Years ago one question used to stay in my mind.

How do I change my life?

More specifically, how do I change my life in 30 days so I can elevate myself to the next level in the long run?

How to change your life is not a question that gets answered a lot.

Or usually, the answers are weak or over the top.

What About You?

Maybe you feel stuck or feel lost?

Maybe your back is against the wall?

Maybe you know it's now or never?

Whatever your reason start today.

Don't waist another year.

Time is your greatest commodity.

So get moving.

Today I'm going to give you 30 ways for change in 30 days.

It's about how you can start your personal transformation right now.

The only thing you have to do is to take action and follow through.

The question is, will you?

So let's start with “How to change your life in 30 days.”

How To Change Your Life In 30 Days

(1)Accept Your Current Situation Don't Deny It.

Whatever your current situation you have to accept it.

Most people live in denial.

They tell themselves a bullshit story about their current life.

Until you stop and accept that things are bad you won't be able to do anything about it.

However the moment you accept it as truth and admit things suck right now things will start changing.

They will start changing because you have accepted the truth.

When you accept the truth you see things as it really is.

This means you can now start changing things.

You can go in a different direction in life.

how to change your life in 30 days

(2)Take Full Responsibility For Your Current Situation.

I have some good and bad news.

The bad news is nobody gives a fuck.

The good news is nobody gives a fuck.

Nobody is coming to help you.

Not the Government

Not your friends.

Not your family.

Everybody has their own problems.

It's not that everybody is out to get you but most people have their own problems and yours is not their priority.

The cold hard truth is that you are alone in this game.Only you have the power to change things in your life.

In order to do that you need to take responsibility for everything.

You have to step up and say that everything is on you.

Good and bad it's all you.

This will give you power because now you are in control.

You can use the power of cause and effect and change your life by the actions you take every day.

So take responsibility for your life.

(3)Start Fighting Harmful Emotions.

Emotions are some of the most powerful forces in the universe.

They come at all of us every single day.

Emotions can be good and bad.

They can be used for love or hate.

They can be used for profits or losses, positive gains or stagnation.

Emotions can create massive wealth or poverty.

Emotions can build empires or bring countries and individuals to their knees.

They key for you is to use your emotions to work for you.

Don't let your emotions control you.

That means your emotions are empowering you and paying you nothing for it.

When your emotions are in control you lose.

That's why the world always seems in trouble.

Most people never study themselves and the power their emotions have over them.

In short use your negative emotions to drive you to greatness and use your positive emotions to inspire you to greatness.

The key is you are allowing these emotions into your life to get to a certain objective.

For example, I had financial losses in my life and felt a lot of painful emotions around that.

Instead of feeling sorry for myself I used that pain to drive me to overcome it and to become rich.

Every time I thought of that and the disappointment I started working harder and thinking more clearly.

That is me using my emotions in my service.

Don't do the opposite of stewing in your own emotions.

What most people do is taking a shower in their own emotions and feel sorry for themselves and fall into depression.

Don't be that guy.

Show some strength and rise up like the King you already are.

(4)Make A Conscious Choice To Win In Life.

Winning in life is a conscious choice.

You have to make a choice right now in this very moment that you are going to win in this life.

Make no mistake, its a choice.

You can stay on your knees like a bitch or you can get up.

Make a choice to start rising up.

Make that choice.

That very powerful choice to win.

When you do that you will need to follow it up with powerful action.

But decisions are powerful.

That means you made a line in the sand and claimed your birthright.

Your birthright is to use your inner power to create whatever you want on this planet and get rewarded for it.

Step up and do it.

(5)Build A Powerful Mindset

Your mind is the most powerful weapon you have.

You can create a powerful world for yourself by using your mind to change everything.

If you have made the conscious choice to win then you already exist in a different world.

It means you live in a world beyond the world the majority of the people live in.

Most people will never read articles like this one.

Most people will never stop and evaluate themselves and most people will never critically look at their own minds.

Most importantly most people will never have the courage and discipline to do anything about it.

You need to take control of the way you think.

The starting point for changing your mindset is that you must believe your transformation possible.

You must believe you can improve as a human.

But I assume you have already done that after you made the choice to win in life.

Once you believe you can change you can start building on that foundation.

You can start creating the man you want to become step by step.

Ask yourself who it is you want to become?

Then start taking the actions to become that.

It all starts in your mind.

Next something simple to get this process going.

Start thinking positive about your life.

Yes, it's a simple idea but very effective to get the ball rolling.

Next start with telling yourself through the day this very simple affirmation:

“Every day in every day I'm getting stronger and stronger.”

And then again.

Every day in every way I'm getting stronger and stronger.”

Start planting those seeds in your mind.

(6)Stop Worrying About The Past And Future.

Your past is dead it's over.

Your future should be thought about but not obsessed about.

What do I mean?

