We all live in a virtual reality.

For women this has changed the world.

The days of women having a normal understanding of their own importance is over.

Technology has created a fake reality for women and an elevated view of their own value.

Wherever you are right now look around you.

If you are in a public space like a coffee shop, train, or airport you will see 1 thing everyone else is doing.

Most people are staring into their phones or some type of electronic device.

People have become cyborgs.

We have lives online that is an extension of the real world we live in.

But what has this done for women?

How has this changed their view of themselves?

But before we get there think about the world before the internet.

Or not even that long ago.

dating online

Before Smartphones.

Think about the world before smartphones.

What smartphones have done is that it's extended the time women(and all humans) spend online.

But this has created a false sense of importance for women.

Remember I'm saying this in the context of the one thing that has not changed:

Men still do most of the pursuing when it comes to dating.

Men usually have to approach women and start a conversation.

Men are usually the ones sending the first message on a dating app.

Just take a look at most women's profiles on the Tinder dating app and you will see women set the rules that most men has to pass to spend time with them.

So men do most of the chasing.

This has not changed.

Men still pursue women.

This was the case before the internet and will always be the case.

But let's go back in time and imagine for a second we live in a time before the internet and the smartphone:

If you think about a nightclub or bar you will know that men go up to women all the time trying to pick up someone they find attractive.

So for example, if an average girl is approached 4 times in one night she would think she had a great night.

If a really hot girl got approached 15 times it was an average night for her.

And below-average girls got almost no approaches except towards the end of the night by a bunch of crazy drunk men.

At that time (before the internet) men were just competing with the guys in the club and women had a realistic view of their own attractiveness.

But what happened next?

social media

Enter The Internet and The Smartphone.

The internet happened and smartphones happened.

Suddenly women weren't just being hunted in bars, clubs and in coffee shops.

They were being pursued on dating apps and on social media from around the world.

Suddenly they started to get their daily dopamine hits from Instagram posts, dating app messages and other websites.

Suddenly the fat girl had followers and fans.

Suddenly the average girls had fans.

The hot girls had thousands even millions of fans.

All women seemed more attractive to men than they really were because women had time to put up their best pictures and create an inflated impression of who they really are.

This is the reason why many real-life meetups that come from online dating is such a disappointment.

Imagine what that did to women's brains?

Imagine what it did to their own sense of importance?

Remember now all of a sudden she is not just approached by the few guys who has the courage to walk up to her in a bar.

Now even they guys with no courage can contact her and play the big stud in the virtual reality.

Suddenly fat girls started having attitudes online and started filtering out men because even she got 20 messages every day.

Think about how a beautiful women's inbox on Instagram looks like?

internet dating

Place Yourself In That Position.

Imagine for a second you were in that situation.

Imagine every day you got a thousand messages from girls that want to sleep with you.

How would you act?

Would, you be picky?

Would you get cocky?

Would you get arrogant?

Would you get a false sense of your own importance?

Would you just reply to the first message you get?

dating tips for men

It's A Brave New World.

The world has changed.

Good or bad it has changed.

But as always we either adapt or we die.

So this means if you have no game or no life then you better start changing that or will get left behind.

If you think you can just “be yourself” and get away with it by just posting a few selfies online then you are in for a surprise.

You are in a tougher game now.

You have to step up your virtual profile but also who you are in the real world.

Because remember you will be dealing with a woman with an inflated sense of self-importance.

So she will be having higher standards because she has the luxury of choice.

She will go on many dates or allow many men to approach her in order to find a suitable guy to sleep with or start a relationship with.


So What Do We Do?

The first thing that you need to be aware of is why modern women act the way they do.

And now you know that truth.

But let's look at the basic truths for men about being more attractive.

There are a lot things you can improve or change but let's look at the fundamental pillars of being more attractive.

Some of them you probably know but you haven't realized the importance of it in a modern playing field.

The basics of what you need to do are this:

extreme ownership

Become A High-Value Man.

You need to raise your value as a man.

You are not doing this just to get women.

You are reading this because you know on a deep level you have a lot of potential value.

It's about how you see yourself and who you want to become.

But in order to be more attractive to women you need to take this seriously.

Every aspect of you needs to be improved:

get rich

(1)Get Your Money Right.

You need financial resources.

Don't fall for the Disney crap of “It's inside that matters”.

It's a lie and a trap.

The truth is that you can be the nicest guy in the world but if you are a bum with no resources you have problems.

Sure you might get lucky one night but it won't be consistent.

And you definitely won't have a long term relationship with beautiful women if you don't have the resources to make her feel secure.

Money matters.

It just does.

You don't have to like this fact but you can't change human nature.

Think about a male lion that can't hunt.

No females will mate with him.

Humans are no different.

If you don't provide value then you will lose.

That is the truth.

alpha male

(2)Build An Alpha Mindset.

The world has changed and millions of men have been indoctrinated in a feminist culture to believe that they have to be good little providers that worship the ground their girlfriend walks on.

They were trained to think she is the only one on the planet for them so they better please her at any cost even if they have to compromise their own mission and happiness.

Here is the bottom line:

Alpha men has one number one priority in their lives: their mission.

The women in their lives are not number 1 .

She is number 2.

His main focus in his life is his mission whatever that might be.

Sounds harsh?

Well here is the truth: when a woman senses that the only thing in your life that matters is her she will on a subconscious level lose attraction for you.

That is why so many married couples and long term couples don't have sex.

That is why so many married women fuck other men.

They will have a beta provider and an alpha fuck on the side.

Men who view their own lives as a priority are more attractive to women.

I'm not saying don't love your partner but you have to have a mission.

Because guess what?

If you cant provide for her and your family everything falls apart.

Alpha men stay on their mission even when they get married.

They believe in themselves and value their own independence even within a relationship.

So with that in mind.

Start believing in yourself because no-one else will until you show the world that you can produce the goods.

Start building your confidence and focus on improving who you are as a man.

Alpha men have options he knows it and the women in his life knows it.


(3)Transform Your Body.

Another cliche but one that is true.

Work on your body.

Transform your body.

You need to get into the gym.

Yes, its true women like men who have masculine qualities like broad shoulders and a muscular body.

You don't have to be a bodybuilder but focus on getting an “MMA body”.

One that is functional and looks good.

The Disney reality of its only your personality that matters is a bullshit story.

You need to lift Iron and you need to do it consistently.

meat eater

(4)Start Eating Loads Of High-Quality

Red Meat.

You need to become healthy.

And to do that you need to feed your body with high-quality food.

Food that we have evolved to eat.

That means red meat.

Don't fall for the propaganda that is trying to make men weak.

The propaganda that tells you to eat only vegetables and drink soy milk.

They are trying to lower your testosterone and make you weak.

Wolves and lions don't eat salad.

They eat meat.

Even chimps eat meat.

Our giant brains evolved because we eat meat.

So focus on high-quality organic beef, sheep or wild meat like Elk or Deer.

But if you can't get those just try to get the best you can.

Supplement your meat-focused diet with berries, organic butter, salmon and organic eggs.

Drink good coffee and Rooibos tea.

smell good

(5)Stop Poisoning Your Body.

Stop messing with your body chemistry by poisoning it with garbage.

Stop using normal deodorant products. It's filled with chemicals and garbage that messes with your hormones.

I wrote a previous article about the importance of your smell and how it is massively important when it comes to women finding your attraction.

You need to throw out the chemicals and get some good quality organic soap to take care of your skin health.


Raise all the standards in your life and you will see everything in life improve.

And when it comes to women you will automatically be more attractive.

After the foundation principles are in place you can add some Game to your dating life.

Step up or get left behind.

Until next time my friends.