Every time I make a choice about something I come to a point where it's between the easy and the hard.

The comfortable or the uncomfortable.

The familiar or the unfamiliar.

For some reason, I find myself in the position where I start justifying the easy way.

I start finding reasons why in this specific case the easy way is better.

I tell myself that next time I will do the more difficult option.

For some reason, this struggle between the comfort zone and the unfamiliar always finds its way into my mind.

Even after making the hard choices so many times in the past it still happens.

I still get challenged by the part of my mind that wants the familiar and comfortable.

Travel Comfort Zones

Let's take travel for example.

I have traveled through most of South East Asia. But for some reason, I never went to the Philippines.

Recently I was visiting Japan, South Korea, and China. So after that, I told myself I would visit one more country.

So the choice was between Manila the capital of the Philippines and Bangkok the Capital of Thailand.


I love big cities and enjoy the crazy energy of big metropolitan cities.

I love Bangkok and I have been there many times.

However this time I decided I was going to try Manila.

But for some reason a week I after I made the choice my mind started playing games.

It started coming up with all these reasons why I should rather go to Bangkok and not Manila.

My mind started coming up with stupid stories I heard from other guys that Manila is a dangerous place full of scammers and other bad things.

I started justifying to myself to just go to do the familiar.

Just do the safe thing that I know and find comfort in.

In the end, I decided fuck this comfort zone shit, I'm going to Manila.

Sure its a city that is kind of dangerous and rough around the edges but It's fun and dynamic.

And by the way, the women in Manila are awesome.

If you like beautiful, feminine women that speak English well then visit Manila.

But to get back to my original point once I stepped through my own bullshit into the unknown I started to really enjoy my trip.

The trip was fun up until that point but as soon as I just did something unplanned it went to a whole different level of enjoyment.

Business Comfort Zones

Business is the same.

In business, I failed the most when I was just playing it safe and staying in my little comfort zone.

The world has rules and laws and we need to follow these rules I get it.

However, we can test the boundaries of these rules and see how far we can stretch them and bend them to see how far we can take things.

We can also make a decision in our business that is risky in the sense that we might lose.

The whole thing might come crashing down.

But here is the truth that I learned in business.

Every time I push the limits and make a scary decision I take my business to the next level.

I always start winning when I step out onto that scary ledge where I might fall down.

I realized in order for us to win in life we need to play at the edge.

In fact, we need to push ourselves beyond our personal edge in life.

Beyond that place where we are comfortable.

The personal safe space that we unconsciously go into, is in fact, the most dangerous place you can be.

It's that place that prevents you from getting everything you ever wanted.

It's that place that prevents you from enjoying life on a whole different level.

That is because dynamic energy only exists in pressure situations.

Push Yourself

You need to push yourself into the uncomfortable, unknown, unfamiliar and fearful situations in order to spark that dynamic energy into existence.

When you do this you realize you have been sleepwalking.

You realize its time to wake up and start playing this incredible game of life with everything we have.

Time is our greatest commodity and every minute we waste hiding way and living in fear we waste an opportunity.

An Opportunity to show the world that you play this game on your own terms and you play it without fear.