There is a reason why you don't reach your goals.

Your Goals Are a Dream Killer.

Yes, you heard me right.

Forget about the outcome of whatever it is you are doing.

Doesn't matter if you building a business, talking to women, doing a brutal workout or testing for your brown belt in JiuJitsu.

When you become too focused on the outcome you become overwhelmed and give up or fail.

The first time I tested for my blue belt in JiuJitsu I failed because I was just thinking about getting through the test and getting my belt.

When I went through a bad patch in dating I failed a lot because I was just thinking of sleeping with the women.

When I failed with my first business it was because I just focused on getting the money.

The only serious injury I ever got in the gym was because I was just trying to get through the workout as quickly as possible and get a better body.

I'm not saying the outcome is not important.

Its good to have big goals and work towards something.

But once you set your goals you need to push the outcome to the back of your mind.

Focus on the process.

When you put your mind on the process and being in the moment you will do your best work.

Stress will become less and you will start enjoying whatever it is you are doing.

There is a meditative aspect of being able to get consumed by the process.

The quality of your work becomes better.

When you're dealing with other humans and you are in the moment they feel it and respond differently to whatever it is you are doing.

A lot of guys have issues with sex.

Well, besides watching too much porn its because they are thinking of getting an orgasm.

Or they are thinking about doing some weird move in bed. They are not enjoying the moment with the naked women.

The same thing happens when guys are talking to women.

Guys fuck-up when they interact with women because they start thinking about what to do next.

They start thinking about sex.

They are in their heads thinking about the outcome.

If you stay in the moment with the girl you chances of getting laid will increase a lot.

She will feel it if you are there with her, or somewhere else.

With business, I see this a lot on social media.

It's always the same guys commenting on Facebook groups and asking questions about when the money will start flowing.

They are constantly complaining about their outcomes.

If they spend half that time focusing their business instead of focusing on the outcome they will be successful a lot faster.

With martial arts its exactly the same.

I mentioned my failed first blue belt test.

The second time I did my test I forgot about getting my blue belt.

All I focused on was doing the next move.

That was it and I was successful.

Of course, I was better prepared but my mindset of not thinking about the outcome made the biggest difference.

mental toughness

Again, set massive goals and have gigantic visions of what you want to achieve.

But once you start taking action every week forget about that outcome.

Start thinking process.

The process is where the gold is.