Do you have an identity conflict? Let me explain:

Who do you see yourself as?

Who do you really see yourself as?

For a long time, I didn't get this part of psychology.

The key part of creating personal freedom and power.

I missed it! For a long time I missed it.

I didn't realize that all my power was hidden inside this part of my mind.

When I unlocked it everything changed.

Everything started falling in place for me.

I started doing things that I previously thought I couldn't do.

I started a business and made more money than ever before.

I started to have success with women and dating like never before.

I elevated my health and fitness to the next level.

I started to feel “happy”.

It all came down to the way I saw myself.

My identity conflict was holding me back.

The Personal Identity Conflict Mind Block

In my early twenties, I had a lot of struggles overcoming my own bullshit.

Something was holding me back.

I was trying to change but for some reason I couldn't get any momentum.

And if I did get the momentum I would slide back to where I started.

For example, I would try to stop smoking cigarettes.

I would try patches or just cut down on the number of cigarettes I would smoke.

I would go cold turkey and stop for a week and even make it up to a month without smoking.

But in the end I would just slide back.

I would tell other people “I'm a smoker so it's not easy to stop.”

Another example was with women and dating.

I was terrible with starting conversations with women.

Sometimes I would get the courage to walk up to a girl and start talking.

But the more attractive she was the more excuses I had to not do it.

I would avoid talking to women I was attracted to.

I avoided it because I didn't think I was the type of guy that could just walk up to women start talking.

I would tell myself and others, “I'm not the type of guy who can just walk up to any women and talk.”

One more example was my fitness and health.

I was eating terribly and not doing any form of physical exercise.

I was the kind of guy that would go to bars often.

I would drink a lot, smoke and eat junk consistently.

So exercising was not something I did.

Even when I did make it to the gym it would be random and I wouldn't go back for months or years.

I would tell people “I'm not a gym person.”

The Connection.

Do you see the bullshit in these 3 examples?

See the connection?

I had a story I was telling the world and myself about who I was.

I had an identity conflict that I was trying to cling to so badly.

I was being “me” by not exercising, eating junk and getting drunk.

I was being “me” by not taking action with the things I wanted to do.

Things like asking out a girl or starting a business.

I was so attached to this Identity that I didn't want to let it go.

Not under any circumstances.Because it was “me.”

We all have an identity conflict and this one was mine.

This identity that keeps you down is powerful.

It will pull you back if you try and leave it.

We all act in line with our identities.

The sad thing is that a lot of people around you will pull you back into that identity of you try and leave it.

When I finally started to change I saw it first hand.

The people who said nothing when I was a loser and doing nothing with my life suddenly became “worried”.

They were worried when I didn't show up to parties anymore.

They had funny things to say when I said no to cigarettes.

When I said no to the beer they asked: “What is wrong?”

They made cute remarks when they heard someone saw me at the gym.

At the beginning these things got to me because I was still weak and pathetic.

But I was starting to wake up.

I realized this false identity was also a tool the people around me were using to make themselves feel comfortable.

You see when I started to unfuck myself these “friends” started to get uncomfortable.

Suddenly they were concerned about my well-being.

Truth is they didn't give a fuck.

They just felt better about themselves when I was being a pathetic loser.

But when I let go of that story I freed myself and pissed off a lot of people around me.

I broke the shackles and found my freedom.

That was a long time ago.

But that person who I was is gone.

I destroyed him.

I realized the most important thing in life.

And that is the way you see yourself is everything.

How you see yourself is a blueprint on how you will act in life.

See yourself as a fat slob? Then you will act like one.

See yourself a smoker? Then you will act like one.

See yourself as a party animal? Then you will act like one.

See yourself as a stupid person? Then you will act like one.

See yourself as not being a gym person? Then you will act like one.

See yourself as not being a man that talks to beautiful women? Then you will act like one.

See yourself as someone that is poor? Then you will act like one.

Don't see yourself as an Entrepreneur? Then you will act like one.

See yourself as someone that don't win and can't succeed? Then you will act like one.

Do you see how this works?

change your thoughts change your life

Change The Script and Build A New Identity.

I don't sell magic pills on this blog.

I only share what works for me and has worked for many other successful people.

