Today I want to Talk About two forgotten legends of the men's dating community,The Mystery Method And The Game.

The Mystery Method (2007) was written by Mystery(real name Erik von Markovik) and The Game by Neil Strauss.

They were known as “Pick Up Artists”, which has become dirty words in the modern world we live in.

But when these guys were starting out, they were just “normal” guys trying to figure out how to date more women and have a lot of success in doing it.

Yes, the whole scene turned into kind of a shit show, and a lot of scum bags came into the scene and gave it a bad name.

But the reality is these guys were pioneers.

They had the balls to try things nobody was doing.

Even better than that, they put it down on paper and share it with the world.

They didn't just suck things out of their thumbs, they actually went back to basics in the form science, like the fields of evolutionary psychology and other related fields to figure out how the human animal operates and used that as their starting point.

And back then, nobody was doing anything like this.

Keep in mind that back then, women had a monopoly in the so-called self-improvement,self-empowerment world.

They had magazines, talk shows, books, and communities about topics like relationships, dating, etc.

Men, on the other hand, had nothing, men were just bumping their heads against the wall.

Now before you start saying things like, “But John, why didn't men just figure it out like 200 years ago”.

Well, guys like Mystery(Pickup artist name) realized a very important thing:

The world has changed, and the culture has changed at a rapid pace.

The Rise Of Modern Human Culture

Most humans moved to cities and the modern culture was very quickly turning against men and masculinity.

But even with all this change, Mystery realized one very important thing, he realized that the human body did not change.

We were still the same ancient human body that was fighting wild animals thousands of years ago.

So here we are as human beings, and everything around us has transformed but the meat vehicle we use is exactly the same.

A long time ago, humans evolved in villages and small towns.

Men were used to working with their hands and physical violence was normal.

But those days were mostly over.

Now men were sitting at desks and they were surrounded by thousands of people.

And the hardest thing for men was the fact that the mating game changed, and most men had no clue how to operate in this new world with a modern culture.

Women were very aware of this reality, and they, like I just mentioned, formed communities, wrote books, and went on Oprah to talk about “Being an independent woman.”

Mystery changed all of this, and soon Neil Strauss(author of The Game) joined him and took the whole scene out of the shadows into the light.

At the time, these guys were from a different planet in the way they were interacting with women.

These guys were operating at such an advanced level it was like a turkey shoot.

Keep in mind nobody knew what the word “Game” meant.

They had no idea what a “wingman” was.

They didn't know what a neg was.

Nobody knew anything,but that would soon change.

But these guys were playing their own game and having a lot of success doing it.


“In life, people tend to wait for good things to come to them. And by waiting, they miss out. Usually, what you wish for doesn't fall in your lap; it falls somewhere nearby, and you have to recognize it, stand up, and put in the time and work it takes to get to it. This isn't because the universe is cruel. It's because the universe is smart. It has its own cat-string theory and knows we don't appreciate things that fall into our laps.”
― Neil Strauss, The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists


Hypnotica (Eric Von Sydow)

They weren't just doing the work in the field these guys brought psychology and self-development in too.

Old-school Mind science legends like Hypnotica (Eric Von Sydow) were teaching these guys how to use hypnosis and take control of their own minds.

Hypnotica, also known as Eric Von Sydow, is a renowned figure in the men's dating community.

He has been helping men gain confidence and attract the women of their dreams for over 20 years.

Hypnotica provides practical advice on how to become more attractive and successful with women.

His teachings are based on his own personal experiences in relationships, along with research from other experts in the field.

Hypnotica continues to be a powerful influence in the male dating scene, providing valuable insights into building strong relationships that last.

Hypnotica's book, Metawhore: My Cock Don't Talk Politics, is a must-read for anyone interested in dating and nonconformity.

Hypnotica provides readers with an honest look into the modern dating world and offers tips on how to navigate it successfully.

Hypnotica shares his personal experiences as well as advice from experts in the field of dating so that readers can apply their newfound knowledge to their own lives.

Through Hypnotica’s journey, readers can discover what it means to be successful in relationships without compromising one’s individuality or values.

This book is sure to provide valuable insight into the current social landscape and equip individuals with tools needed for success in the dating game.

Another guy that was also prominent in the dating community was David Deangelo.

He is also seen as one of the old-school dating gurus.

David Deangelo

David Deangelo is a well-known figure in the men's dating community.

He is best known for his book “Double Your Dating,” which has helped millions of men around the world to improve their dating lives.

David Deangelo believes that every man can have success with women, and his teachings focus on empowering men with the knowledge and skills necessary to do so.

In addition, he offers advice on how to develop confidence, social intelligence, and emotional maturity – all essential elements when it comes to relationships.

His methods are widely respected by many in the field of self-improvement and personal development.

The Crash Of The Pick Up Community

Of course, it didnt takes long for the whole scene to get out of hand with different schools of dating game forming.

Many scam artists and other losers appeared on the scene, but as I said in the beginning, this was bound to happen in something that is focused on picking up women.

Unfortunately, in the modern world, people tend to focus on only the negatives and forget about all the positives and good ideas that come out of this community.

And this brings me back to The Mystery Method And The Game.

These two books are two books any man should read.

Even if you have no interest in picking up women in bars, you will learn a lot from these books.

The lessons in psychology and body language are priceless.

And if you read The Game you will read a story that is both insane, hilarious, and filled with information that you will find very useful.

