Today we are talking about the best men's testosterone booster lifestyle.

Because lifestyle is key for high testosterone in men. But before we get there let's start at the beginning:

What lowers testosterone? Good question!

Signs of low testosterone levels in men are everywhere to be seen.

For the unobservant and the untrained eye, it will be hard to spot.

But for myself, the problem has been clear for years and it's getting worse every year.

You see everything is connected.

People look at the surface and only see the symptoms of a deeper problem.

They see out-of-control women.

They see weak out-of-control men simping.

They see emotional outbursts.

They see porn addiction.

They see drug addiction.

They see broken marriages and relationships.

They see broken families.

They see a giant spike in crime.

They see depression.

They see obesity.

They see chaos.

But what do I see?

I see men with no code.

I see men with no leaders.

I men with no pride.

I see men with no integrity.

I see men with no loyalty.

I see men with no purpose.

You see, everything starts with men.

Men create societies.

They lead and women follow.

If you allow societies to exist with no guidance, strength, and leadership then someone will fill that vacuum.

And what has happened is women and simps has taken that leadership position.

And the result is the chaos you see today.

But then you ask why?

There are many reasons why western society in particular is collapsing.

But I want to focus on the root of weak men.

The thing under the surface.

The thing you cant see.

It's something deep in men that is missing.

The thing that is missing is high testosterone levels.

But what causes low testosterone in men?

Well, the reality is that we have a pandemic of low testosterone levels.

This decrease in testosterone levels has been intentional but those reasons are not the focus of this article.

The focus is to make you aware of the problem.

And the problem is low and steadily decreasing levels of testosterone among men of all ages.

Most men are unaware that this is happening to them.

They feel weak, depressed, and pathetic and they dont know why.

Testosterone is such an important part of men that it can't be overstated.

The reality is that it's probably the most powerful hormone that exists.

Testosterone has build towns, cities, countries, and empires.

It's a king taker and kingmaker.

It created the greatest machines, tallest buildings and has put men on the moon.

It has driven men to protect their families, their neighborhoods, their towns, and their countries.

At a more personal level, it is what keeps men powerful, healthy, and driven. It's a big part of what makes you a man.

How Did We Get Here?

Again, I'm not going to go into the politics of this.

I'm also going to avoid obvious uncontrollable medical reasons like chemotherapy and other serious diseases that cause low testosterone.

I'm going to tell you the reality on the ground for the average man.

Why are men's testosterone levels so low?

The Big Connection

You must realize that everything is connected in life.

If you change one aspect of your life then influences all other aspects.

This is what most men miss about health and living as a high-performing individuals.

They miss that everything you do matters.

People ask me “What are the basics?”

I usually tell them everything is the basics to really bring home the point that even their small actions can have big impacts over time.

In the modern world, we get exposed to more technology and more and more consumer products.

We buy new phones, new deodorants, new foods, and many other products that we use but do not properly understand.

Most people don't even read the small print on the labels of products.

And the problem is we dont know what the long-term effects of all these products will be on our health.

Most people have never even given this part any real thought.

And in terms of testosterone, the influence of our modern lifestyle on our general health has been massive.

It's an all-out attack on our endocrine system and testosterone production.

And within this reality is something I have talked about a lot on, our old friend cause and effect.

Cause and effect play a massive role in everything everyone does.

Most people are unaware of the immense power of this mostly unseen force.

In terms of testosterone, and health the impact is huge.

For example, you buy a new shaving foam and you start using it at age 18.

What you don't know is that there are harmful chemicals in that shaving foam.

Now you might think, well I only shave once a day and don't shave on weekends.

That might be true, but this is where the power of cause and effect comes in.

Think of cause and effect as a small hammer being hit on a concrete floor.

The fist hit of the small hammer on the concrete floor shows no damage.

The first ten shots also show nothing.

But then after 50 strikes on the same spot a small crack appears and then after another 100 strikes the crack breaks open.

So ask yourself this about the example I just mentioned: What will the effect of this fictional shaving foam be in 10 or 20 years?

Now, this is a simple example, but you get the point.

Small actions over time have an effect, whether you are aware of it or not.

And this is why a lot of people feel “surprised” when they suddenly have an illness and dont understand where it comes from.

These people are unaware of their own actions over time.

They are unconscious of the powerful role of cause and effect over time.

I'm not telling you all these things to scare you, I'm telling you this to make you aware of your own actions.

And I'm telling you to make better choices so you can have better health and avoid disease.

And most importantly in the context of this article, you can boost your testosterone and live an incredible life.

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If you think you have problems with testosterone or just want to increase your testosterone and health then understand this:

You can't just change one thing, you have to change your lifestyle.

To live at your optimal level and live as a high-performing man at all levels then you must build a healthy masculine lifestyle.