Well, you need a vision in life and you need goals.

However day to day you have to push that to the back of your mind and live in 24-hour blocks.

Stay in the moment and focus on doing the best you can at the moment and then the results will follow.

But stop worrying and stressing about the future.

You can't control the outcome and outside events.

You can't control other people and what they are thinking.

You can only control your own actions.

That is it.

So stop giving so many fucks and start enjoying your life more.

(7)Break Your Bad Habits

Identify your bad and destructive habits and then replace them with constructive and good habits.

You have control over this.

You need to consciously choose habits that will serve you.

Your goals will be inevitable if you allow good habits to take hold.

For example, if you have a habit of watching TV after work then replace it with going for a run after work.

Replacing old habits are not easy.

However, it's possible to achieve.

I have done it and so have many others.

They key is you forcing yourself to install this habit for 30 days.

After 30 days your new habit will start taking control over your old pattern.

You will feel that old habit returning now and then.But just kick in the face and say “not welcome.”

(8)Build a Daily Morning Ritual.

Every morning we need to get some leverage on the day.

We need to build momentum to charge into the day.

We do this with a morning ritual.

A morning ritual is a set of planned actions we take to start our day.

For example:

-Make your bed

-Wash your face and brush your teeth

-Make a cup of coffee

-Write down your goals

-Read for 20 min

-Meditate 20 min

-Swim 20 min

-Take A shower

-Drink a Protein Shake

-Go to Work

This is an example of a morning ritual.

You can design one for yourself.

Design something powerful that builds massive momentum for your day.

Unfortunately, most people have no discipline in the morning to follow a morning ritual.

Most people stumble into the day and just react all day long as thing come at them.

With a morning ritual, you are in control.

You don't react to your day.

You are ready and waiting to deal with anything.

(9)Eliminate non-essential Things In Your Life – Simplify.

In the modern world, we have too many things in our life.

A lot of things we don't need and are unnecessary.

Throw out old documents, clothes and things you don't use anymore.

Clean out your space and make your life more efficient by cutting out the metaphorical fat.

The more garbage is hanging around your life the heavier you become.

You want to be lean and agile.

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(10)Start Making Your Food A Priority.

Your food is literally the building blocks of the body.

For example, your skin cells constantly replace themselves on the upper layer of your skin.

Your blood takes your fuel(food) to all the needed places in your body to repair and rebuild.

This means everything you put into your body has an effect on how your body operates.

That is why if you eat a lot of junk you feel lazy and tired.

The opposite happens when you eat a lot of good quality red meat and drinks lots of water or black coffee.

Making good food choices should be an absolute priority.

If you get this right you will see the positive effects in productivity, your attractiveness and your state of mind.

One of the big contributors to depression is bad diets and lack of exercise.

So get on this as now.


Food and exercise go hand in hand.

These 2 elements should always be part of your life.

Your body should always be running in its optimal state.

You want to enjoy your time on this planet.

You want to be attractive to women and feel good about yourself.

You want to have the strength for your daily tasks and also to be ready to fight whenever you have to.Self Defense is your responsibility towards yourself and the people you care about.

In order for you to be able to defend yourself, you need a strong body.

So this means you need to exercise at least 5 days a week.

Weight training, stretching and running has to be part of your life.

Find a workout program and stick with it.

When someone mentions fitness as a way to change your life people usually expects something different.

They say: “Fitness?Really?”

The answer is, “Yes Fitness! All the fucking time!”

The reality is its probably the most important thing.

It always will be.

Accept it and get on with it.

(12)Surround Yourself With Good People

There will be people in your life that don't have your best interests at heart.

There will be people that want you to fail.

There will be people who will constantly be negative about everything and anything.

There will be people who don't think you can go after your dreams.

There will be people that will try and stop you.

This will be more evident to you as soon as you start changing your life.

Suddenly people will have an opinion on your life.Remember the lion treats the opinions of sheep with absolute disdain.

You need to take the lion mentality and remove negative people from your life.

If you can remove them then limit your time with them.

I get it we all have negative family or even friends.

You don't have outcast every one but limit your time around them.

If they do try and stop you just smile at them and walk away.

Sheep will always be flowers.

You are a lion now.

Surround with good people.

Like minded people that have your best interests at heart.

(13)Destroy The Victim Inside You.

Feeling sorry for yourself?

If the answer is yes then stop right now.

The world is not a fair place.

Accept that reality.

Sometimes the world is totally unfair.

Guess what?

It doesn't make you a victim.

It means the world is what it is.

If you play victim then you have no power over your own life.

In the modern world, there is a victim Olympics where people try to out-compete each other to see who is the biggest victim.

Its destroying society and creating communities of people waiting to be helped.

Guess what?

Help is not coming.

You are in control.

You have to help yourself.

You are the one that can and will change things.

You have to destroy that part of you that wants to get a pat on the back and play the victim.

