Feminine women will always gravitate toward masculine men, and masculine men will always gravitate toward feminine women.

This is the natural order of things.

However, we now live in a modern world where people have gotten out of balance and people are making bad decisions when it comes to choosing someone compatible with them in terms of their masculine or feminine energy.

For women, the modern world has been a very negative influence in terms of understanding the power they naturally possess if they cultivate their femininity.

They have been lied to about their femininity.

They were told that being feminine is weak and that they should be more masculine.

They were told that looks don't matter and that they should focus on their inner strength.

The reality is that women who become too masculine end up unhappy and depressed.

The truth is that a feminine woman has power.

Of course, it's a different type of power than masculinity, but it's still a superpower.

The Power Of Feminine Women

If you look back through history, you will see wars being started(watch the movie Troy)over beautiful feminine women.

So the influence of beauty and femininity is a reality, and if you don't know how to manage yourself and femininity, you can end up in trouble. 

So this article is about the importance of choosing a feminine woman and how to successfully manage relationships.

But this article is also for women to remind them to embrace their femininity because that is what will lead them to live fulfilled and happy lives.

Another thing to remember is that very feminine women who live by high standards are beautiful.

And this beauty should be appreciated just like excellence should be appreciated.

If You Are a Very Masculine Man, Then You Will Be Attracted To Very Feminine Women

Masculine men, by the very nature of the universe we live in, are attracted to very feminine women.

It's the principle of yin and yang.

Opposites attract.

When a masculine man chooses a more “balanced” woman, he will end up in a mediocre relationship where he isn't fulfilled.

Choose wisely or pay the price by feeling that something is missing in your life.

The good news is if you are currently in a relationship with a woman that is out of balance, then you can encourage her to embrace her femininity more.

This will make both of you happier.

If Your Choose A Very Feminine Woman, You Might Be More Confused In Her Actions, But You Will Feel More Balance In Your Life

Very feminine women will make most of their choices based on their feelings.

Therefore she might seem illogical and more chaotic at times.

This is just the nature of the feminine.

She might frustrate you at times, but nothing will be more attractive to you at the same time.

The true feminine is free to exist in the shadow of the masculine world of reason and control.

The polarity between men and women is where real attraction can be found.

The politically correct idea of equality is the reason most modern relationships end up sexless and unhappy.

Masculine Direction Of The Feminine

It's your job to direct her feminine energy with your masculinity. You will be on your purpose, and she will test you; this is the balance of things.

Dont make the mistake of dating a “neutral woman” that is more “stable” but does not spark the high-level attraction you would get with feminine women.

Neutrality does nothing for masculine men.

One of the biggest lies sold to men was when they were told that “It's only what's inside that matters.”

This is false.

The truth is how a woman looks matters.

Beauty should be admired, just as excellence should be admired.

You Must Learn How To Guide The Feminine Through Your Masculinity

If you want to meet feminine women and create happy and fulfilling relationships, you must understand how to use your masculinity effectively.

Most men go on dates or go into relationships and have no idea what they are doing.

Being successful with women and dating is both an art and a science.

if you just close your eyes and hope for the best, then the chances are you will never see her again, or you will end up in a miserable relationship.

For most modern indoctrinated men, it's hard to let go of their old programming.

You must be willing to let go of your knowledge base and accept that most of what you have been taught about women and relationships is false.

You need to unlearn what you learned in the past and embrace the truth.

The Key Of Attraction With Feminine Women For You Is To Remember That The Moment You act Submissive To Her, She Will Lose Attraction For You.

Feminine women need strong men.

If she senses that she controls you emotionally, then you will lose her.

Remember, attraction is not a choice.

Most modern Men think that because the modern world has sold them a fake story about how they should share all their feelings and place women on a pedestal they will be rewarded for it.

This is just not true.

In the real world, that weak mindset is the reason why you lose with women, dating, and relationships.

Women are an important part of our lives, but they should not be your main focus, and more importantly, you should not allow her beauty and feminity to control you.

As mentioned before, as soon as she notices that she is emotionally stronger than you, it's all over.

She must be submissive to you.

She Must Deserve Being With You

As a high-value man, you must never waste your time with low-value women.

In other words, the women you choose must have certain qualities that are non -negotiable.

Yes, she must be feminine, but she must still be a high-value woman in general.

Don't be so blinded by a feminine woman's beauty that you miss all her negative points because you idolize her in your mind.

You must always value your mission and your time as your absolute priority, and as soon as you realize she has too many red flags, you should walk away.

So be very cautious of the decisions you make about what you allow into your life.

Realize that if you bring the wrong woman into your life, you could risk losing a lot of what you worked hard for, so make sure she is a high-value woman.


So this is my take on feminity, beauty, and how you, as a masculine man, must manage it.

Remember, you need high-value feminine women in your life.

If she is a high-value feminine woman and you direct her with your masculine energy, you will win.