Previously I wrote an article about the books every man should read focused on dating.

But there are some books I did not include on that list because I didn't see them as dating books, but more like dating psychology books. 

Another way to classify these books is to call them “Red Pill Books”.

They are all books filled with value.

If you are someone that finds modern dating and relationships frustrating, then these books will be valuable for you.

Or maybe you are someone that feels that the world we live in just doesn't make any sense.

If that is you then read these books, and then a lot of things you thought were true will be flipped on their head.

When it comes to red pill books a lot of people have strong reactions. 

So many people go to the extreme and start hating on women. 

That's not the point of this list of books or the authors who wrote these books. 

So read these books with an open mind, and don't run with the emotions which you will feel while reading some of these books.Books for men to read in the context of the Red pill is what this article is about.

Emotions like anger, resentment, and depression are common.

But another common thing people experience reading these books is denial. 

Many will say the ideas in these books are bullshit or just not true. 

Depending on how far gone you are in the modern matrix, these emotions are natural. 

My advice to you is that the truth is what it is, so just accept it and realize that it's not about the book or a woman.

It's the way you have been conditioned and trained to see the world in a specific way and when you realize you lived a lie it takes time to recover.

Again, don't start hating on women. I love women and think they are great, however, I understand their true nature and dont expect things from them they are not capable of doing.

The resentment towards women after reading these books is based on an unrealistic expectation on women based and conditioning since you opened your eyes for the first time.

So read these books, get the value from them, but remember the person that needs to change is you, not women.

Finally, I arranged the books in the order I think you should read them to get the most from them. So start with the first book and work your way through them.

So let's begin with the best red pill dating psychology books for men.

Best Red Pill Books For Dating and Relationships

“Truth is not what you want it to be; it is what it is, and you must bend to its power or live a lie.”

-Miyamoto Musashi.

Alpha male

The Rational Male – By Rollo Tomassi.

The Rational Male is the foundational text when it comes to modern Red Pill Dating/relationship psychology or philosophy. 

This is the book that has opened the eyes of many men around the world.

And in today's world, it is more important than ever to understand the mechanics of relationships and how they affect men.

Rollo Tomassi’s book, “The Rational Male,” gives readers an in-depth look at the psychology of women and relationships.

It delves deep into the motivations that drive both sexes and explores strategies for understanding them.

This book is a must-read for all men looking to better understand themselves and their partners.

In The Rational Male, Tomassi outlines a comprehensive framework for understanding human nature.

He breaks down his theories with simple, easy to understand language, giving readers a well-defined roadmap for navigating the complexities of male-female interactions.

From discussing the implications of modern feminism on men to exploring evolutionary psychology, this book covers it all.

Tomassi offers his insights with humor and wit while still delivering serious advice about relationships and human behavior.

His conversations are always engaging, and he often offers real-life examples to illustrate his points.

This makes it easier to digest difficult concepts while still gaining invaluable insight into the people around you.

Overall, The Rational Male is an invaluable guidebook for any man looking to gain greater insight into himself or others.

Tomassi’s wisdom is timeless and universal yet still feels fresh and relevant in today’s world.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, this book will give you valuable perspective on how people interact with each other, helping you become better equipped to handle whatever life throws your way.

The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi is an essential read for any man who wants to gain greater clarity about himself or others.

If you want to read more about this book check out my other post about Rollo Tomassi and the Rational Male.

I recommend you read Preventitive medicine,he second book,wich is in my opion his best book.

Richard Cooper

The Unplugged Alpha: The No Bullsh*t Guide To Winning With Women & Life -By Richard Cooper.

The second book I recommend you read after the Rational Male is the Unplugged Alpha by Richard Cooper.

So what is the book about?

Men today are force-fed a lack of trust in themselves, leaving them unequipped to make wise decisions and causing their lives – particularly relationships with women – to suffer.

Men are conditioned to perceive “niceness” as their ticket into a fulfilling relationship.

They're taught that in order to win the heart of someone special, they must repress conventional masculinity and prioritize women's needs over anything else.

This myth is not only ineffective but also damaging for both men and women alike.

This generation of men has become dangerously fixated on women, allowing an unhealthy attachment to become their driving ambition.

