Contrary to what you might have been told your life is not a Disney movie.

In fact, it's more likely a horror movie.

Life in and by itself is a horror movie. 

The idea that that there was ever a time in history where men got born into a life that was easy is a myth.

For many life is a horror movie from the start. 

In the modern world, most think life is a Disney movie where things will somehow work itself out if you just “Let things happen”.

But these people in their little protected bubbles get a rude awakening when they realize they are vulnerable and they are in big trouble. 

They then freak out and look for someone to blame.

They look for a way to somehow become the victim.

The victim card is an easy one and a very popular one these days.

samurai mind

It's popular because if you are a victim then you can point at someone else.

If you are a victim then your life is not your responsibility.

A lie was sold to us in Hollywood with a Disney script.

In the movie we live happily ever after without any resistance from life.

But in reality life has different ideas. 

Life demands that you recognize the rules of the universe or pay the price.

If you choose to ignore the rules of the universe then you wake up in a horror movie.

If you don't accept the fact that things are not automatically supposed to work out then you will wake up in a living nightmare.

A good life demands that you do the work.

A great life demands a commitment to a mission of excellence. 


It demands that you make a choice.

The universe makes it abundantly clear that we all have the same opportunity as other men.

Your circumstances might be better or worse than others but the opportunity remains the same.

I have seen rich kids live the life of losers.

And poor kids live the life of Kings.

The opportunity is still here for us all.

But the choice to use the opportunity is yours and yours alone.

But the only thing that is equal is the opportunity.

Everything else is up to you.

Guess what? 

Your brain is not designed to make you happy. 


It's made to help you survive in the ancient reality of our species. 

Happiness and success is your responsibility.

Your brain just wants to survive.

So success and happiness are up to you.

And since you are reading this I guess you want to be happy and successful.

You want to suck all the juice out of life in the little time you have on this planet.

Your brain is not designed to make you happy. That's your job. – Anthony Robbins.

So we have ancient brains. 


We have a modern world with loads of technology. 

We have ancient bodies that have to resist the elements,tests, and temptations.

Both the brain and body have to be managed, aligned and coordinated in

order for you to stay on the path of your mission.


The good news is that wise men before us made some notes.

Notes in the form of books.

It is in fact true that “Success leaves clues”.

The legends of the past wrote down that if we take certain actions we will get certain results.

In general, this is the law of cause and effect. 

If you follow this law then you can use its power to bend reality to your will. 


Your will will be the difference between you and the millions of average men walking on this planet. 

My will is extremely strong. 

I feed it to keep it hungry. 

I want it to be sharp and hungry at all times. 

I want it hungry, then it will go after the goals and objectives that I set for it.

To keep your will hungry remind yourself of the pain that waits for you if you don't take action.

Remind your will of the horror movie that waits if you don't take action.

So cause and effect will guide you and if you learn the principles of winning you will be unstoppable.

If your iron will is guided by Self Discipline you will be an unstopable force.

But to unleash these powerful forces you need to commit.

If you are a cornered dog right now then good.

If you feel like you have been punched in the mouth then good.

I get it. 

I have been there. 

I have been in the deepest mental holes that you can imagine. 

I'm not telling you to impress you.

I'm telling you to let you know that I have been there. 

I know how bad things can get. 

But I also know its possible to get out.

But Like I mentioned you have to commit.

You have to choose to make a change. 

You have to decide to fight back against the forces of the universe.

These forces are here to test us.

To test the depths of our spirit. 

The depths of our hearts. 


It wants to see what you do when you are forgotten. 

When you are written off as a loser.

When you are written off as someone that “Will never make it”.

When you are written off.

That is the test. 

How do you react when all the odds are against you?

Do you crawl into a corner and die?

Or do you slowly get to your feet? 

And say,” F*ck this, this changes now.”


When you do that life changes.

Commit to building a life that you will love.

Commit to creating a reality for yourself that is a dream. 

But a dream that you never want to leave.

All you have to do is get up. 

Get up and make a choice.



What are you going to do?