So you got it all figured out? That's what I used to think.

I thought I was the shit. Learn new things? ME? Bullshit!

Read Books? I have important things to do, no time for that.

Self Help? Who me? That is for losers!

The Story Of My Fake Modesty.

I used to be the guy with the fake modesty.

The guy who would always be too busy for the public speaking course.

Or the guy too busy to read the book my friend was offering me.

I would say things like “Its so kind of you to offer, but I'm OK.”

I thought I knew it all.

Truth is this fake modesty was just arrogance.

An arrogance that is widespread in society.

That arrogance that says:

“I don't need to learn I got a university degree,I'm a smart guy.”

“I don't need to improve myself.”

“I don't need that stuff that you need. “

“I got it covered.”

“I don't need help.”

“Self Help is for losers.”

The Reality.

Problem was I was stuck.

Even with all the arrogance I knew deep down I was stuck.

I wasn't going anywhere in my life.

I was stuck in a dead end job.

A job that I hated.

I was working to eat.

Working to pay the bills.

Working to get to the weekend.

Working because that's what people do.

But I was miserable.

I didn't get it.

I mean there I was this smart guy seeing other people moving past me.

How was this possible?

“I'm smarter than those guys.”

“What the fuck is going on?”

The Answer.

It took me a long time to figure it out, but I finally got the answer.

The problem was me.

I was my own biggest enemy.

I was the one causing it all.

I was the one holding me back.

I was the one causing my depression.

I was the one responsible for every single problem in my life.

It wasn't until I stopped and realized I needed help that things started to change.

moving forward

How I started To Unfuck Myself

I Knew Nothing

At the time, I thought I was smart and educated.

I had a degree and read a few novels at university.

But the truth was I was uneducated.

I was indoctrinated to fit into a system that was teaching me how to be a good little cog in the machine.

I just didn't know it.

It was hard for me to accept that I know very little about myself and the world I live in.

You see when you go through school and College they teach you just enough to make you think you are smart.

And when you get that certificate or degree you think that's it.

“I'm out!”

“I'm good!”

“I got the piece of paper.”

“I'm not going to touch another book as long as I live.”

Big fucking mistake.

Specialized Knowledge.

Like Napoleon Hill said in his famous book Think and Grow Rich you need specialized knowledge.

But you need specialized knowledge in a range of fields.

You need to study yourself.

You need to study society.

You need to study money.

And you need to study success.

But John that sounds like a lot of work?

Yes it is!

But that is the cost of Unf*cking yourself.

Don't worry there is no formal test with a scorecard.

The test is life and your level of success is the scoreboard.

Always Have The Mind Of The Student.

One of the best things about learning is that you realize how little you know.

The best thing is the power you get from the stuff you learn.

The most successful people I know, never stop learning.

They have the approach of always being a student.

And most of these guys are leaders and teachers in their respective professions.

But they keep rising in their life because they keep on learning.

Invest In Value To Receive Value.

I have mentioned before that we live in a 50/50 world.

Most people reject this concept.

These people just want to receive.

They stand with their hands' open thinking the world owes them something.

Problem is they wait forever.

They play the Powerball or go gamble in Vegas thinking that this time they will win.

Those same people think spending $10 on a book is a waste of time.

Truth is you have to give in order to receive.

There is no other way.

If you want to change your life then you need to invest in value before you can receive value.

Think about it.

At one stage I was an arrogant uneducated prick thinking the world owed me something.

But nothing changed for me.

Nothing changed until I started learning and investing in value.

Then the universe started returning the favor.

I was now more valuable so I got rewarded in value in the form of money and good experiences.

What Should You Invest In?

Well, there is a wide range of knowledge(value) out there that will transform your life.

Blogs,Books,Audio-books,eBooks,Seminars,courses and coaching.

The choice is yours.

It's best to combine all of them.

Listen, we are never going to understand the world totally.

Our brains are not designed to understand everything.

But the more you know the better your experience on this planet will be.

When you have knowledge (value)and you turn that knowledge into more value then you will be rewarded.

This is just the nature of the universe.

All civilization is built on this concept.

But John I don't Have Money

Then go to the library.

Start Small.

Start somewhere.

Read all the free articles on my blog.

A lot of guys say they don't have money to invest in a book or a course or coaching.

Those same people have money for weekends out on town spending hundreds of dollars.

Those same people spend their money on things they don't need like cars,and other things they can't really afford.

They use their credit cards and waste their money.

But they won't use their credit card to invest in themselves.

At least when you invest in yourself you know you the money is spent well.

That money has the potential to start a little bit of momentum that could change your whole life.

This Is Not A Magic Pill.

