Why would I be writing an article about Dubai Women,Dating ,Tinder and the extreme levels of Hypergamy in the great city?

Well, I'm currently in Dubai, the last 2 years I spend a lot of time in Dubai because of the friendly environment for entrepreneurs and the relaxed lockdown rules.

Life has been reasonably normal and free in Dubai the main business city of the United Arab Emirates.

So I had a great time in Dubai.

And of course, that meant I dated a lot of women in Dubai.

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Tinder,Dubai Women and Dating

So as being new in the city of Dubai I decided to go on the Tinder App and the Bumble Dating App (the 2 main dating apps in Dubai) to make things as convenient as possible for meeting new women.

Firstly Dubai is a great city for meeting and dating women.

However, I did hear some warnings or opinions about Dating in Dubai and some other tinder dating stories.

Some people told me dating in Dubai for ex-pats is challenging or difficult.

I found these opinions difficult to understand at the time because it's a city filled with beautiful women from around the world.

But I soon realized what they meant by “Challenging”.

The thing about Dubai is that it's a world-class city for tourists and holidaymakers from around the world to experience the luxury and wealth of Dubai.

But the most important thing about Dubai in the context of dating is that the city is also a hub for entrepreneurs and business.

It's a city that created a super friendly environment for business with very friendly tax laws.

This resulted in a lot of wealthy and super-rich individuals coming to Dubai.

Many came permanently and others go in and out of Dubai every year.

In Dubai, wealth is easily seen in skyscrapers and supercars that are very common.

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Wealth In Dubai.

Ferraris, Lamborghini other luxury cars are a common sight in the city.

This combined with luxury hotels and a few great beaches and you have a combination that wealthy men from around the world find very attractive.

So this context brings us back to dating.

I wrote an article about hypergamy before on this blog where I discussed the basics of Hypergamy.

In that article I discussed the reality of Hypergamy and that there is a scale on hypergamy in terms of some women being more hypergamous than others based on certain variables.

Things like culture, education, financial status, etc.

Back To Hypergamy.

That being said female hypergamy is present in every single woman at different levels.

For example in Japan which is a wealthy, educated country Hypergamy isn't as openly observable compared to a poorer country.

However, even in a wealthy country like Japan, it exists openly it's just harder to see.

But if you know what you're doing you easily spot it just like in any other country.

That brings me back to how to get laid on tinder in Dubai.

When I started using the Tinder Dating App I very quickly realized that in this city like no other in the world hypergamy is in the open for everyone to see.

They do not hide it.

They Can't Hide Hypergamy In Dubai.

Even the ones that try to be subtle about it make it very clear why they are here.

And the reason why they are here is to meet a very wealthy man.

Look, I'm not judging these women, I'm just pointing out what I observe.

I mean if you are a very beautiful woman you have options just by the very nature of the reality of being a very beautiful woman.

But in Dubai, the goals of these Dubai women are in the open.

The 10's in Dubai do what they do.

Models from around the world come here to meet their man or men they want to spend time with.

Sure this is not unique to Dubai women.

But I have never seen the extreme level of Hypergamy like I have in Dubai.

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Even Beautiful Women In Dubai Are Focused On The Game.

Even the Dubai women who are not 10's or 9's, are open about their intentions.

Women that I would classify as 6's and 7's make delusional demands and statements just because they are closing in on their wall and want to find a wealthy man.

I guess these 6's and 7 ‘s make these demands just because of the delusional nature of online dating in the modern world but also because in this city they can expose their hypergamous nature without fear of being judged.

One of the most interesting things I have seen on Tinder is the feminist types from first-world countries like New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Germany being unconciously openly hypergamous to the point that I'm embarrassed for them.

And the reason I say this is because these feminist types from these countries I would rate as 6's and 7's making statements like “Only tall, wealthy and extremely successful men swipe right.”

They make these insane claims while making their main profile picture half-naked in a bikini or underwear.


The Strange Dating Game Of  6 and 7's In Dubai.

And keep in mind these are 6's and 7's thinking that this is a good move.

Like I said before, all pretence go out that window when the ladies come to Dubai to find their man.

It's all business.

If you want to see it yourself set your Tinder App to Dubai and swipe for a while, you will see a wide range of profiles but soon see a pattern(and you might soon start thinking real housewives of Dubai is real)

If you go for a swipe on Tinder then be sure to just skip any profile with a phone number, these are mostly professional hooker profiles.

But when browsing the normal profiles stop and read the profiles, you'll be sure to find some interesting reading material.

The Bumble dating app is slightly different and I guess you will find more “normal” profiles there but it's still Dubai.

This brings me back to the warning I got for Dubai women being a challenging dating environment.

After swiping Tinder in this city I realize that average guys coming to this city looking for a “normal” relationship will find Dubai challenging.

This is especially true if you are a man who doesn't have his shit together.

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Value In Dubai

In other words, if your value is average you will struggle in Dubai.

However, if you are a high-value man and you are on your mission then Dubai is great.

I had an amazing time in Dubai.

I love this city and I dated many incredible women.

However, you need to know what you getting into if you move to this city.

So if anyone ever tells you hypergamy is not a real thing send them to Dubai for a week or 2.

Or even better tell them to browse Tinder profiles in Dubai for a few hours.

All this being said, Dubai is still one of the best cities in the world to visit and live in.

It's the city of dreams and a great place to make your base if you are an entrepreneur.

United Arab Emirates


Next time you think of going on a trip visit Dubai and have the time of your life.

But know what you are getting into.

You are either going to love it or hate it.

Come and find out.

Until next time…