Independence is what sets you apart from the herds of sheep roaming the planet.

If you are not there yet then you need to be working towards the goal of being independent and living free.

Break the shackles around your ankles and start walking and living like a free man.

Let's look at 17 ways to become a free and independent man.

How To Become An Independent Man

Think For Yourself

(1)Become Selfish.

You have to become selfish.

Put yourself first.

I'm not talking about the kind of selfish where you are an asshole to everyone around you.

I'm talking about the kind of selfish where your visions and goals take absolute priority.

You need to focus on becoming strong first.

When you are weak you are no good to anyone.

When you are strong you become successful and independent.

And when you become independent you can start making moves on this planet.

Start saying no to things that do not serve you and start saying yes to things that make you stronger, healthier and richer.

You are priority number one.

First, help yourself then help the world from a position of strength.

Grant Cardone

(2)Get Your Money Right.

Financial independence is key to being independent.

Being at the mercy of a job or at the mercy of other people is dangerous.

You need to find ways to make money.

The first thing you need to do is to make a decision to get your money right.

In fact, make a bigger decision.

Make the decision to become a millionaire.

Make a line in the sand that you are now starting to work towards your first million.

When you realize that it's your responsibility to get rich everything changes.

You have to get rich to make an impact on this world.

It's your duty and responsibility to step up and get rich.

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(3)Start a Business.

Jobs are not safe. In fact, it's putting you in a vulnerable position.

Sure, jobs can be a great way to help you get where you want to go, but only betting on a job is dangerous.

Jobs can be used as one stream of income.

You need to create a full-time business or side business to create another stream of income.

You are a business whether you know it or not.

You can go full time into a business that is your mainstream of income and builds smaller streams around that.

Or you can have several small businesses or side hustles with your job being one of your streams of income.

Bottom line is that you need to become a business.

You are a business.

When you start operating like that you building your independence.

Dubai MArina

(4)Rent Where You Live and Buy Where You Don't Live.

Many men have the obsession of following the masses and making buying a house or apartment their main goal.

Somehow they think that when they buy the house they have finally made it.

The reality is that that guy has finally joined all the other sheep and slaves who blindly walk down the cliff.

You are not becoming independent when you buy a house to live in.

The problem with that house is that you are probably going to pay off on that house for the rest of your life.

This is how most guys do it.

They leave college with a shit load of debt and then think its a great idea to build more debt.

Here is what you should do.

But an apartment or 2 and rent it out.

That rent is a stream of income that is paying for those apartments.

Now you have an asset.

You are not living there.

You will rent a place to live in.

Now you starting to think like an independent man that invests and not put himself in a heap of debt.

Think long-term and start building more assets.


(5)Make All Decisions.

You make all the decisions in life.

You are the one that makes the calls.

Not your girlfriend or wife or parents.

You are the quarterback and you have to make the calls.

Don't pass the ball.

Passing the responsibility is weak and it will make you more dependent on everyone else around you.

Start building your self-esteem and independence by making calls and leading the people around you.

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(6)Stop Listing To Mainstream News.

The most mainstream news is fake so stop listening to it.

Stop listening to it because it causes you to create your opinions about the world based on garbage.

The most mainstream news is just corporate messaging running their propaganda to make you do stupid shit.

Start thinking for yourself.

Read and find independent sources of news.

Ask questions and become independent by being a critical thinker and not a follower.

alpha mindset

(7)Make Your Own Rules

Live by your own code.

Start creating your own code of honor.

In modern times men drift through the world without a compass.

Without a guiding light because they have no code.

They don't know why they are doing the things they are doing.

Go sit down and ask yourself why you do the things that you do?

If you don't know then you are not living by a code of honor.

Go and ask yourself what is important for you and write it down.

Then find other sources of ancient wisdom like philosophy, religions, or any other books that you think is valuable.

Look at guiding principles that make sense to you.

Find the codes of conduct that have guided great men of the past to create the awesome civilizations we live in today.

Stand on the shoulders of giants and learn from them.

Then get off and write down what you liked and form your own code.

Then start living by that code.

This code is your honor code.

This will guide you when everything around you falls apart.

Now you have something you can depend on.

Something passed on to you by great men before you.

(8)Create a Powerful and Healthy Body.

Going through the world consciously being aware of the fact that you are physically weak is no way to live.

You have to build your power to live a great life.

Being strong, fit and healthy will improve all areas of your life.

Everything will get better when you start lifting heavy, running hills and improve your flexibility.

Your mindset improves because you feel calm and focused.

(9)Think For Yourself.

Start challenging yourself and others over beliefs and assumptions.

You don't need to follow the sheep when they walk over the edge of the cliff.

Stop blindly following the crowds with their opinions.

Start forming your own opinions.

Find information to inform you about what is going on and then make informed choices.

But don't be a sheep.

It is weak.

Become a lion and lead.


(10)Lead and Be Assertive.

Make your own decisions and lead the way.

