Why You Should Treat the Opinions Of Sheep With Absolute Disdain.

The Reality of this planet is that most people are sheep.

They are followers of the group.

Their thinking and opinions go where the masses go.

They say things that are safe to say.

They do things that are safe to do.

They don't take risks out of fear of criticism or failure.

They will never go after big goals or challenges.

The sheep will never criticize you out of the position of an individual.

The sheep need the safety of the herd.

Even on social media, the sheep will attack other individuals only if they know the mainstream supports their view.

They will under no circumstances attack a popular opinion.

That is too dangerous for the sheep even if the sheep has a rare moment of independent thought.

See, the sheep is a coward, any risky behavior might threaten their safe spaces and comfort zones.

So as lions we will encounter a lot of sheep on our road to conquer our goals and challenges.

The sheep will never attack you when you lose focus and get distracted.

That is too easy for the sheep.

Besides, they enjoy it when lions get lazy and distracted.

It makes themselves feel more powerful and significant.

But wait until you start getting up and start going after a new project or goal.

Wait until you start changing your life for the better.

Wait until you start asking out that girl at the coffee shop.

Wait until you start running and going to the gym.

Wait until you start giving your opinions as a free independent thinker.

Wait until you start getting successful.

Then the sheep will appear out of nowhere with there “opinions” of your life.

They will start running for their herds so they can start there verbal attacks on you.

The criticisms will usually start as an innocent remark.

For example, “You are different these days”, or “I liked the old you better”, or “The things you say hurt people's feelings”.

It's easy to spot sheep freaking out about your actions when they start commenting on your Facebook or Twitter pages.

They will mask their hate for you by a link to an article by some expert that says something about your actions or behavior.

When you ask them about it they will say something like “I just wanted to share the facts with you”.

Or ” I just want you to know what you are getting into”.

This is usually a sign that what you are doing is exactly right and that you should double down.

When you get attacked by individual sheep or a large group of sheep you should treat their opinions with absolute disdain.

Don't even waste your breath on them.

They will be unable to understand or comprehend your goals or mission.

They will be so consumed by fear and envy that you even have the courage to try something new.

They are petrified by strength and honor.

They cannot understand independent thinking and become nervous when confronted by it.

When you give an independent opinion something predictable will happen.

They will lose their collective minds and try to cast you out of their group.

They will then be baffled by the fact that you are not affected at all by their petty concerns and judgments.

They don't realize that lions don't need groups.

The sheep's opinions are something that should be removed from your mind.

Sure, it's amusing sometimes but it's a distraction that should be looked down upon and treated with absolute disdain.

sheep mindset

The world of sheep is a mediocre existence.

Do not get caught in the trap of getting seduced by their world.

It's easy to become comfortable in their world.

Once you make yourself at home with the sheep they will do everything to keep you there.

They want your mind and then they will take your life.

Pull out those weeds before the sheep come to feed on them.

You are a lion so tolerating the sheep is something you don't have to do.