If you live in a developed country then are you are living a cushy life with safety nets everywhere.

You have been told the lie of safety and security.

They tell you if you follow their plan you will be taken care of.

Just follow the rules and be a good little boy.

Just walk the path laid out for you and everything will be OK.

Will it?

The modern world seduces you with hugs, safe spaces, and participation trophies.

They tell you that there is no bad people in the world, only confused ones.

They tell you women and men are exactly the same.

They tell you to trust everyone and that evil doesn't exist.

They tell you that all people are inherently good.

Just be nice and the world will return the favor to you.

So you buy into it.

You start keeping your head down, you play nice.

You do your job and pay your bills.

You get more credit cards to buy that stuff that you don't need.

You look at how cool the neighbors look and you think I also want a car like that.

So you buy it even though you can't afford it.

At your job its like you don't exist but you still get your paycheck.

So you keep on doing what you are supposed to.

You keep on working, buying and getting paid.

Then you keep on working buying and getting paid.

Before you know it 5 years are gone and then 10 years.

Nothing has changed.

One day you go into work and you get called into the manager's office.

They tell you it's over they no longer need you.

You want to argue but you have been trained to be a nice and be quiet.

So you take a big hit in the mouth.

Suddenly you realize you have been a slave and more than that you didn't know it.

You have been vulnerable all these years without knowing.

Now you are exposed.

You have no savings.

Payments for the house and the car and all the other shit is coming up.

Soon you are in such deep shit that you let the car, the house and everything else go.

Soon you have nothing, your girlfriend left you and you are on the street.

Welcome to the reality of many men.

Welcome to the reality of many in the future.

Right now someone is reading this article thinking “This is bullshit this will never happen to me.”But soon it probably will.

We have been sold on this safe little space we live in.

In the developed world its easy to fall for the trap and then get exposed.

Unfortunately most didn't see it coming.

This is a warning that the modern world is asleep.

They better wake up.

The Reality Of This Planet.

The reality of this planet has always been brutal.

As a man, you don't have the luxury of being careless.

Nobody is here to help you when shit goes bad.

People depend on you to lead the way.

When we buy into the lies of the modern world we forget that being careless exposes you.

It opens you up for brutal situations in the future.

Here is the truth about living as a man on this planet:

You are either a warrior or a victim.

There is nothing in between.


At some stage, adversity will strike. It will come in some form you didn't expect.

It might be financial, death, disaster or relationships.

This adversity will test you.

The question then is have you been living like a potential victim?

Or did you live with the mindset of a warrior?

Every day on this planet we need to be doing the small things right.

We need to be living within a framework of Self Discipline and focus.

This can't be a thing we do sometimes.

It has to be a way of life.

We need to harden our minds and bodies to not be vulnerable in times of crises and adversity.

So how do we prepare for this?

(1)Self Discipline

Like I said before Self Discipline will be the foundation.

There should be no negotiation about this.

You need to become the master of your own world.

If you don't control your world then others will.

(2)Physical Exercise

You need to consistently be doing weight training, yoga, and running .

If you can't do all then do 1 or 2 of these.

Whatever you do you need to be consistently be putting yourself in uncomfortable situations.

martial arts

(3)Martial Arts

Find a good martial arts school and start training.

There is no better preparation for body and mind then martial arts.

Putting yourself consistently in stressful situations will strengthen your body and mind.

My choice is Gracie JiuJitsu, but martial arts like boxing, Muay Thai, wrestling or Karate will also be fine.

Start training often.

(4)Get Your Money Right

This point should be number one, that's how important it is.

You need to realize that nobody is coming to save you.

It's your responsibility to start getting your money right.

It's not just your responsibility it's your duty.

The secret of making money is not how much you can make, its how much you can keep.

Once you made a lot of money invest and start building again.

Get a plan on how to get rich and start now.

This should be your number one priority.

When your money is right it will put you in the positions to change your environment and have real influence in your world.

People say money doesn't make you happy.


Well having no money definitely won't make you happy, so don't buy into that crap.

Find out how to be successful from the masters.

Then start building your life to the next level.