One of the big ideas of is for every man to constantly be improving himself.

This concept is not a new one.

The idea was once popular in the time of the Renaissance in Italy.

The idea of becoming a renaissance man was an ideal.

This idea had a simple underlying rule: A man could do all things he put his mind to.

This ideal had a philosophy that viewed man as the center of the universe.

The key to this philosophy was the idea that man was limitless in his capacities for development.

Therefore they argued that men should embrace all knowledge and that he should develop himself as fully as possible.

This meant that in that time of the Renaissance the great men had a wide range of knowledge.

They were not specialists but rather knowledgeable about a range of different fields.

The most famous renaissance man was Leonardo Da Vinci.

He was not just a skilled artist but also accomplished in music, science, writing, and inventing.

I get it!

We dont have the time to learn everything.

That is impossible.

Instead in our modern world, the idea of the renaissance man can be used to form the best version of ourselves.

We choose what that version is and how the different parts form a whole.

Every man will form a different version based on his unique strengths, weaknesses, and interests.

The key to becoming a modern remanence man is to become very skilful in the areas that really interest you and then becoming competent and other important fields in which you lack knowledge.

How To Become A Renaissance Man:The main broad areas to be competent in are the following:


(1)The Body.

Not everyone enjoys staying physically fit but it's the foundation of your life.

If your body is in top shape then everything else you do become easier.

Joe Rogan is a good example of a modern renaissance man.

He is someone that worked hard on staying physically fit and healthy.

But at the same time he is skilled in arts(comedy), has great social skills and is a good martial artist, hunter and is knowledgeable in a wide range of topics.

For you to become a modern renaissance man your body is the first thing to master by embracing self-discipline and making it part of your life.

what is a renaissance man


As mentioned before we can't master everything in modern life.

However, we can develop a broad range of knowledge and insight.

The best way to do this is to make a list of the most important books in a wide range of areas and start reading them.

Open your mind and read books on topics that you are not comfortable with.

Also, read books that challenge your world view and makes you look at the world in a different way.

Being knowledgeable in a wide range of topics will improve your career or job, but not only that it will make you a more interesting person who is able to give smart options and insights in different situations for example going on a date or in a board room meeting.

Remember that everything is connected and the more you read you will see the invisible string that connects everything in this universe.


(3) Arts.

Developing as an artist is a great way to express the deeper parts of you in a creative way.

If you are not interested in painting, sculpture or architecture then learn how to tango or salsa dance and express yourself in that way.

We all have a unique way of expression.

Find a way to develop that part of you even if you find a lot of resistance within yourself.

A lot of men dont see themselves as “artists” but we all have the ability to live this life as arts and create whatever we want.

So with that in mind find a way to creatively express yourself.

modern renaissance man


Just “being yourself” is a hoax.

We all have a choice to become whoever we want to be.

And we have the responsibility as men to develop our emotional and social intelligence as best we can.

Human primates are a very social species.

Human beings need social interaction, connections, and relationships.

This is a part of human development that most people unfortunetly never develop.

They have a fixed mindset and think their social self is what it is and can't be changed.

This is not true.

You can develop and improve.

When you develop your social self your relationship will improve both personally and professionally.

You will become a better leader and someone people will be comfortable confiding in.

Developing your social self will give you more influence in your community, city, country, and even the world.

If you dont know where to start then read books about body language, emotional intelligence, social intelligence, dating, negotiating, marketing, and psychology.

way of the superior man


The goal here is not to be a perfect human but rather a very competent human.

Somone that adds value to everyone wherever he is.

Become a valuable man who transforms the world he lives in.

Be the type of man that seeks wisdom and knowledge as a way of life.

And by doing that you become a man that is admired.

You become a man of high value.