Why do men smell different for women on birth control?

Have you ever noticed how some women look attractive to you but as soon as you have physical contact you lose attraction? But we don't know why?

She looked attractive but as soon as you smelled the person or tasted the person the attraction disappears.

One of the biggest reasons for this kind of irrational behavior is our smell.

Our eyes see something but as soon as our smell comes into the game we change our minds about the person we thought were attractive. 

The person might still look attractive but for some reason there is nothing. You lose all attractiveness. 

Women experience exactly the same thing but at a much higher level than men. Women's ability to smell is seven times stronger than men. 

Think about that.A women's level of smell is 7 times stronger.

What does this mean at a very basic level?

It means it's very important to be a good smelling man. And its something women take very seriously, even when most do it unconsciously.

The reason, why women's smell is stronger, is because they have evolved to screen for a genetically compatible mate.

Men also use smell for attraction but it's not as big a role-player as it is for women.

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Her Job Is To Spot Compatibility 

Her job is to smell a partner that is compatible.

Of course, she doesn't consciously go around smelling people but she will unconsciously be attracted to someone based on that smell. 

Of course, the smell is not the only factor in attraction but its a major deal-breaker in many cases.

A Woman might think she likes a guy but then she smells him for the first time and its over.

These smells or Pheromones are a database of information women uses to find out a wide variety of genetic information and this happens in a second.

As soon as she smells your pheromones she knows on an unconscious level if you have good genes or any health problems that she wants to avoid. 

There are many things a woman can identify in your smell but genes and potential disease are key role players.

The human body has a high level of intelligence that our own rational brains don't understand.

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The Good And Bad Of Civilisation.

The problem with the modern world is that we forgot out animal nature. Before we got more advanced and moved into towns and cities we lived a lot closer to nature and were attuned with our natural instincts.

The power of our ancient bodies gets forgotten in the chaos of modern living filled with perfumes, pills, toxic food and pollution.

We have lost touch with our own bodies. The problem is its causing havoc and chaos with dating and relationships and people are unaware of what is going on.

Our smell is being confused and misled by body odors made by chemicals and other toxic influences like female birth control.

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Birth Control.

Female birth control totally messes up a women's ability to accurately identify someone she is attracted to.

Women can not accurately read or identify Pheromones when she is on birth control.

For example, a man and women meet while the woman is on birth control.

Everything is going great and then one day a year later she goes off birth control and suddenly she has no attraction for the man she is with.


What happened?

Well, she got her smell back and suddenly she wants nothing to do with the guy.

He is like a stranger to her.

Here is a short video on the Joe Rogan Podcast about the influence of birth control on women.

The discussion is with the author of “Sex At Dawn” Christopher Ryan.

Perfumes and Deodorants And The Way Men Smell

Perfume and deodorants have been part of modern culture since marketers made it must-have for everyone to “smell good”.

The problem is that we don't really understand what a big influence this industry has had in the creation of unhappy or incompatible relationships. 

Smell as we now know it is a very important part with attraction and especially in long term partners with the goal of having a baby.

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But What Does This Mean For Your Attractiveness?

It means if you want to have more success with women then you need to smell better.

But that doesn't just mean spraying yourself with deodorant. 

As I just pointed out that doesn't work.

You might fool a drunk girl late at night in a bar. But long term you can't fool the girl's nose.

So if you want to smell consistently good you need to take a holistic approach to not just smell attractive but actually be attractive.

The reality is that scents that attract women are your natural body odor.

But only healthy men produce smells that attract women.

So forget about perfume that attracts women and focus on becoming the most attractive scent to a woman by being healthy.

So we are not talking about other factors of attraction like success and purpose.

We are just talking about genes and physical health expressed by your smell.

How do we do this in terms of your physical body?

How do we smell good?

Well, we reverse engineer it. 

We go back to who you are as a man. 

We rebuild ourselves starting in our gut.

How To Make A Girl Want You By Being A Good Smelling Man 

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Gut Health

The gut is one of the most important parts of our body.

