One of the most impactful books I have read over the last few years when it comes to dating and relationships has been the Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi.

In fact, the whole series of Rational Male books have been very good.

In various men's communities, the book has been popular.

And in others, it's been criticized by men who didn't like their whole worldview being ripped apart.

Even men who read the Rational Male and benefited have criticised the book for being “anti-women” or for making men “angry”.

Rollo Tomassi - Rational Male

The Reality of the “Manosphere” Books.

Firstly I'm not part of any men's community or manosphere.

The manosphere is a term popularized in pop culture for various groups of men that somehow got grouped together to make it seem like everyone was on the same page.

Speaking for myself I can say the following about this:

I'm an individual.

There are various authors, entrepreneurs, and influencers that I follow online and have learned from.

For example, I think Rollo Tomassi is a smart guy and I learned a lot from him.

Do I agree with him about everything? No!

But I have found a lot of value from his books and he brought a unique perspective about women, dating, relationships, and the world in general.

And this brings me back to all the critics.

The people who attack Rollo Tomassi for the Rational Male.

Rollo Tomassi is an artist and social scientist.

He created his work and put it out there.

He never claimed to be a dating Guru or coach.

He never told anybody how to live their lives or to be angry at women.

He creates his work and people are free to take from it what they want.

positive masculinity

The criticism of art and books are normal, but the extend to which this has been done in this case is ridiculous.

This brings me back to a common problem in the modern world.

The victim game!In other words, men reading a book, don't like the content, make stupid life decisions, and then blame a book or artist.

Men should be mature and responsible enough to read a book and take value from it and be responsible for their own actions and thoughts.

But the whole idea that the Rational Male created thousands of angry men is false.


The Reality is that some men read the book and then by their own choice decided for example, that “women hate them” and think that they should be angry because of this imaginary “conspiracy” against them.

The reality is that this reaction is on them, not the Rational Male.

The bottom line is that a lot of the truths in the book are so brutal for many men that their natural reaction is to be angry.

When some men realize that their whole worldview has been false they get very angry.

First they get angry at women and then The Rational Male.

But that is on these individuals, not the author. So take ownership and stop pointing fingers.

So if you are a snowflake then don't read the book.

Rollo Tomassi Books – The Rational Male Series.

For those of you who haven't read the Rational Male and who don't know much about the book then let me enlighten you.

The Rational Male is the first in a series of books that were written by Rollo Tomassi.

A lot of men refer to his books and the community around them as the Red Pill.

So Tomassi's book is about his so-called Red Pill philosophy.

This is not a dating coach book or dating technique book.

This is a kind of personal development philosophy book for men or for some just a punch in the face.

For many men, it's like putting on glasses for the first time when they've been blind for most of their lives.

I'm not going to tell you much about the details of the book but I will tell you that is an important book especially in the context of our current social and political environment on a global scale.

So will I recommend this book for most men?


This book is especially for men who fall in the following categories:

-You have always had a hard time meeting and dating women.

-You have had bad and disastrous relationships.

-You keep getting the same negative reactions from women.

-You constantly get rejected by women.

-Women makes no sense to you.

If this sounds like you start with Rollo Tomassi's first book the Rational Male.

Then move on to:

Rational Male, Preventative Medicine

In the book, Rational Male, Preventative Medicine Rollo Tomassi continues and expands on his red pill ideas. He sets up the outline of the phases of maturity and the most commonly predictable experiences men can expect from women as they progress through various stages of life.

Rational Male,Positive Masculinity

In the book Rational Male, Positive Masculinity Rollo Tomassi focuses on red-pill parenting, the feminine nature, social imperatives, and positive masculinity.

Rational Male, Religion

In the book The Rational Male –Religion, Rollo Tomassi looks at human intersexual dynamics and their influence on spiritual belief, religion, and social values.

the rational male positive masculinity


Ok guys, so this has been my quick take on Rollo Tomassi and the Rational Male Book.

I have always had the philosophy that if someone tells me not to read a book or watch a movie then I do exactly the opposite.

So if you have been on the fence about reading this book then check it out.

Just take responsibility for your actions and worldview after reading it.

Remember women have certain natural tendencies, just like men do.

The problem for men starts when they get told the truth about these tendencies for the first time.

These tendencies are not always in your face or coming after you.

You dont need to be paranoid or think every woman is going to walk over you.

The key to the universal power game is just to be aware that it exists so that you don't get run over and destroyed.

Always remember that even if you don't have any interest in power that the world has always functioned on a power dynamic.

This is the reality whether you want to be part of that or not.

So being conscious of how the world really works is a valuable skill to have.


And remember women are awesome but a lot of them are not, just like men.

Finding high value women is a challenge in the modern western world.

But with the right knowledge, mindset and skill you can have a lot of success with women and dating.

So be a Rational Male and step up.

Until next time.