It's time for another books every man should read blog post, this time best masculinity books.

Usually, a list of books every man should read for Masculinity is long and has similar books in them.

So I decided to make my list of best books for men in this category a bit different.

self confidence

Firstly, the list is short and includes books that are legendary. Secondly, I included a few relatively new and less well-known books that have a lot of value in them. 

If you are busy like me then you don't have hours every day to read, so getting the best books of a certain category is helpful so that you dont waste more time.

With that being said let get into my list of books every man should read, best Masculinity books:

mental toughness

Conquering the Impossible: My 12,000-Mile Journey Around the Arctic Circle – By Mike Horn.

Mike Horn is a Swiss/South African adventurer and has lived an insanely interesting life. 

The book is about how Mike set out on a mission that bordered on the impossible. 

His goal was to travel 12,000 miles around the globe at the Arctic Circle.

He would do this alone, against all prevailing winds and currents, and without motorized transportation. 

This is an incredible story about how the grueling 27-month expedition almost took his life several times. 

If you have ever thought you are having a tough day then read this book to redefine what tough means.

Conquering the Impossible

The Code. the Evaluation. the Protocols: Striving to Become an Eminently Qualified Human -By Jocko Willink.

Jocko Willink has written a few best-sellers but this book is probably his least well-known book. 

The former Navy Seal writes about his Protocols for becoming an Eminently qualified human. 

In short, this book is about standards, standards for everything you do in life, and how to prepare for whatever comes at you. 

This book is loaded with clear strategies and solutions to living life. If you enjoyed Extreme Ownership then you will enjoy this one.

The Code. the Evaluation. the Protocols

Rickson Gracie

Breathe: A Life in Flow -By Rickson Gracie, Peter Maguire.

The story of one of the greatest martial artists to ever walk the planet. 

Rickson Gracie is arguably the most well-known member of the legendary Gracie family. 

If you heard about Brazilian JiuJitsu then you probably heard about the Gracie family, Gracie Jiujitsu and Rickson Gracie.

This is the full story from the streets of Rio De Janeiro, fighting in Tokyo, and everything in between and after. 

You dont have to be a Jiujitsu practitioner to appreciate this book that is rich with stories of an incredible life lived by Rickson Gracie.

Breathe: A Life in Flow

The Way Of Men

The Way of Men -By Jack Donovan.

The Way of Men is a legendary book in men's communities. 

The author Jack Donovan goes back to basics and asks the quistion:

What is Masculinity? 

He answers this question by laying out the fundamental values of being a man.

There are many different opinions of what it means to be a man but Donavon takes it back to foundational values that form the core of masculinity. 

He does a great job of laying these fundamentals out in his book. 

Strength, mastery, Courage, and Honor: 

This is The Way Of Men.

The Way of Men

The Book of Five Rings

The Book of Five Rings: A Classic Text on the Japanese Way of the Sword -By Miyamoto Musashi.

The Book Of The Five Rings is probably the most famous martial arts text ever written.

In fact, he is probably the most famous Japanese Samurai ever to walk the earth, Miyamoto Musashi. 

The man mastered his craft of being the ultimate warrior and then went to a cave in his final days to write down his secrets and share them with the world. 

You dont have to be a sword fighter or martial artist to appreciate the genius in the philosophy and strategies shared in this book.

The Book of Five Rings

Special Forces

The One That Got Away: My SAS Mission Behind Enemy Lines – By Chris Ryan.

I have previously written about the book Bravo Two Zero written by Andy McNab when I published my best war books reading list.

The story was about the Special Air Service (British Special Forces) patrol that got compromised behind enemy lines in the first gulf war in Iraq. 

This book “The one that got away” is written by the one patrol member that managed to escape. His name is Chris Ryan(Real name Colin Armstrong) former member of 23 SAS.

Chris Ryan is also a fiction writer and has written extensively under his pseudonym Chris Ryan.

“The one that got away” is a great story of courage, determination,grit, and the will to live by a legendary SAS soldier.

The One That Got Away

King, Warrior, Magician, Lover

King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine – by Douglas Gillette and Robert L. Moore.

This book is one of the books that you will find on many reading lists and for good reason. 

This is a classic philosophical text on masculinity. 

This book was written by a psychologist that focuses on Jungian psychology. 

And this book is framed through the lens of Jungian archetypes. 

According to the author, masculinity is made up of 4 archetypal male energies . 

He is of the opinion that in order to become a complete man you should have a good balance between all 4 of these energies. 

The author explains how to develop these energies and make the best use of them.

King, Warrior, Magician, Lover

Alpha Mindset – A Guide For Men: How To Build Self-Confidence, Dream Big, Overcome Fear, And Build Better Relationships – By John Winters.

I couldn't make this list without including my own book Alpha Mindset.

Alpha mindset is a guide on how to develop a powerful Alpha Mindset and create the world that you really want through doing the work necessary for that goal. 

The key to getting what you want is by Mindset work and this is what most men miss when starting their life mission. 

This book will give you the tools to overcome adversity and excel in any environment.

Alpha Mindset – A Guide For Men

warrior mindset


So this has been my list of best books for men on masculinity.

Hope you enjoyed it and if you want to check out my other reading lists you can do so by going to the book category on my website.

Until next time.