If you feel weak or tired right now then keep on reading.

You have probably noticed that the majority of men out there today have lost their way.

They have lost connection with the fundamental rules of being a man.

They have been seduced into a world of comfort and mediocrity.

If you want to break the shackles and find out how to get back your independence and sovereignty then keep on reading. 

Become A Powerful Man

(1)Your Body Is A Weapon, Start Using It.

Every second you are either getting stronger or weaker.

Most men live comfortable lives and let their bodies slowly sink away into weakness.

You have a responsibility to yourself and the people around you to start treating your own body as an asset and a weapon.

Your body has the potential to become an absolute machine.

Your body will always be at your service if you choose to start empowering it with your choices.

Make the choice to lift heavy weights to strengthen every part of your body.

Nothing can substitute the traditional compound exercises like dead-lifts, squats and bench press.

Add a weekly stretching and sprinting program and you are starting to sculpt your body into something powerful.

Now you can start feeling your power and confidence return.

You can feel the testosterone pumping through your veins.

Add another level with feeding your body with healthy food and supplements.

Suddenly you feel like taking on the world and going after your goals.

Now you are able to defend yourself and the people you care about.

You have found your self again in the iron and sweat.


(2) Knowledge and Wisdom Should Be Acquired Every Day.

Life is a game and like I mentioned before it's not one that you want to lose.

Without knowledge, you are almost certain to lose.

One of my previous articles is about winning.

I make the point that winning in life is a conscious choice.

You choose to go to the next level by finding every possible resource you can to make your time on this planet a winning experience.

You make the conscious choice that you will do whatever it takes to win.

Knowledge is your key.

Find the books, blogs, courses, mentors to give yourself the edge.

Read every day and make it part of who you are.

Make it part of your daily routine.

Every day get a bit smarter by reading a chapter in a book.

By doing this for days, weeks, months and years start adding up and building value inside you.

You start realizing that you are starting to understand the world and yourself better.

The most successful people in every area are people who read a lot.

Education starts when you leave school.

School is just a sprinkling of subjects and most of it has no practical value.

Your education is your responsibility and it never ends.Your self education is how you change your life.

(3)Use The Power Of Your Emotions

The most powerful thing in the universe is human emotion.

It can start wars and break hearts.

It can transform countries and individuals.

It can destroy civilizations and create poverty.

It can build wealth and fortune.

It can inspire men to do great things or push them to destroy themselves and others.

When human emotion is out of control it becomes dangerous.

We live in a world where most things are determined by emotion.

There is a false idea in the modern world that we are more rational now than we were 500 years ago because of all our advances and technological breakthroughs.

The reality is that we are still the same.

Yes, we have learned some lessons and got some new tools and toys.

However, we are always driven by our limbic system which is the part of our ancient brain where our emotions get created.

In today's world emotions are used by the government, business and others to influence and control people.

These people have realized that they can get whatever they want by using emotions to control a dumbed down uneducated population.

In the modern world with social media, TV, Movies and victimhood culture we have created a population addicted to emotion.

Fear, Anger, hate, and others are making people lose their minds and losing control over their lives.

For men this is dangerous.

When you allow emotions to start taking the control in your life, then you are giving away your sovereignty and masculinity.

To get your power back, you need first to recognize the immense power of your emotions and the large control they have over you.

Now you can take control back.

Now you know that you should start learning to control your emotions and using them for your goals and not let your emotions use you.

Remember your feelings can be a powerful weapon to get what you want if you use them wisely.

For example, if you have a big disappointment in life like a big breakup don't let the pain destroy you and lead you to depression.

Instead, absorb the shock and use that pain as a motivation to achieve something great.

For example, use the pain to inspire you to make you first million dollars.

Another example to use emotion could be to use anger as a tool to become powerful.

Maybe someone made fun of your weight and you got angry.

Use that anger to build a powerful ripped body.

These examples are ways you can use emotion instead of emotions using you.

Remember energy flows where focus goes.

If you can focus on the right things using emotions you can do powerful things.

When you do this, you are in control.

powerful man

(4)Independence is Non-Negotiable.

Men must be self-reliant.

At some point, the training wheels must come off and you must become self-reliant.

You must find ways to build your resources and create wealth.

You can't depend on anyone else.

You are the only person that you can count on 100%.

It's up to you.

Stop looking for help or someone to do things for you.

It's not coming.

Sure, its cool to get a mentor and people guiding you along the way, but you have to do all the groundwork.

You will be the one in the battle.

You will be the one that goes out there and start making the climb to become a financially independent man.

Your age or position is irrelevant.

Whatever your position in life is and you are reading this remember you can start right now.

It's not too early or too late.

There has never been as a good a time as right now to get your shit together.

All you have to do is show up and realize that you are a warrior and your battle is happening right now.

As we speak go out there and find any excuse you can to win.

Don't depend on anyone but yourself.

Remember this. The world owes you absolutely nothing.

You are not a victim.

Go out there and take what is yours.

Do it yourself.

Become resourceful and find a way.

If there is no way, build a road.

If you cant build one then pay people to do it for you.