If you want a quick fix shortcut with no work then stop reading now. You won't find it on this website.

Still reading?


So changing your personal negative identity is possible.

However, it is not as easy as just one simple step.

It is a process.

It's something that will take time and hard work on your side.

Yes you can start changing right now and make drastic changes.

However, your brain is ancient and has specific defensive mechanisms that will try and keep your old identity because it keeps you safe.

So making the change will be scary but the biggest challenge is fighting our brain.

And the words of Tony Robbins is always the best to sum this up:

“Your Brain is not designed to make you happy. That is your job”.

The ancient part of your brain is millions of years old.

It comes from a time where your survival from dangerous animals and natural disasters were the only priority your brain had.

Your happiness is irrelevant to it.

That part of your brain only wants you to survive and have babies.

The newer parts of your brain like the logical thinking part gets switched off when it senses danger or any form of discomfort.

So changing your identity and going out of your comfort zone is a significant threat to this part of the brain.

It will try and take you back to the “good old days” where you were safe.

So when you sense this resistance know where it's coming from and go back to the business of forming your new identity.

“With our thoughts we make the world” – Buddha

The New Identity.

So you decided to destroy the old personal identity you have?

Forming a new identity is a great and important opportunity for you to take back your power.

It is your opportunity to rise up and show the world who you really are.

Let's simplify this process.

Whatever it is you want to be or become you need to start believing that you are that person.

And you need to start acting like it.

So let's do the opposite of what we did earlier in this article:

Think you are a non-smoker? Then be a non-smoker.

Think you are a person who enjoys weightlifting and fitness? Then lift weights and become fit.

Think you are a person who talks to any women he wants to? Then talk to any women.

Think you are an entrepreneur? Then be an entrepreneur.

Think you are an attractive person? Then be attractive.

Think you are a confident and powerful person? Then be confident and powerful.

Sure you might find it hard, in the beginning to feel confident in your actions.

But do them anyway.

Act like you are something until you become it.

It's like bicycle training wheels. You ride your bike with them until you ride without them.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become”. -Buddha

The Reality In Practice

This process will take work to fall in place and make yourself consistently start believing your new identity.

You will have moments of doubt and disappointments.

This is normal and like I said this is no magic pill.

Like anything of value its a process.

2 Things You Can Do To Start The Process Of Building Your New Identity.

false identity

(1)Write down who it is who you want to become.

Go get a blank piece of paper and write it down.

Write it like it has already happened:

For example.”I am a successful, confident, powerful and intelligent man. I am fit, healthy and flexible. I go to the gym 5 days a week. I do martial arts twice a week. I read many books and I am a fast learner.I have a successful business and make xxx money a year. I have a high level of social intelligence and talk to any women or other people easily.”

OK so this is a simple example, but you get the picture.

It's basically a script for your subconscious mind to start believing.

It's like new software for your hardware(old brain).

Yea I get it!

It sounds like bullshit, but it works.

But you have to be consistent.

You need to read this statement to yourself every morning when you get up and every evening when you go to bed.

What I like to do every year is refine my identity and then record the statement on my phone.

This way I can listen to it whenever I want.

I listen to it before bed,driving my car or when I go for a run.

My consistently work on my own mind to get better and better.

I also like to record a list of powerful affirmations that follow my statement and give my mind a powerful cocktail of positive thoughts.

The subconscious mind is like a sponge

It sucks up everything you consistently feed it.

(2)Action builds Self Confidence

Now don't be delusional in thinking that if you think something and say something it will magically happen.

You need to back up your words and thoughts with powerful action.

You said you going to the gym? Do it!

You said you going to talk to the beautiful women? Do it!

You said you are going to start a business? Do it!

You said you are going to eat healthy? Do it!

You need to combine thoughts and action to create your new identity and build self confidence.

self confidence


Changing your personal identity could be the most powerful thing you ever do in your life.

Most of you will probably quit.

Those who have read this far I have hope for you.

You are someone that wants change or you won't be reading these words.

But for you to get a new life and a new identity you will need to take action.

Nothing of value is free.

You need to put in the work to get the results you want.

This is not magic.

This using our mind and body in combination to change the world we live in.

You can transform everything in your life if you take action and you do it consistently.

Changing your identity is a test.

Will you pass it?