Imagine for a moment that someone puts a listening device in your brain.

That person would be able to hear everything you think and say.

But more specifically the listener would probably be shocked about the way you talk.

Yes, the way you talk.

The way you talk to yourself.

We all use self talk.

We have inner dialogs.

We sometimes do this consciously and many times unconsciously.

We dont even notice we are doing it.

We allow this constant stream of negativity in our minds.

And this negativity comes from you.

Most people's self talk are negative.

Self Talk – Thre Basics

self talk

The Good Guy And The Tyrant.

We all have two parts in us.

Let's call it the good guy and the tyrant.

The good guy usually gets kicked to the curb.

And the out-of-control tyrant is the one that runs the show.

He is the one that is constantly reminding you that you are a piece of shit.

Constantly reminding you that you are not good enough.

The power of this voice varies from person to person.

For some, it's a light voice that is under control.

But for most, it's the dominant voice.

That voice always comes at them hard.

It comes hard when something isn't going according to the insane standards that this tyrant lives by.

And it doesn't just call you out on the mistakes you make right now.

Oh no! That's too easy.

self confidence

Your Past

It goes back in time.

Back in history and digs up all the shit you have ever done in your life.

Riding you like a Mule.

Reminding you of that time you screwed up in an important exam.

Reminding you of that time when you made the wrong choice of girlfriend.

Reminding you of all those times women rejected you.

Reminding you of all those times you didn't reach your goals.

Reminding you of those times where you didn't follow through on that business idea.

Reminding you of not having confidence.

Reminding you of the time you said something stupid in a meeting.

Reminding of a time when your teacher told you that you would never make it.

Reminding you of that time when the school bully kicked your ass.

Reminding you of that time when you wasted all your money on a car you didn't need.

Reminding you of that time when the whole Elementary School class laughed at you for saying something dumb.

Whatever the remainder is from this tyrant it's usually with the underlying theme that you are a loser, piece of shit, or a wannabe.

It's not something positive.

The tyrant loves negative self talk.


Inner Dialogs 

It's those inner dialogs.

For example:

“Why the f*ck did you do that?

“You are so stupid!”

“Why didn't you follow through you idiot?

“Forget about that girl you fool!”

The bottom line is the dialog theme is always bad.

It's just negativity aimed at you.

And when you point this out to people they deny it.

Or they take a while until they notice the way they talk to themselves.

When they do notice it they are shocked in the way they talk to themselves.

That conversation in the mirror, in the car, or when they lie in bed.

Inner dialogs are real.

Self talk is real.

We all talk to ourselves.

The problem is not the conversations we have with ourselves.

It's the way we talk to ourselves.

And the part of ourselves that we allow being in control.

It's no wonder that peole walk around with low self-confidence and low self-esteem.

Yes, we all have a past.

But we hold on to it because we constantly remind ourselves of our past.

So it becomes part of our identity.

It becomes who we are.

And if that is the case you will find it very hard to live with confidence and build success.

How Do We Stop ?

So how do we stop it?

How do we end this destructive habit?

Well, we dont end self-talk.

But we kick out the tyrant.

Now we give the microphone to the good guy.

That part of you that wants to get better, that wants to grow that and wants to win.

We then consciously take control of the dialogue we allow in our minds.

If the tyrant comes back now and then to give his opinion we kick him out.

You are now in control of your self-talk.

Start by going to a mirror and start talking to yourself in the way you talk to someone you love.Start with positive self talk statements.

Tell that person in the mirror that it's ok.

Tell that person in the mirror that you got his back, tell that person in the mirror that he is fucking awesome.

Tell that person in the mirror that you forgive him for everything that happened in the past.

Tell that person in the mirror that things are about to change.

Tell that person in the mirror that the tyrant has been kicked out.

And that a new mental environment is being created as we speak.

Tell that person in the mirror that the whole environment is about to change.

self care

Mind Transformation: Mental Culture Of Positive Self talk Statements

It's not only the Tyrant that is gone.

Your whole mental environment is about to transform.

That means cutting out negative influences like fake friends and people who bring you down.

That means stop watching TV programs and movies that are toxic.

That means you stop eating junk food that fucks with your hormones and influences your mental state.

Everything is about to change.

Sounds extreme?

Well, you need to become extreme to change a toxic mental environment.

Positive self talk statements should be your mental culture.

what is self talk


Kicking out the tyrant is only the beginning.

You will need to constantly work on your mind.

Manage it.

Guard it like the most important thing in the world.

Because it is the most important thing in your world.

Your mind is like a sponge and until you clean that sponge you will find it hard to build real momentum in your life.

A lot of people look for answers outside themselves and fail.

Turn the camera on yourself and you will find what you are looking for.

Take control of your self talk.

Until next time.