Nothing in your life happens by chance.

Even the things that look like an accident was all put in motion by the oldest law in the universe.

The law is cause and effect.

Your life and my life and everything in this universe is a result of cause and effect.

Even if you go to a casino and see someone roll the dice and you think its chance that it rolled and landed in a certain way it's not.

There were cause and effect forces at play.

Things we can't see and comprehend as humans.

For example, the pressure of the hands, the speed of the hands, the humidity in the room ,and the resulting speed of flight through the air.

Same with your life.

The first member of your distant family thousands of yours ago decided to go after a certain female.

And the end result is that you are here right now reading these words.

Its all a chain of events.

Being conscious of this cause and effect everywhere gives you the power and exposes your own weaknesses.

In terms of your own life the question is this: Are you the cause or are you the effect?

If you are at effect then it means you are largely being steered by outside forces and influences.

If you are are the cause in your life it means you are in control.

It means you have realized there are powerful universal laws at play at all times, for example, the law of cause and effect.

And you realized that you should get control and be the cause.

Be the cause or just get swept away by the effect.

You become the cause by evaluating your own life.

mental toughness

You investigate how you are being influenced by outside forces that are steering you in directions that you don't want to go.

“If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self.” -Napoleon Hill

For example, maybe you are watching TV every day for hours and that influence of a certain TV program is steering your mind in a certain direction every day?

Maybe you are at university or at a company surrounded by a certain group of people that don't have your best interests at heart and they are influencing the way you think?

Maybe you haven't exercised for months or even years and your body is deteriorating?

Maybe you haven't read a book since high school?

Maybe you haven't eaten a healthy nutritious meal in years.

Maybe you watch mainstream news every day?

Maybe you react to things without considering the consequences.

Maybe you are working in a dead-end job?

Maybe you listen to toxic music every day?

Maybe you let people treat you badly?

Maybe you????

The chain of events is infinite.

This is the reason why I choose to live by choice not by chance.

What Does This All Mean?

It means that you have the power to influence the outcome.

If you can identify your most important actions and influence them in a way that causes you to get the outcome you want then you take control.

That means if you can create habits that set a cause of events into play that creates what you want.

The problem is that most people have habits that they are not even aware of.

They are not aware that they are getting fat because of the food they eat every single day.

They are not aware that they are wasting their life by watching hours or TV.

They are not aware that drinking every weekend is causing them depression and chaos in the week that follows.

They are not aware….

Everything in this universe gets noticed by the energy field we operate in.

This means all the actions you take get noticed by this energy field.

Cause and effect cant be avoided or hidden somewhere.

Cause and effect is not limited to the physical world that you see around you.

The way you think sets the same law into motion.

If you constantly think about bad things happening then the cause of those thoughts over weeks and months and even years will be seen.

If you constantly think negatively the effects will be seen.

But the opposite is also true. If you change the way you think into empowering thoughts the effects change.

The way you think about yourself consistently also sets the law of cause and effect into motion.

If you constantly think you are not good enough then guess what the effect is that you will not be good enough.

But if you consistently think that you are good enough then you will be good enough.

As a man thinketh!

So the law is present everywhere in the universe on both the physical and mental planes.

This is the reason why I choose to live by choice not by chance

This Leaves You Where?

It leaves you in a position of control.

But you only get control if you choose to take control.

If you don't control yourself then self will control you.

Take control of the way you think, take control of your actions and see your world change for the good.

Or don't take control and just see the effects happening around you.

So you have a choice.

Will you be the cause or the effect?

Your call.

You Have 2 Weapons.

You have 2 weapons to take back control.

The first is self-discipline.

The second is your will.

That beautiful unseen force that pushes you beyond all expectations.

That force that creates momentum that people didn't expect.

That force that creates everything you ever wanted ,YOUR WILL.

If you allow you will to grow then you can do anything you put your focus on.

How do you grow your will.

You get hungry.

You remember the pain from past experiences.You feed on that pain and let it push you.

You remember the dreams you had as a boy and you feed on that and let it push you.

You remember the life vision you have for yourself and you feed on that and let it push you.


You let your willpower grow.Let it grow into lion that ravishes everything that gets in its way.

Then you will go beyond the forces that are trying to stop you.You go beyond your own limitations and you push forward.

Then you will take a break for a moment and look back and see how far you have come.

And you will be shocked to see who you have become.

Because at the end that is the most important question.

Who are you becoming?