This lifestyle must be holistic in nature.

That means you will improve and strengthen all aspects of your health including testosterone production.

I've made the point many times before, that people fail with diets and lifestyle changes because they only dabble with change. They do not commit to long-term lifestyle changes.

For example, they go on a diet but they dont fully commit.

They settle to go on a type of fad diet, for example, “30 days to lose all your fat diet”.

So they decide to commit to the diet but they think when the diet is over they can go back to the way things were before.

So the ones that actually start a diet and push through always end up at the same place as they started because as soon as the 30 days are over they go back to “normal” and unfortunetly “normal” is usually terrible for your health.

And when it comes to increasing your testosterone it's the same.

You must commit to a new lifestyle in order to get what you want.

And yes, you don't have to be perfect because if you have a lifestyle that is built on strong health principles then ” mistakes” and “days off” are allowed and won't make a big difference if you maintain your lifestyle.

So if you want to see long-term change and allround positive results then commit to a healthy lifestyle and get the results that you want.

Lifestyle is the biggest cause of low testosterone in men.

And yes lifestyle is a broad term and I will get to more specifics, but before I do let's just look a bit closer at lifestyle.

Lifestyle is an underestimated term.

The power of a person's lifestyle is often overlooked.

See, I have previously talked about why things like diets fail.

They fail because they are temporary.

And the reality of any change is that it must be holistic in nature or you won't get any long-term results.

You can't just change one thing and expect everything to fall into place.

You need to make holistic changes to your lifestyle.

Lifestyle is permanent if you live in a culture of discipline.

If you are living in a culture of chaos (that most people live in) you see low testosterone and low levels of success.

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What lowers testosterone?

  • Estrogen in Food

In other words, food is loaded with soy and other estrogen-forming substances.

And you get “healthier” food like Soy milk, dried fruit, sesame seeds, garlic, peaches, tofu.

But these “pure” forms of estrogen are ironically not the worst.

If you have a bit of knowledge you would at least know you are consuming food loaded with estrogen-forming compounds.

The worst forms of estrogen are found in foods where soy specificly is used as a filler in fast food and other procced food like cereals and candies.

Another big one is beer.

Beer is loaded with estrogen-forming chemicals called phytoestrogen and prolactin.

That is why men who drink a lot of beer get the soft-looking dad body.

Low testosterone weight gain is very common in the modern world we live in.

  • Personal Care Products

Things like normal soaps, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, creams, etc are full of harmful chemicals.

Of course, you get healthy options, but you won't find these in your normal supermarket, you have to order them online.

  • Environmental Factors

Big cities with lots of pollution, mold in old apartments, tap water, bottled water in plastic bottles, and pesticides.

  • Obesity/Being Fat

If you are obese, fat, or overweight then your testosterone levels will be drastically reduced.

But not only that, you are generally unhealthy if you fall into this category.

Being fat is not cool, if you fall in this category then it's time to change.

  • Other Lifestyle Factors

Smoking, alcohol consumption, drugs, etc.

  • Stress

If you are stressed out constantly and feeling depressed then you are damaging your testosterone production.

What Are The Symptoms Of Low Testosterone?

Ok, so now you know where to look for dangers that might influence your testosterone levels.

But how do you know if you are already suffering from low testosterone?

How do you know you are a Soyboy without knowing it.

What are the signs of low testosterone?

Let's take a look at some signs or symptoms that your testosterone levels are low?

  • Low Sex Drive

Let's kick off with the big one.

Low sex drive.

If you are not particularly excited by the sight of beautiful feminine women then you might have a problem.

If you are not feeling anything for your girlfriend or wife then you might have a problem.

If you are interested in your partner but you can't get it up, in other words, erectile dysfunction. Then you might have a problem.

Also don't underestimate low male testosterone in male fertility levels.Fertility is massively influenced by your testosterone levels.

  • Acne

If you have skin problems that don't seem to go away then your low testosterone levels might be the reason.

Oily skin in particular is a good indication of a testosterone problem.

  • Man boobs

Yes, the classic, soft, hanging man boobs.

There are few things that look as bad on a man as man boobs.

It's like wearing the crown in the world of the Soyboys.

If this is you then a big alarm should be going off in your mind right now.

  • Smaller Balls

Yes, you heard me right.

Smaller nuts.

Smaller balls.

Smaller testicles.

Studies have found that men with lower testosterone have smaller balls.

Time to get your nuts in order.

  • Ankle Swelling

Ankle swelling and weakness is another big symptom of low testosterone levels.

Fluid usually builds up around the ankles.

  • Lower Amounts Of Semen When Ejaculating

If the tank seems empty when you try and use the hose then you might have some plumbing issues that are caused by low testosterone.

Get it fixed!