Instead of facing the world and start walking around like someone that never feels sorry for himself.

Someone that is in control.

(14)Look Out For Comfort Zones.

Most of us walk into comfort zones without realizing it.

We think we are “growing” or doing fine.

But the truth is we are stagnating.

We are not making any progress.

We are slowly giving up and accepting it.

If you are reading this right now then I guess it's for a reason.

Maybe you feel you are stuck?

Maybe you realized you are too comfortable?

If that is you then start pushing yourself.

For example, if you going for a run and you get a tired don't stop.The first sign of tiredness means you are just getting started.

You are warming up.

You need to push inside those uncomfortable places that we all like to avoid.

Those dark spaces where the pain is real and we want to hide.

We want to stop.

When you get that feeling don't run away and hide.

Turn around and face it.

That is the place where you will get better.

That is the place where you get stronger.

You now know that you are not comfortable anymore.

You now know you are OK with being uncomfortable.


(15)Don't Be Scared To Lose But Play To Win.

The reason why most people never become great is that they are petrified of losing.

They want to play the game but they want to play it with a safety rope.

Let's use a climbing a mountain as an example of the game of life.

They want to climb this mountain.

But they only want to climb it with a safety rope.

Here is the reality!

If you want to reach the top you need to take off the rope.

If you climb without the rope you might fall and lose.

However, you know that if you take it off you will feel fear.

But you will push hard enough to win.

Then you will get everything you ever wanted.

(16)Realize Your Personal Power.

You are a sovereign individual.

The Reality is that you can do whatever you want on this planet as long as you take responsibility for your actions.

Cause and Effect is your foundation.

You know that when you take certain actions there will be an effect as a result of those actions.

This is the law of cause and effect.

Thus you realize your power in this universe.

You know that being consistent and maintaining your actions you will see results.

You know this simple law gives you immense power in this universe.

You as an individual can take your ideas and bring them into reality.

The question is will you?

(17)Build Massive Self Confidence In Yourself.

You need to have faith in yourself.

If you don't believe in yourself then why should others?

Faith or self-confidence is built.

It's like a wall where you start with one brick and then another.

Gradually the wall gets bigger and stronger with every brick you place on that wall.

Your personal power will start giving you confidence.

Like the wall, it will grow stronger.

Your daily mindset work will give you confidence.

Your fitness levels will give you confidence.

Your diet will give you confidence.

The people you surround yourself will give you confidence.

The books you read will give you confidence.

Your victories will give you confidence.

All the little inches you make on the football field of life every day will give you confidence.

When you add up all those inches your confidence will start exploding.

how to change your life in 30 days


Choice is both a blessing and a burden in modern life.

It's easy to get overwhelmed.

So start with the highest priority things in your life and focus on them.

If you can't decide then ask yourself the following question:

Which activities will give you the most leverage.

Do those things!

For example:

Working on my business will give me freedom and independence.

My fitness and diet will create positive effects in all other areas of my life.

Reading will transform everything in my life.

These are high leverage activities.

An example of low leverage activities would be watching TV for hours, thinking too much, pointless meetings, etc.

Focus on high leverage!

This is key!

(19)Embrace The Unknown.

We all feel fear when we start doing things that we are uncomfortable with.

We all feel the fear of new experiences.

We all feel fear of the unknown.

How about next time you see an extremely beautiful women you go and introduce yourself?

How about you join a Gracie JiuJitsu academy and go and challenge yourself?

How about you buy a plane ticket and go and experience a culture that is totally different than yours?

How about writing a book?

These things will be uncomfortable.

But that is the point.

Getting uncomfortable will make you come alive.

It will stretch you as a person.

That is what it's all about.

So go do something big.

Do something drastic.

Do something that other people would think “I can't believe he just did that”.

Whatever it is do something that scares you.

When you feel that fear keep on going.

Don't stop.

(20)Maintain Everything In Your Life.

Whatever you are doing in life nothing automatically just keeps on running.

Everything I'm sharing with you in this article will only work if you maintain what I'm sharing with you.

Ideas and objects only work if we maintain them and make sure they are running smoothly.

For example, Self Discipline is great as an idea but if I don't maintain it in my life it will stop being efficient.

Another example is my car. If I don't check the wheels, oil and engine regularly then at some stage my car will stop running.

Everything needs maintenance.

This the Zen and the art of human maintenance.

(21)Self Education.

Self Education is key.

If I had to pick one thing on this list as the most important it would be Self Education.

For most people on this planet, education ends after High School or university.

After that people think they are “good”.

Finally, it's over.

The reality is most schools and universities don't prepare you for life.

Sure some are good to prepare you for specific professions.

But it doesn't teach you about life.

It doesn't teach you about your mind and body and how to best use this complex computer called your brain.

It doesn't teach you about the dangers that wait for you in the future.

