For the last ten years, my mission has been simple:

Improve every aspect of myself.

I focus on educating myself, going to the gym, eat a lot of meat, drink a lot of green stuff and supplement to make sure my engine is as running well as it can.

I learned how to defend myself and how to create success.

This blog is not a safe space.

If you are easily offended then leave now.

This blog is for men who accept the hard reality of this planet and who want to talk straight up with no filters.

I started this blog to share with you what I have learned so far and what I continue to learn.

My focus is on Personal Development, Success and Studying other Winners and Success-Minded individuals so that we can reach our Full Potential.

So wherever you are right now in life, this blog will help you get up and take the first step towards getting whatever it is you want out of life.

We all need information, motivation, and inspiration to get us going and push us forward.

This blog will be a resource to become obsessed with your success and reaching your goals.

It's time to become obsessed and start living like a man who is not ashamed to give 150% for his survival and success in life.

The Masculine Mindset Blog Covers The Following Areas:

(1)Mindset – Your Mindset is where everything starts and will be the most important tool for you to Aggressively go after what you want.

(2)Fitness and Health – If your physical body is not running efficiently then you will be negatively affected in all other areas.

(3)Making Money – It's your responsibility to handle this part of your life.People don't like talking about it, but having money is a good thing and puts you in a position to have freedom and make an impact on the planet.

(4)Self Defense and Survival – Being able to protect yourself and the people you care about is an important part of being a man.

(5)Dating and Relationships– Being successful with women and relationships is important, and it's a skill that you can master if its something that doesn't come naturally for you.In the modern world, things are more tricky than it was 800 years ago in a village, but the underlying attraction switches remain the same.

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