There is a reason why they say listen to your gut. 

Because the gut is a very important part of our health and a very important organ.

The gut has its own intelligence.

Why the gut? 

Well, the gut is filled with bacteria that play a big role in our immune system. 

How do we change bad gut bacteria and create good gut bacteria?

With the mind, we become what we think.

The body is the same.

The body will become what you feed it. 

So feed it high-quality natural food.

We start with eating real food. 

And we eat food that we evolved to eat.

So what food is that?

We are meat-eaters. 

We evolved to eat meat and lots of it.

That should be the foundation of your diet.

I'm not talking about processed meat.I'm talking about good quality organic beef, pork, sheep or wild meat.

You need those healthy fats in your gut. So don't cut off the fat, that is the best part.

Also, eat quality fish like Salmon. Salmon is loaded with Omega-3 Fatty Acids and it's just an all-round great source of protein.

Don't be fooled by the propaganda. The new science proves that natural healthy fats are good for us.

So meat should be eaten often and you can add other healthy fats like organic unsalted butter and coconut oil.

To give your stomach a boost of antioxidants eat what the bears eat…..

Berries and lots of it.

Blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries.

Berries are the healthiest fruit we can eat. And it's the only fruit I eat.

Eat a few spoons of Manuka Honey .

Add it to your protein powder after a workout a few times a week or put in your herbal Tea. 

Manuka is a very healthy type of honey filled with health benefits.

Drink a greens mix once a day.

I prefer Field of Greens by Brickhouse Nutrition.

Drink the African Herbal tea Rooibos to get your stomach in balance. Rooibos is loaded with antioxidants.

Drink loads of black coffee(no sugar or milk) to boost the antioxidant levels in your gut. You can add some organic unsalted butter in your coffee to give you more of a boost. Check out bulletproof coffee.

Stay hydrated in general and drink enough water.

Start Lifting Heavy

Start doing traditional compound exercises in the gym.

Compound exercises is the closest thing we have to the movements we did when we evolved as humans. 

A long time ago we were lifting rocks and logs and doing sprints to run away from wild animals.

Do those things that will boost your testosterone production and balance your hormones.

Lifting will do all those things and improve your overall health.

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Stop Spraying Yourself With Chemicals.

As mentioned earlier deodorant messes with our sense of smell.But even worse than that it messes with our hormones and are just bad for our health. 

Deodorants are proven to contain chemicals that mess with our hormones and affects our health.

Think about it! You take toxic chemicals and for years an put it on your body.

Since you were a teenager you sprayed this stuff directly into your skin. At what cost?

The problem in the west is that we sometimes mask problems but don't deal with the underlying cause of the problem.

For example, many people have diabetes. Why? Because they live a terrible lifestyle.

So we give them pills and they keep on living unhealthy.

Deodorant is the same. You smell bad so you mask the smell with chemicals.

You don't need deodorant. 

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You need to be healthy and you need to take care of your hygiene. 

Shower at least twice a day. 

When you get up in the morning and when you get home.

If you go to the gym that day it will be 3 showers.

Use only organic natural soaps that are boosting your natural odor and not masking it with some fake chemical smell.

I use a few soaps regularly.

My favorite soap for going out and meeting women is Tactical Soap by Grondyke Soap Company. It's soap designed to make you smell more attractive to women by using natural pheromones.

Tactical soaps are infused with proprietary bio-identical pheromone formula. It's high-quality soap that is not only good for your skin but makes you smell more attractive to women.

Another good Soap is African black soap that is also made from natural organic ingredients and will make you smell fresh and clean.

If you do martial arts or other forms of demanding sports then I recommend Defense soap to keep your skin healthy and infection-free right after you competed or had Jiujitsu class.

The idea is to keep your body chemistry healthy and in balance.

So get a healthy gut, lift heavy, and take care of your skin with good hygiene and natural products.

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If you want to improve your dating life and your life in general then take a holistic approach and you will get great results in all areas of your life.

Take action my friends.

Until next time…