like sugar and bread.

But the best food on the planet get to stay.

Things like steak, eggs and butter.

meat diet


My Solution Is Bulletproof

The plan that I use is the Bulletproof diet.

Also known as the Bulletproof coffee diet.

The diet allows me to keep my time in the kitchen fun while at the same time keeping my body strong and healthy.


The Main Idea Of Living Bulletproof

The foundation of a Bulletproof lifestyle is that if you put the right foods in your body consistently you will get the following:

-You will build muscle

-You will stay lean

-You will have high energy levels

-It will improve your mental sharpness

-It will fight disease and illness

-You will live longer

butter coffee

The Principles Of Living Bulletproof

(1)Eat A Lot Of High-Quality Fats

Instead of using carbs as your main fuel source you will change to using fats as your fuel.

Once a week you will have a chance to reload on carbs. So about 60% of your food will be fats,30% protein, and 10% carbs.

healthy fats

(2)Eat Your Fats In The Morning And Your Carbs In The Evening

Yes this is the exact opposite of the mainstream diet culture that says you should reduce carbs at night.

The reason why the bulletproof lifestyle is different is that the human brain uses glucose while we are sleeping at night.


(3)Intermittent Fasting.

I have talked about Intermittent fasting on this blog before and have already shared the many benefits that fasting offers.

With the bulletproof diet intermittent fasting is part of the lifestyle.


(4)Protein Fasting.

Once a week you will eat no protein.

On this day you will be fasting from protein to cleanse your body.

Some of you may have heard of the term Autophagy.

Autophagy is the following:

” Autophagy is the natural, regulated mechanism of the cell that removes unnecessary or dysfunctional components. It allows the orderly degradation and recycling of cellular components”.

Autophagy is what happens when you have a protein fast. What are the benefits of Autophagy?

Well you will help you stay young.

You will see your physical appearance improve and you will feel better in general.

bulletproof diet

(5)Cut Out The Toxins.

An important part of the Bulletproof lifestyle is to reduce or cut out toxins as much as possible.

If you eat a normal “western diet” then you are filling yourself up with toxins every day.

Therefore it's no surprise that disease is so widespread in modern society.

The bulletproof diet has a list of food that are best to be avoided.

Some of these foods that you think are “healthy” are on this list.

People have different reactions to food and a lot of people realize that a lot the allergies they have will disappear when they start cutting out these toxins.


(6)Food Preparation is Key.

Most people damage or destroy all the nutrients in the food by the way they cook it.

The bulletproof approach focuses on reducing inflammation in your body and therefore takes food preparation seriously.

Most food should be cooked very lightly or not at all.

If you enjoy a good steak don't overcook it.

Eat it as raw as possible.


(7)You Need High-Quality Supplements.

Sometimes it's not easy to get all our nutrients with our food.

So we supplement but the problem is that most supplements are trash.

So you need to find high-quality supplements and you must try and avoid most supermarket multivitamins.

Focus on quality.


(8)Get Enough Quality Sleep.

Your diet and exercise will only give you the best results if you get enough quality sleep.

What is quality sleep?

It means sleeping in a dark quiet room for at least 6 hours.

Many people say 7 or 8 but I need every hour of the day to stay on my mission.

So I go for 6 quality hours.

build muscle

(9)Training Is Part Of The Lifestyle.

Your diet has to be combined with a training program.

The good news is that if you stay consistent and disciplined with your bulletproof diet you will train less and get more results.

Of course you will still have to work hard in the gym but you can reduce the hours and days of training if you do the job in the kitchen.

There is a lot of truth in the saying “Great bodies get build in the kitchen not the gym”.

The focus in the bulletproof lifestyle is weight training in combination with high-intensity interval training.

So you can do 3 weight training sessions a week and 2 interval training sessions to get the job done.

build fitness


People tend the stay away from big lifestyle changes out of fear of not being able to go the distance with the plan.

The reality is that sometimes you will not eat the right food or break your own rules.

Guess what?

It happens.

You just get back on the horse again and go back into your healthy lifestyle.

If you can live healthy 80% of the time and have fun 20% of the time you are always going to win.

Think about it.

If you live 80% of your life in a balanced way and 20% fun then you will get massive results.

But if you go the opposite way you will lose.

The opposite is living as most people do.

They live 80% of the time in the “fun zone” and 20% of the time they go on diets or show their faces in the gym.

Of you go down the “fun zone” route then one thing is certain:

You are going to lose.


Winning in life is a conscious choice.