How to burn fat and be more healthy? Good Question right?

The Special Forces Operator Tim Kennedy recently tweeted a list on how to burn fat and be more healthy.

This list is spot on and I totally agree with Tim.

If you do these things you will lose weight, gain muscle and live a super healthy life.

Let's take a look at his list and I will dive into each point in a little more detail.

People like to make things complicated but this simple list will transform your life if you consistently execute on this list.

How To Burn Fat And Live A Super Healthy Life

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1. Eat Real Food And Drink Lots Of Water.

Real food basically means anything that is not processed.

So don't buy anything in the supermarket that comes in a box ready to eat.

Avoid junk food, TV dinners, sugar and soy products.

Start eating meat, fish, eggs(organic if you can), rice, vegetables, fruit and drink lots of water.

If you cant afford to buy steaks and good quilty meat every day then keep it simple.

Buy a big bag of rice, minced meat and a box of eggs. You can supplement that with a big bottle of protein powder and frozen blueberries.

Take a scoop of protein powder, a hand full of blueberries and you have an awesome healthy dessert.

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2. Sleep

Most scientists say you need at least 7 hours of sleep to operate at your optimum level.

Time is our greatest commodity so I settle for 6 hours so I can steal an extra hour of the day.

The quality of your sleep is important. So make sure your room is very dark, quiet and cool.


People like to pick and choose exercises that they enjoy.

But if you want to lose weight and build muscle then you need to lift weights and do at least 4 good cardio sessions a week.

You can do sprints on the treadmill after your weight workouts and go for a long run on the weekends.

If you have knee problems then hit the pool but you need to get your cardio sessions into your schedule.

If you want to lose weight and gain muscle then you need to combine cardio and weightlifting.

Be consistent and give 150% and the results will come.

4. Avoid Medications

If you have serious medical problems that require medication like asthma or some other allergy then you need to take them so don't stop.

However, don't just take medication for any small issue that comes up for your body.

Doctors love giving antibiotics for everything.

Avoid it if you can and just get rest. If you have a cold and flu just get in bed, drink lots of fluids and sleep.

5. Drink Less

Alcohol should mostly be avoided. Sure a glass of wine and a cold beer won't hurt.

But be selective with your alcohol and try to leave it for weekends.

My quality of life has improved 80% by cutting alcohol down to just a few times a month. I don't really miss the hangovers.

6. Get Off Your Device/Phone

We all know the potential dangers associated with cell phones

New technology like 5 G is already showing signs of messing with the human body like no other technology before.

So talk with earphones and keep the phone away from your head.

Also, don't carry the phone next to your balls, its just not smart cooking your best friend.

Another thing to consider is the amount of time and mental clarity you waste by starring at a screen.

Stop wasting time on your phone and get outside or spend your free time with friends and family.

7. Have Sex, Lots Of Sex

You need to keep your body and mind in optimal condition and sex is one of the greatest ways to keep you on top of life.

It's great to boost your immune system and keeps your prostate healthy.

Sex lowers your blood pressure, is a great workout and lowers your risk of getting a heart attack.

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8. Caffeine Is Not The Devil.

Not all coffee is equal. If you drink your coffee with milk, syrup, and sugar then yes its bad for you.

Also if you drink instant coffee then yes its bad for you.

However, if you drink black filter coffee then you will drink one of the healthiest beverages on the planet.

Many studies have shown tremendous benefits to drinking black coffee.

Benefits like reducing chances of getting diseases like Alzheimer's and cancer.

Of course, another great benefit is the mental focus and clarity. It's also a great energy booster throughout the day.


9. Salt And Good Fats Help.

Salt and fat have been getting a bad rap for many years.

But new studies show that good quality pink salt is not bad for you and can have some benefits.

The big one is fats. Fats have been attacked by the sugar industry for a long time and has been blamed for heart disease and other illness.

So for a long time, people avoided fats.

Not all fats are equal and we now know that healthy fats found in butter and organic meat is very important for your health.

Good fats can even help you lose weight.

10. Relax

You need to shut off the engine sometimes and just be with yourself, family, friends or your girlfriend/wife.

Make sure you set a weekly time for taking a time out from your busy schedule and just relax,breath and have fun.

Go for a hike in the mountains, go to the beach or read a book. Take a timeout.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor so consult your physician before doing anything that might affect your health.