  • Sleeping Problems

If you have difficulty sleeping then it can be linked to your testosterone. Keep in mind there could be other causes but this is something to keep in mind.

  • Low Energy

When you are high testosterone your body is ready to fire and drive towards your goals.

The opposite happens when you are low in testosterone.

You feel tired and weak.

  • Emotional Mood Swings

If you act like a woman with constant mood swings and being emotional all the time then you might be a soyboy.

Being overly emotional is connected to estrogen and the feminine.

So if you feel weak and emotional then you might be moving into low testosterone levels.

  • Depression

If you are feeling depressed for no apparent reason and you dont have a history of depression then you could have a testosterone issue

It is very strange that we are living in the most technological and scientific advanced time in history and it seems like most people seem more unhappy than ever before.

Statistics show that we now have the highest levels of depression ever before in history.

I think a lot of people have simple lifestyle problems and choose the easy way out by taking an antidepression medication because that is the easy way out.

I get it, some people are depressed because of chemical imbalances, but that being said lifestyle in my opinion is still one of the biggest factors in modern depression.

Some of those lifestyle factors leads to low testosterone, which leads to depression in men.

Lifestyle Foundation

Ok, so we covered the basics. about what causes low testosterone and the symptoms to look for in your life.

But how do we fix the problem?

Well, there are two options, but both have to be built upon a healthy lifestyle.

This is non-negotiable.

So let's look at what this lifestyle is:

The Best Men's Testosterone Booster Lifestyle Foundation: 

  • Nutrition

The fuel you put into your body is key.

I'm not going to bore you with details, since this topic of nutrition has been covered before on this blog.

But the approach is simple, eat clean.

In other words, avoid processed food and fast foods.

Stick to the basics:

So stick with meat(Elk, Lamb, Beef), some veggies, fruits like berries, eggs, healthy fats like unsalted butter, avos, coconut oil, etc.

Drink loads of water, black coffee, and Rooibos tea.

If you can hunt your own meat then great, put it in the freezer and you are good for months.

If you cant hunt your own meat then try and get organic or just do as good as you can.

Just avoid processed and you are better than most.

  • Lift Weights

Lifting is another non-negotiable.

You need to do compound exercises that mimic our ancient hunter-gatherer lifestyle so you can start pumping testosterone through your veins again.

So your staples will be deadlifts, bench presses, shoulder presses, etc.

  • Cardio

Do a combination of long and short cardio for general health.

In terms of boosting your testosterone, you must focus on sprints.

Sprints will give you that intensity needed to spike your testosterone levels.

  • Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing is a term popularized in Japan.

People in Japan go into the forest to absorb the energy that exists in forests.

High oxygen and breathing in the pure energy and silence that a forest provides are great to calm the mind and rejuvenate your spirit.

If you live in a city and not close to a forest then go to a park and relax.

You need to spend time in nature.

If you live in the countryside then you are good. Go for a walk.

  • Meditate+Breath.

I mention meditating and breathing just to focus on the importance of your breath for general physical and mental health.

Traditional Japanese Zen mediation is focused on your breathing.

So if you are doing other forms of meditation then try and include a box breathing session twice a week.

I talk about box breathing in my book Self-discipline if you want to learn more.

These simple foundational steps will help you reduce your body fat and heal other physical and mental weaknesses.

The key for this lifestyle to work is discipline and consistency.

Two Direct Options To Boost Testosterone:

But now let's look at 2 specific things to do to boost your testosterone.

The first one is something you must make part of your lifestyle.

  • Supplements for low testosterone levels.


Testogen is a great natural testosterone booster.

It has a lineup of natural testosterone boosting ingredients including the following:

  • D-aspartic acid
  • Fenugreek
  • Vitamin D 3
  • Korean Red Ginseng
  • Boron
  • Nettle Leaf
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamen B6
  • Vitamin K 1
  • Bioperine
  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

If you feel like natural options are not working for you then you can go to your local men's clinic and ask your doctor for Testosterone replacement therapy.

This is an option I haven't personally considered since my testosterone levels are still high.

However, I know a few guys in their late 30's,40's and older who have done it and have gotten great results.

I also know a few younger guys that had medical issues that influenced their testosterone levels and had great results with testosterone replacement therapy.

So talk to your local medical professional if this is an option you want to consider.


Ok, so you now have options to go out there and raise your testosterone levels.

Keep in mind that no supplement or therapy is going to replace doing the work.

You can have the best supplement in the universe, but if you dont build a healthy foundation in your life then you will not get results.

Like I mentioned earlier, you need to take a holistic approach to health and reach your full potential.I know this article is not the testosterone bible but its the core knowledge you need to transform your health.So take action.

So stay disciplined and focused and you will get results.

Until next time…

(Always consult your medical professional if you are trying a new supplement, therapy, or exercise program)