Become Assertive and Take what you want.

Stop hesitating over what you really want to do.

Once you have made a decision don't hesitate to execute.

Do what you want and show your strength.

extreme ownership

(11)Stop Being A Victim.

Currently on this planet its very popular to be a victim.

People are rewarded for being victims.

People create stories to become victims.

They then fight over who is the biggest victim.

This is a display of being pathetic.

When you are a professional victim you lose all power.

You have no independence when you are a victim.

When you drop the victim attitude you will immediately start feeling your power increasing.

When you are a victim you are not in control.

But when you start taking responsibility for everything in your life you get power.

You get power because now you are in control.

When you are in control you can change things and get better and stronger.

Focus on becoming a better man.

calculated risks

(12)Take Calculated Risks.

Just playing it safe is no way to go through your time here on this planet.

Life is too short to just play it safe.

All dynamic energy is based on risk.

When you start a business it's a risk because there is no guarantee of success.

When you walk up to a girl to talk you could fail.

When you start lifting heavy you could get injured.

When you invest money, you could lose it.

However, the reward for all these things could be massive.

You could build a massively powerful business.

You could meet the most awesome women of your life.

You could build a powerful physique.

Your investment could turn into a life-changing decision and turn you into a billionaire.

Taking risks is necessary to build your independence.

Taking no risk and expecting to succeed will lead to an average life and dependence on others.

So start taking some risks and start feeling alive.

(13)Create A Powerful Mindset.

Taking conscious control is a powerful way to claim your independence.

The way you think about life is vitally important in how successful you will be in life.

Creating a powerful mindset is not a quick fix.

It takes consistent work on yourself to create a mindset that drives you towards success and independence.

The mind is a powerful thing and if you don't take control then the mind will switch on autopilot.

The problem with autopilot is that your mind is not designed to make you happy.

It is not designed to create goals and keep you motivated.

It's your responsibility to feed the mind so that it can be steered towards what you want it to do.

Think of your mind as hardware and your mindset software.

It's your job to design and install the software(mindset).

When you do this you will take back your independence.

growth mindset

(14)Improve Yourself.

Make the conscious choice to improve every area of your life

We live in a time where knowledge is freely available and you have no excuse not to use it.

Humans are simulation machines.

We can copy and learn from others and improve quickly.

This is why humans are the top predator on the planet.

So focus on your health, wealth, relationships and happiness.

Improve those areas by becoming a learning machine.

The more you learn the more independent you become.

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(15)Be Very Selective With Relationships.

Don't idolize relationships.

If you feel something is missing in your life and then think jumping into a relationship will fix it then you are making a massive mistake.

Relationships will never be the solution to whatever hole you have in your life.

Work on yourself first and then be a person that adds value to any relationship.

But don't bet your happiness on a relationship.

Have issues?

Try and work them out first,don't put your shit onto other people, it's weak.

Another problem is guys jumping into relationships with women that are just terrible people.

They are then surprised when the women suck all the happiness out of their lives.

Never put yourself in a position where you disregard major flaws in women just because you feel a bit lonely and horny.

It's not worth it.

Don't settle for a lifetime of unhappiness and drama.

Some women are parasites, so avoid them.

Look for a quality woman with a healthy body and mind.

Unfortunately, this is getting harder and harder in the west.

Extreme feminism has infected west and has turned a lot of women into man-hating nightmares.

So if you want to meet stable, feminine, beautiful women your chances are better in Asia and parts of Eastern Europe.

the game

(16)Fake It Till You Make It!

There are many people that think fake it till you make it is bad.

I disagree, we need to start believing that whatever it is we want to achieve in life has already happened.

The mind is powerful and science has already shown that the brain can't distinguish between imagining things and real thoughts.

We should use this to our advantage.

Faking it till you make it will give you the confidence and drive to take the necessary steps to turn your dreams into reality.

For example, imagine you are the most confident and awesome person in the world when you go and talk to beautiful women.

See yourself as a successful entrepreneur when you make your first sales call.

See yourself as the best public speaker in the world when you go make that speech.

See your business as a massive success when you invest large amounts of money into building your company.

We need to use these “fantasies” to take the necessary risk to become great.

For the people that say this is bad, I ask what is the alternative?

Should we start believing all the doubts and negativity that the mind throws at us every week?

My answer to this is no!

Those negative thoughts are also false.

However, I'm going with the positive “fantasies” every time because they empower me.

(17)Study Success.

Success should be studied. It should be your side project until you leave the planet.

Learning about the most successful men on the planet is your responsibility.

Model them and study them.

Learn from their mistakes so you can avoid them.

See what makes them great and how they think.

By doing this simple practice you will elevate yourself to the next level.

Standing on the shoulders of giants will give you the ability to look to the future and get where you want to go faster.

You can look at the most successful people on the planet and they still study success.

The most successful men on the planet read every day.

They make it a discipline.

They all say this simple habit of reading and studying success is what made them so successful.

The study of success made them independent.