I get a lot of emails from guys asking me about dating beautiful women.

They ask me about the best ways to approach beautiful women.

They ask me about dating models.

Or they ask me how beautiful women in certain countries are different from others.

They also ask me about the mistakes men make with beautiful women.

So I thought I just make a universal list of things that hold guys back from having success with beautiful women in any country.

Sure there are some cultural differences in countries. But when it comes to very beautiful women there are my similarities.

In this article, I will sometimes refer to beautiful women as 10's.

So don't get confused if you hear the number 10.

A 10 is a very beautiful woman and a 1 is the exact opposite.

So let's start!

Dating beautiful women and 9 reasons why they ignore you:

(1)You Don't Understand Her World.

You come into her world like a naive fool.

She exists in a different reality than most women.

In fact, she has lived in a different world since she was a girl.

With the rise of online dating many average and below-average women have been bombarded by messages from desperate men.

This has given these women the delusional impression that they are very attractive.

The reality is that these women have been bombarded by desperate men jerking off at home.

These men send hundreds of messages to women a day with the hope of getting lucky.

These men have no shot with most women in real life so they just sent out as many massages as they can with the hope of getting lucky.

With the result that many of these women's ego gets inflated by a false reality.

They start thinking that most men find them attractive.

But when it comes to beautiful women the reality is very real.She knows she is a high value woman.

There is nothing delusional about her own awareness of her attractiveness.

She knows she is very beautiful and she is right.

She is very aware of the power this gives her.

She is also online.

And she literally gets thousands of messages every day in her inbox from the few dating apps she has time for.

All the very beautiful women that I know and have dated tell me the same thing:

They have no time to check all the message they get. So they randomly open messages when they do have time.

In her physical world that is not online, she experiences the same amount of attention.

Although in the real world the millions of desperate men don't have the balls to even approach her or even say a word.

Of the thousands of men that are left at least some have the balls to approach her.

But their incompetence and lack of self-awareness expose them as average desperate chumps.

When a 10 walk into a room she is immediately treated differently.

She has always been treated differently.

Since she was a girl her beauty has put most men in a trance and she has learned how to use this power to get what she wants.

Her appearance has made her the center of attention her whole life.

And with this experience came a radar for men.

She can sum you up even before you reach her location.

She has already summed you up before you opened your mouth.

And mostly it's just a confirmation for her when you do open your mouth.

She has learned the nuances of body language and her bullshit meter is as sensitive as a lioness.

She is a queen in her world.

She never stands in line for anything.

She walks into clubs, restaurants and bars.

She gets discounts when she goes shopping and she has very little experience of people being rude to her.

She lives in a reality that most women and men don't even begin to understand.

Her beauty is a superpower.

Her world is not all pleasure.

She knows her beauty must be maintained.

So she spends hours in the gym and in beauty salons.

She makes sure her diet is on point and takes care of her skin.

She knows what she has and she plans to hold that power as long as she can.

The problem is most men don't even think about this reality and therefore don't understand what they are getting into.

(2)You Don't See Yourself As Good Enough.

As mentioned previously, a 10 has a bullshit meter that is extremely sensitive.

She can read your body language and make an assessment of who you are in a second.

Women are a lot more intuitive than men.

It's in their DNA to read body language and evaluate men.

A woman of her caliber has it down to a science.

She has so much experience with men that she is almost always right.

The good news is this is something that is in your control.

The bad news is she will expose you and rip you apart if you don't deal with it.

If your confidence is not her level or higher then you are going to crash and burn.

You need to believe that you are in her league or better.

If you don't take care of your self-esteem then you will end up in one place only.

And that is the no fucking section.

rational male

(3)You Are Too Needy.

Neediness links up with the previous point.

It all is connected to your self-esteem.

You need to get control of your mindset and the way you see the world and the universe.

Then you need to evaluate your view of the universe and start living a reality that is powerful.

If you have thoughts in your mind like the following then you are going down:

“If she rejects me it's the end of the world”

“She is the only one for me”

“I can't stop thinking about her “

“She is special”

Or any thought that makes you needy in any way ….then you are done.

Again this is a way you walk through the world.

This isn't just about women.

Its a way you see yourself and your own value.

If your self worth is low then you will get exposed.

You need to start seeing yourself as a high-value man.

If you don't then you are done before you even open your mouth.

(4)You Put Her On a Pedestal.

A mistake many men make is putting a woman on a pedestal.

They agree with everything she has to say.

They have no problem with any of her actions.