When you start learning you won't get overnight success.

If that is what you are looking for then stop reading this and go somewhere else.

Anyone that promises you that is full of shit.

You still need to do the work.

You still need to get out of your comfort zone.

This process is not a magic pill.

For me it was a process.

Its a process for most people that create success for themselves.

Think about Unfucking yourself as a big pile of bricks.

Every brick represents a bit of value.

But you have to pay to get a brick.

This brick you will use to build a wall.

This wall represents your life

So you start small and you invest in one brick.

This brick might be a book.

So you put down the brick.

Next you buy 3 bricks.

This might be an audiobook and 2 eBooks.

Next time you invest in 4 bricks.

These 4 bricks might be a Sales Course.

So your wall starts getting bigger and stronger.

Next, you invest in 8 bricks.

This could be coaching sessions.And on and on you go until that wall is your life.

A life that represents value.

When that wall is big it will attract value to it just by being in existence.

That wall will be rewarded.

This is just the nature of this universe.

negative self talk

Starting The Process By Unf*cking Yourself

Remember this is a war against your old self.

That part of you that likes you being depressed and unhappy.

One of my favorite Tony Robbins quotes is:

“Your Brain is not designed to make you happy. That´s YOUR Job.”

See we evolved a long time ago to survive.

Happiness and success are relatively new ideas.

But to get there we need to take control.

That ancient part of your mind is not going to play ball.

That ancient part of your brain don't wants that risk.

All it wants is for you to be comfortable and safe.

So while you are lying on the couch watching reruns of some TV show your ancient part of your brain is happy.

But as soon as you start mentioning things like learning or reading and improving yourself that part of your brain freaks out.

That part now feels threatened.

It thinks you might lead it to danger and uncertainty.

And it's right.

You will have to take some risks to become successful and happy.

You have to invest in yourself and do some work.

You might have to stop watching TV and start moving.

How To Recognize Resistance.

This ancient part of your brain is called the resistance.

The resistance is something I talked about before.

It's an idea I got from the book “The War of Art.”

The resistance is that voice that wants to stop you when you start taking action.

For example, want to go to gym?

Suddenly a voice in your head says, “Let's do it tomorrow so we can watch the TV show now.”

Or that voice that comes when you want to read that personal development book, “Don't read that book it's boring, let's take a nap.”

Or that voice that comes up when you want to talk to that beautiful woman that says, “Don't talk to her everyone is looking at you.”

See the resistance is here to stop you.It's all negative self talk.

Even right now the resistance will tell you to stop reading this article.

Overcome it and continue.

Be very aware of it and overcome it by developing your Self Discipline.

Still here?


good book

If You Are Reading This Then Take Action Now.

If you are reading this article at this point of your life then you don't have what you want.

Then realize you need help.

I also need help.

I still learn.

I read every single day.

I invest in courses, books, audio-books, and seminars.

I know that every bit of new knowledge I get is going to give me a slight edge.

Even if I just get one piece of gold in a book or course then I know it was worth it.

That one insight could have a massive impact on my life. We are now living in a world of excess knowledge.

The knowledge is available for us.

It's our job to find it, invest in it and let the rest go.

self help book

My First Course.

I remember the first Personal Development or “Self Help” Course I invested in.

The course was called “Ultimate Edge.”

The program changed my life.

It changed my whole life journey.

I think I paid about $300 for it and I remember being freaked out about spending so much money on a virtual coach.

It was a series of CDs with Tony Robbins coaching me.

So I started listening to the CDs.

It turns out that $300 was the best investment I ever made.

It changed my life and I turned my life in a different direction.

I was just so sick of my life that I was willing to take a risk to change it.

And it paid off for me!

Change Your Mind And Change Your Results.

So what does knowledge do for you at the end of the day?

Well, it changes your mind.

It changes the way you look at the world.

And when that happens your mechanics changes.

And when your mechanics change everything changes.

When you start thinking differently you start taking different actions.

And when you start taking different actions you start getting different results.

And when you get different results you start seeing a different reality.

And with a different reality, you see a different life.

It's all cause and effect.

Karma,call it what you want. 

It all comes down to the actions you take that originate in the way you think.

Your mindset will define your success.

It's all about life mastery.

tough love


Nobody is coming to save you or me.

Nobody is going to Unfuck you.

You have to unfuck yourself

That is your job.

This is your life journey.

Overcome your self doubt.

I could give you the best knowledge on the planet but if you don't use it then nothing changes.

Einstein said, “Nothing Happens Until Something Moves.”

This is the story of our lives.

Are you going to move?

Or are you going to let this life pass you by?

Your choice.