But find a way.

rational male

(5)Women Do Not Define You.

You don't need women to validate you.

Don't date women to feel better about yourself.

If you start playing that game, it never ends, and you give your balls away before you even begin.

By placing women on a pedestal and idolizing relationships with them, you gave away your independence and sovereignty.

If you think you will only be good enough if you date a particular girl then you are already lost.

Let's play that game for a minute.

Let's say you want to date a specific girl.

You think if you get her and marry her you will finally be a made man, and your life will be great.

You don't care what type of person she is you only think that she will somehow validate you.

What are you willing to give up to get her approval?

Obviously being in this situation you already think you are not good enough.

So now you want to go down a level by buying her expensive dinners and eating up her shit as long as she gives you approval and attention.

If this is you then stop right now.

Its weak and many men fall going down this route.

If you feel that women will be the thing to finally “fix” you then stop.

Only you can fix you.

Not a women or any other person.

If you have issues deal with them and get better.

Build yourself up as a strong independent man.

When you reach a strong and powerful point in your life start dating women to have great experiences and relationships with them.

They should be lucky to have you in their lives.

Don't ever suck up to a girl to get her approval.

Women will lose respect for you in conscious or unconscious level and slowly she will start taking control because she sees you as weak.

I see this in many guys where the girlfriend or wife wear the pants.

She makes the calls and decisions.

He sits back and takes it like a bitch.

This position is something that the man created not the woman.

He allowed this on the day when he allowed the woman to define who he is.

(6)Take Ownership.

Your life will have many ups and downs.

Bad shit will happen and if it hasn't already happened, then it will.

Maybe if you reading this then something terrible has already happened.

I'm here to tell you that whatever it is, it's your responsibility.

You have to step up and claim that thing that happened, good or bad, and say, “Its mine! It's my responsibility”

Think about the opposite.

The opposite means you are a victim, everything in your life that happened is terrible and happened to you.

You think you can't change that because you got a bad draw in life and now you just wait to die.

You are a victim, and strangely you enjoy all the attention it gets you.

You even sometimes argue with others over who the biggest victim is.

Welcome to the modern world if this sounds familiar.

This is the reality for many people on the planet.

They are “victims”, and nothing will change for these people until they take personal responsibility.

For change to happen, you need to take complete ownership of everything in your past, present, and future.

Now you are in a position of power because if you are responsible, then it means you can change it.

So go and change it, take control.

(7)You Are In Control, Not Your Sexdrive.

Don't let your cock do the talking.

You are in control.

Sure going after women is awesome and fun.

Its a regular part of being a man, but if women become the thing that controls you, then you are lost.

When you let women control you, then you lost your power.

You will see many men that gave away their power and independence because they put women on a pedestal and then they gave away their balls.

The moment a guy gives away his balls he is done.

You have to keep your mind independent and your mission in life your priority.

Men lead, and women follow.

This is the natural order of things.

If you allow women to dictate your choices, actions, and priorities then your sex drive is controlling you.

This means you are not strong enough to rise above it all and lead.

Masculine men rise above just chasing women.

Sure chasing is fun but it's not what drives me, it doesn't control me.

I control everything in my life.

I come first.

Women Second.



(8)Manage Your Mindset.

Your mindset is a process, it's not just something you do once and your done.

Your mindset is the software that you load up into your brain.

Your mindset is the dominant patterns running in your mind.

It's something you have to keep alive.

It's like a seed.

You plant the seed in good soil.

You give it water.

Then it starts growing; the plant gets bigger and bigger.

Then it turns into a tree.

The tree gets bigger and bigger.

If you give this tree water, sun and protection it will become one of the biggest and strongest trees in the forest.

It will rise above the other trees.

It will cast shade over others and be able to see everything.

This is the nature of your mind and your mindset.

You need to cultivate your mindset like this seed.

This means consistent work.

When does it end?


(9)Consistency is Key.

The key to any success in life is consistency.

Its the one thing that mostly makes or breaks success.

I see many guys trying to start a business or a new training program, and they fail.

The most common reason is the lack of consistency.

It's such a simple thing that most people miss it.

We don't see it because we think that something so simple can't be the one thing that makes or breaks a goal or vision.

The power of consistency is immense.

You can move mountains with the power of consistency.

You can transform bodies.

You can build massive companies.

You can build powerful mindsets.

You can create incredible systems.

You can date many incredible women.

You can get your black belt.

You can get rich.

You can run a marathon.

You can do this all if you decide to be consistent with the actions that you take.

(10)Build Momentum.

How do we put everything together in life and get what we want on this planet?

We build momentum.

We build a solid foundation.

Then we start getting small wins.

Then we get more small wins.

Then we start getting bigger wins.

Suddenly that thing you have been working on becomes a thing that starts getting momentum.

You notice that you can take your foot off the gas.

You realize that thing you have been working on is now running by itself.



Remember 2 things!

First, don't stop when you get momentum, sure you have more time do other things but always keep one eye on the ball.

Secondly, keep improving!

When the energy runs out, you want to be ready and prepared to deal with any setbacks.

Then recover and get back your momentum and build even more power in you life.