In fact, they will even reward her if she acts badly.

In their eyes, she can do no wrong.

She can even embarrass him and walk all over him and he will still think she is his princess who can do no wrong.

If you lose your balls then you will lose her.

Simple as that.

(5)You Are Boring.

If you have no personality, humor or character then you should just pack it up now and call it a day.

If you are a boring person then you have 2 choices:

Improve or give up trying to date high-class women.

If you are not willing to become a better human in the hopes of becoming a more high-value man then you can give up now.

I mentioned earlier women are guided by her feelings.

Beautiful women, like any other woman love to feel good.

Women are hard-wired to follow their feelings and emotions.

If you don't evoke any emotion and feelings in her that excites her then you are going to be rejected.

She has to deal with hundreds of men approaching her and messaging her every day.

Why should she deal with a man that is boring and makes her feel nothing?

If you don't know about emotional intelligence then I suggest you start learning.

Or don't and never date beautiful women or never get a girlfriend.

(6)She Senses Your Lack Of Confidence.

If you don't believe it then she won't believe it.

If you don't believe in yourself then she will not believe in you.

If you have low confidence she will expose you before you even open your mouth.

If you have average confidence she will expose you when you start talking to her.

And if you have similar confidence than her she will test you.

But if you have more confidence than her she will find you interesting.

Again the good news is this is in your control.

The bad news is that if your confidence is low then it will take some hard work to improve to get to her level.

(7)You Don't Offer Enough Value.

There are a lot of bullshit artists and charlatans selling the idea that you can be a bum with a good personality and you can get the 10.

This is bullshit.

OK sure, you might be able to fake it if you are a good bullshit artist and you have high social intelligence.

But that type of bullshit never lasts and will get exposed in a day or 2.

You can't fake your life.

But let's get back to reality.

She is a high-class woman.

1000's of men wants to sleep with her and be her boyfriend or husband.

She can choose anybody.

Ask yourself this:

With all these options.

Why should she choose you?

Let's say you do have a nice personality, but you dont have a job,career, business or resources.

What value are you bringing into her life?

Remember women are hardwired to go where resources are.

Don't fool yourself into a reality where you think those things don't matter.

I'm not saying this is all that matters.

And I'm not saying you have to be a millionaire or billionaire.

But if you don't have a mission in life and don't have any resources.

Then finding women of high class is going to be hard.

But let me make it clear.

Money is not everything and it won't make you get the girl.

It's just part of the overall value you provide as a man.

But money and resources do make it a lot easier.

But being an asshole with money will get you nowhere.

I know plenty of guys with lots of money who can't get any women.

She might use the guy for a night or 2 but that's it.

So its all about balance.

Be a high-value man with resources.

In other words. Get your inner game(self-esteem, confidence) and life in order.

Then at the same time make sure your mission(money, job, business, career) is on point.

Be in control of your life and she might let you control her.

(8)You Try To Use Logic To Get Her To Like You.

Most men have how to talk to a beautiful woman and when they do talk to them they screw it up with too much logic.They have no idea what women want.

If you think you are going to persuade women with logic to be attracted to you, then you will also end in the no fucking section.

Most women won't fall for this.

But a 10 won't even give you the time of day to try it.

If you have a lot of money or resources she might use you for a week or 2 and then dump you.

But if you think logic will get you women like this then you are in the wrong game.

If you don't know how to spark a women's emotions then you will lose.

Attraction is not a choice!

There is no logic involved.


If she doesn't feel it then you can forget it.

Women are hard-wired to be led by their feelings.

Logic is something that males are more guided by.

(9)You Start Acting Like an Idiot In Her Presence.

One of the most common mistakes men make with beautiful women is that they start acting weird in general.

They just start acting totally different than how they usually act.

The problem with this is it comes across as fake and women of her class will immediately pick up on it and expose you as a bullshit artist.

For a lot of men its overwhelming being in the presence of women as beautiful as a 10.

So their automatic response is becoming an anxious idiot that starts to ramble and try too hard to impress her.

The first thing is to just stop.

Start breathing and get your balls back.

If you are someone that becomes an idiot with beautiful women then just stop and get your shit together.


Very beautiful women are a different species.

Most men have problems dating exceptionally beautiful women.

Most of these problems are not about women.

Most of those problems are about those men and not the women.

The only thing beautiful women do brilliantly is to expose the weaknesses in men.

They will test you.

The question is this:

Will you be ready?

Become independent, interesting, fun and resourceful, and you can get any women you want.

In other words, build a masculine mindset.