In 2010 the term “PickUp Artist” was starting to surface in the mainstream online.

Most people,myself included, had no idea who they were or what they were about.

The world of pickup artists was largely kept underground until Neil Strauss wrote his now famous book “The Game”.

The Game was about how Neil Strauss, aka Style, transformed himself from shy, introverted and useless with women into someone that could meet and sleep with most women he met.

This book gave birth to a more mainstream pickup community.

Although the community is more mainstream these days many guys try to hide their involvement or use of techniques or ideas that they learned from the different schools of pickup.

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Yes, you heard me right, different schools or philosophies of pick up.Today there are hundreds of Gurus, teachers, coaches and companies that teach some type of pickup.

The public opinion of these groups is typical of any group that they don't understand.

The sheep out there will always attack anything new or different, so it was no surprise that most pick up was labeled as trash, trickery and something that losers use to get women to sleep with them.

Sure there were a lot of scumbags that used pickup to meet women.

But like in any new movement or culture there will be good and bad.

The funny thing was that this was the first movement where men came together and tried to find ways to be more interesting, fun and entertaining when it came to women and dating.

Women have been doing this kind of thing for decades.Women have magazines and talk shows that discuss relationships, dating, and sex.

For women this is normal, and they get celebrated for it.Men do something similar, and they get attacked for it.

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Sure the system that pickup created is open to criticism, but the whole idea that men should not find ways to get better and attract women is laughable.

My personal experience with the Pick Up started with reading  a dating ebook by David Deangelo.

The ebook was packed with cool ideas to be a better and more interesting guy and also had ideas on how to meet and date women.

I also read the Mystery Method by a guy called Mystery.He was one of the OG's of the whole pickup scene.

From him, I learned more scientific theories about how to meet and attract women.

Did books like Double Your Dating and the Mystery Method help me improve my dating life?

Yes.It did.But most importantly the Pickup Artist scene opened the door for me to get more into personal development.

I learned a lot form the best Pickup Artists and they opened the door for me to start developing my inner game.

This is one of the biggest positives that I got out of the scene.

I started to improve my whole life because of some of the material I was exposed to.This is a massive positive for the pickup community.

Some of the knowledge in the pickup scene is not just how to meet women but also on how to understand social dynamics.

As society gets more complex, these skills get more valuable.Even women go to some of the seminars so they can improve their understanding of social dynamics.

What are negatives?Well, there are some scam artists, losers, and tricksters that you should avoid.

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Another negative is that some guys get so sucked into the whole scene that they lose focus on the most important things in their lives.

This happens to many guys who never had any success with women and then suddenly they become a successful player overnight.

The next thing you know the guy is out seven days a week trying to hook up.

My final thought on the whole thing is to read the most important books and try it out.

Just don't get sucked into the scene and lose your focus in life.Sure learn some new skills and have fun, just don't lose your mind chasing women every night.