The Fake Outrage And Disgust From Mainstream Culture

Another expected reaction was that the feminist and other mainstream simp groups were outraged at these “disgusting men coming together to talk about women.”

Soon they labeled pick-up artists with all the usual insults and they got a bad reputation very quickly.

Of course, the outrage was fake.

They weren't really outraged about men improving themselves and learning new skills.

The unspoken truth was that they were secretly outraged that men started to figure out that there was a game being played, and they didnt like that men were starting to look behind the curtain.

In fact, men were starting to dominate the scene behind the curtain and this could not be allowed.

The same reaction happened when Rollo Tomassi wrote the Rational Male.

Women lost their minds when their code in the Matrix was exposed, and men started to figure out the truth about women, dating, and relationships.

So let's do a quick overview of the two books and what you will find inside them.

The Mystery Method


“If you can't attract a woman, you are, by dictionary definition, sterile.”
Mystery, The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed


The Mystery Method by the renowned pickup artist, Mystery, is the definitive guide to improving the dating lives of men.

It provides an in-depth look into the art of seduction and the psychology behind it.

Through his book, Mystery has helped thousands of men around the world become better at approaching women and building relationships with them.

The book also offers a wealth of valuable lessons that can help any man take their dating life to the next level.

Some key lessons from the book include understanding social dynamics, developing an attractive personality, mastering conversation techniques, and creating sexual tension, among others.

With its timeless advice on courtship and romance, The Mystery Method remains one of the most important books for men looking for success in the dating scene.

The Basics Of The Mystery Method

At the core of the book is the ‘mystery method’ – a three-step system for attracting the opposite sex.

Step one of the mystery method involves generating attraction through the use of body language, eye contact and verbal communication.

Step two focuses on creating comfort by deepening the connection with the target.

Finally, step three entails escalating physical and emotional intimacy between the man and the woman.

By following the steps outlined in The Mystery Method, men can learn how to become more attractive to women and gain greater confidence in the dating world.

Furthermore, it teaches valuable lessons about timing, patience, focus and determination that can be applied to any interaction with potential partners.

Overall, The Mystery Method is an essential resource for men looking to improve their dating skills.

It offers timeless advice on the art of seduction and the psychology behind it, making it the perfect book for anyone seeking success in the dating game.

The Game By Neil Strauss


“There are certain bad habits we've groomed our whole life — from personality flaws to fashion faux pas. And it has been the role of parents and friends, outside of some minor tweaking, to reinforce the belief that we're okay just as we are. But it's not enough to just be yourself. You have to be your best self. And that's a tall order if you haven't found your best self yet.”
― Neil Strauss, The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists


Neil Strauss' best-selling book, The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists, is an in-depth look at the underground world of seduction.

It tells the story of Neil's own journey as he embarks on a self-improvement mission to become a master pickup artist.

Along his journey, he meets and learns from some of the most successful pick-up artists in the world, including Mystery and Style.

The book follows Neil's journey as he learns about different techniques for meeting women and developing meaningful relationships with them.

He explores the different approaches to seduction, such as “peacocking,” which involves dressing in eye-catching (often outrageous) clothing; “negging,” which is a form of teasing or negating compliments; “kino escalation,” which involves touching playfully and gradually increasing intimacy; and much more.

All these strategies are used to capture a woman's attention and create a connection between two people.

The Game also serves as a great source of dating lessons for men who want to improve their social skills with women.

Lessons From The Game

First, it shows that confidence is key when it comes to making successful approaches with women—even if you don't feel confident on the inside, exuding confidence externally can go a long way toward improving your chances.

Second, it teaches that understanding body language is extremely important when interacting with someone—learning how to read subtle physical cues can help you determine whether someone likes or dislikes you before they even speak.

Third, good communication skills can make or break any relationship—the book emphasizes the importance of being aware of your own words and being able to communicate effectively through active listening, open-ended questions, assertiveness, and other conversational techniques.

In addition to teaching men specific techniques for flirting successfully with women, The Game also provides valuable insight into both men’s and women’s behavior in courtship situations.

It explains why certain behaviors are attractive to certain types of people and gives men tips on how they can develop better social skills so that they can build successful relationships with potential partners.

For example, it encourages men not to act desperate or needy around women but rather be playful so that they come across as more charming and less intimidating.

Overall, The Game provides an interesting look into the underground world of pickup artists while imparting useful dating advice for men looking to improve their romantic prospects in life.

Through Neil Strauss' experiences learning from some of the top pickup artists in the world – combined with research into psychology, evolutionary biology, and neuroscience – readers will gain insight into modern courtship dynamics while learning strategies for improving their own social interactions with potential partners.


I highly recommend you read these two books and also check out the work of Hypnotica, aka Eric Von Sydow.

If you want to learn Game, improve your relationships, or just read interesting ideas and adventures, then these books will be a good fit.

One last word on Mystery, Neil Strauss(aka Style), and Hypnotica.

We live in a modern world that forgets very quickly and forgets about what men before us did and left behind for others to find value in.

And in this case, most men dont realize that the whole modern men's dating and relationship community is built on top of what these guys did.

So with that in mind, I respect those guys for having giant balls and stepping into the unknown at the time.

Personally, when I read these books for the first time, my whole understanding of what is possible with women and dating changed.

These books were a big reason why I had so much success with women and dating.

And, of course, The Rational Male came later and took it to a whole different level of understanding, but these guys set the foundation.

Until next time.