So you want to start winning in life because you are tired of losing?

And you clicked on the title because you think it might help you start winning in life.

The truth is that you can start winning right now right here in this moment by making a choice.

A choice to change your life.

A choice to win.

Make no mistake it's a conscious choice.

Winning in life is a conscious choice.

People sometimes think that mindset is bullshit.

They think its something people talk about.

They think its some shit that makes people feel better about themselves.

The truth is that there is nothing more important than your mindset.

Your mindset will make or break you in this life or the next.

When it comes to winning and success there is a starting point that is not negotiable.

That starting point is the decision to win.

You just stop whatever you are doing.

You go sit down and take a deep breath, you then decide.

You decide that you will win in this life.

You make that choice.

That is it.

What follows is you taking the actions needed to get the results no matter what.

Start approaching life like a professional football team.

Start analyzing your psychology, your habits, your actions, your diet, your job, your lack of a job, your business or lack of a business, and everything else in your life.

Winning does not come automatically.

You made the decision and now the hard work starts.

Figure out your mission to start winning in life

What will be your platform for winning?

Will, you start a business or become part of a business?

Will you do some kind of professional job like a doctor or engineer?

Whatever it is your mission must be based on the objective of being financially independent.

Your mission must include getting rich.

Doesn't matter what your mission is, you need money and lots of it.

To live life on your terms you need financial stability and freedom.

Your mindset is key.

You need to create an environment in your life that is focused on your mission.

Everything must be aligned with your decision to win.

This means building systems and structures in your life.

These structures must include:


I have already covered mindset, but I will put it down on this list as number one.

This should be your priority.

Everything else will follow if you get this right.

Make your starting point a decision that you will start winning.

You will find a way.

You will find any excuse to win and keep on winning.

It must become a habit to win.

Your way of thinking must be observed and improved.

What you think you become.


Create an environment in your life that is aligned with your vision and goals.

Cut out people holding you back and all negative influences.

Read, learn, listen and keep improving yourself.

Turn yourself into a learning machine.

You have to turn your mental and physical environment into a winning environment.

What you read and listen to you become.

(3)Your body

Your body is your vehicle to get the most out of your time here on the planet.

The stronger and healthier you are the better your time here on this planet will be.

Consistently exercising and eating healthy will fuel you to go above and beyond to reach your goals.

The more you exercise the better you feel.

(4)Your Fuel

You need to fuel your body with healthy food.

You don't need anything fancy or complex.

Just eat stuff that comes from an animal or from the ground.

All you need is meat, vegetables, rice, butter, and some whey protein.

That's it.

To spice, it up to get some high-quality supplements.

Like I said before not all supplements are equal so get rid of your multivitamins and invest in your body.


Things will happen in your business, job or career.

The thing will not always go as planned.

That's OK and should be expected.

The important thing is to be flexible.

Darwin famously said the species that survive are the ones that are the most adaptable.

So adapt to your circumstances and environment.

Make it work, find a way to win.


Whatever it is you are doing, every action you take in your business, fitness, relationships or anything else, be consistent.

Consistency is one of the biggest deciding factors of winning and losing.

Being consistent is key.

Be consistent with the right things.

If you are doing stupid things consistently then stop.

Make smart moves and do them consistently.

(7)Be Relentless

Become an absolute pest.

Never give up, keep on moving forward.

Become that guy that when everyone thinks you are done you get up again.

Keep on pounding that punching bag and don't stop.

Become absolutely relentless with your mission.

Don't let anything stop you.

If a wall appears in front of you then make a hole and build a door.

Whatever happens keep going.

If you can't walk then crawl.

If you can't crawl then pay someone to carry you, but keep going.


People will try and stop you when you decide to change your ways and start winning.

They will ask you why you are “different”?

Tell them the truth.

Tell them you look different because you are different.

When you make the decision to win you will be different.

You made a line in the sand and you made a mindset shift.

You have changed, its called personal development.

If you want to develop yourself start with your mindset.

If you want to win then build your mindset on a foundation of a decision to win.