The reality is we all know very little what is going on in this universe.

If you want to excel on this planet and get your freedom and independence then you need knowledge.

You need to have the self-discipline to start reading.

Make time to read, watch videos, listen to podcasts.

A great way to download information is audio-books.

While you drive to work or go for a run you can listen to some the best authors and gain valuable knowledge that will change your life.

The most successful people on the planet read 30-40 minutes every day.

Get in the game and restart your education today.

(22)Be Adaptable.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

-Charles Darwin

“Don't get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water. Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot.”

– Bruce Lee.

Be like water.

Don't try too hard.

When things change you must adapt.

Be like water.

Don't be the rock.

Sometimes the best thing to do it let things come to you.

Take your foot off the gas sometimes and let things flow.

Things will change.

Things will happen that you did not expect.

Adapt and change.

(23)Quiet Your Mind.

Meditation is key to reset everything in your life.

Meditation is the best way to declutter a busy mind.

Meditation is very subtle.

But meditation is a very efficient tool to reduce stress and bring calm to chaos.

Meditation has been used for thousands of years by especially eastern religions like Buddhism as a tool for enlightenment and self-improvement.

There various forms of Meditation.

Find one that works for you and incorporate it into your life as a habit.

It will improve your mental and physical health.

I use both guided meditations and traditional zen meditations.

(24)Take Massive Action.

Stop being only in your mind.

Get into the moment and take action.

Mediation is a great and very important tool.

Reading is also important.

However, those activities become useless if you don't take action.

I see this a lot.

Someone will quit their job to change direction in life.

This person will have big plans for changing himself and building a business.

Then 6 months later the person has done nothing.

They just think, read and talk.

They take no action.

This is suicide.

People destroy themselves with inaction.

The most important thing in life is taking action.

Nothing in this universe happens without movement.

So get moving.


Take Massive Action!

(25)Speak Your Mind.

Speak your mind when you want to say something.

But don't just talk because you want attention.

When something has to be said then say it.

It's healthy to get things out in the open and tell people what you think.

Give your opinions in meetings.

Tell the girl that you won't tolerate her bad behavior.

Tell people you will not accept bad deals.

Ask women out on a date.

Make that sales call.

Whatever it is speak your mind when you have to.

You will have a long time to shut up when you leave this planet.

(26)Choose Courage Over Fear.

Fear is real and you will feel it.

However, you have to take risks.

When you choose courage fear will still be there.

But fear will be something in the background.

You act despite fear.

Fear is natural.

People who choose courage act despite fear.

People who choose fear get paralyzed and seduced by fear.

When confronted by fear you will have to make a choice.

Courage or fear.

(27)Build Self Awareness.

You need to start thinking about who you are.

You also need to be thinking about how others perceive you.

How do you think others look at you?

Why do you do what you do?

What Scares you?

What are you ashamed of?

What bad habits do you have?

Some of the answers to these questions might make you uncomfortable.

However you need to know the truth about yourself.

The truth will set you free.

Free to make better choices about yourself and your future.

how to change your life direction


Goals are always in personal development books or blogs.

But for good reason.

They work.

Goals are simple but powerful things.

Goals are basically written statements about what you want.

And when you know what you want you can go after it.

Repeating these goals to yourself daily builds momentum.

And momentum leads to results.

Results lead to success.

Write down your goals every morning when you get up and read them every night before you go to bed.

This will constantly keep them in your mind and push you towards the actions you need to take to win.

(29)Build Systems And Make Them A Priority.

Systems are more important than goals.

I mentioned goals and goals are very important.

But building systems will make your goals more effective.

Just randomly doing things are not going to work with a long term vision for your life.

Systems don't need to be complicated.

Systems are just an organized way of executing on tasks that can be repeated very easily.

Systems are great because they optimize your results and make you get what you want faster.

For example, I have a system for my morning routine.

I prepare my food for my weekday lunches on Sunday.

I cook them and prep them put them in the fridge.

There are five little containers that I use every week and wash when I'm done.

Simple and efficient.

This way I don't need to think about cooking healthy lunches and it saves me time.

You can build systems for most things in your life.It takes a bit of time to create but once the system is in place it starts running almost by itself.

how to change your life in 30 days

(30)Self Discipline.

Self Discipline is the foundation that holds everything else together.

It's the glue in your life.

Self Discipline is that mirror that exposes you and keeps you accountable.

Self-discipline makes sure you are getting things done.

It keeps your standards high.

Self Discipline has to be built and maintained.

The key to Self Discipline is that you are the one responsible for maintaining it.

There is no outside power that will punish you if start slipping up.

It's your responsibility to keep your standards high.

You will know that life always keeps you accountable.

You can't hide from life.

You can't cheat life.

You will get exposed.

So make your Self Discipline a way of life.


How to change your life in 30 days starts with Self Discipline.