As society continues to evolve, the expectations for men regarding how they interact with women and approach life seem to be shifting – yet many men find themselves in a state of confusion due to their failure to keep pace.

Looking for the keys to successful dating and a lasting relationship?

This book provides valuable insight into why it's essential to cultivate your looks, financial stability, social standing, and game.

Plus get an in-depth view of how becoming one of the top 20% sought-after men can help you attract genuine desire from women who want more than just casual flings.

Carefully vet potential partners with our detailed red flags list so that marriage isn't something you'll need to avoid smartly!

Unearth the truth behind the myths that have masked your potential. Discover how to become an Alpha, one who strives for excellence and lives with purpose.

Embrace authenticity as you pursue success in a meaningful life!

The Unplugged Alpha lays out a roadmap to take control of your life and the dangers you should watch out for when it comes to women and relationships.

This book is a good follow-up book to read after The Rational Male, because it will give you a real-world perspective on how many men get trapped in terrible lives because they are conditioned to live in a false understanding of how the world really works.


The Book of Numbers: Analyzing the ROI on the Pursuit of Women – By Aaron Clarey.

The book of numbers is exactly what the title tells you it is. 

The book starts from the following worldview: “The world economy and its entire, historic economic production has been fueled by one thing and one thing only – sex. “

Keeping the worldview in mind and the price men pay to produce all the positive results in the world, the author looks at another quistion especially in the modern context: Is it worth it to pursue relationships and women? 

This quistion obviously has many variables connected to it. 

The importance of this book is in the way it gives you a cost-benefit analysis of the pursuit of women and relationships in the modern world. 

In the context of the modern divorce rates and failed relationships, this book is a must-read. 

In the modern western world, relationships can be very costly for men when things go bad. 

Understanding the bigger picture is very important, and also to make sure you avoid the bear traps most men step into without knowing it.To get the cold hard numbers read The Book Of Numbers.


The Tactical Guide to Women: How Men Can Manage Risk in Dating and Marriage -By Shawn T. Smith.

The tactical guide to women is another book that will give you a reality check about going into a relationship. 

The author warns about the disastrous results the wrong women can bring into a man's life.

Dating and marriage in the digital age have brought a unique set of challenges for men.

With that in mind, author Shawn T. Smith has written “The Tactical Guide to Women: How Men Can Manage Risk in Dating and Marriage”, a book that can help modern men navigate the complexities of relationships with women.

Let’s take a closer look at this book and explore what it has to offer.

At its core, “The Tactical Guide to Women” is about helping men become confident when dating or married to women.

It explains how men can develop better communication skills, manage their expectations, and handle any conflicts they may encounter throughout their relationship.

Smith also looks at how society has changed since the days of his father's generation and offers advice on how to adjust accordingly.

One of the most useful aspects of this book is that it provides practical tips on how to become a better communicator with your partner.

Smith dives into topics such as active listening, non-verbal communication, and maintaining an open dialogue which are all critical elements in any relationship.

He also explains why these skills are important in detail which makes them easier to understand and remember for readers.

Overall, “The Tactical Guide to Women” is an informative read for men looking for guidance on how best to navigate relationships in today's world.

The book provides thoughtful insight into modern relationships that many readers will find useful.

What makes this book different from the previous book (Book of numbers) is that it gives you a practical plan to make sure you only allow the right women into your life. 

If you don't know how to identify toxic women then The Tactical Guide To Women will tell you all about it.


Alpha Male Strategies: Dating Techniques In The Social Media Age – by Alpha Male Strategies.

This is a book on dating strategy from a red-pilled perspective.

The author focuses on building a mindset and lifestyle that will attract women automatically. 

What most men do is put all their focus and attention on chasing women and sex.

The author shows why this is the wrong approach.

The author goes into red pill thinking and why some men have a lot of anger when they first take the red pill and see the world for what it really is.

This book is challenging men to go back to basics and seize the opportunity of becoming an attractive alpha male for women they genuinely desire.

By doing so, they can avoid subscribing to the theory that states 80% of all males struggle in pursuit of the last 20% available females.

Instead, these forward-thinking gentlemen strive towards getting into this final echelon by investing hard work on self improvement.

Want to attract women or seduce women?


But do wthe work first!

Alpha Male Strategies on to guide you through the important pillars in life that a man has to focus on to have success with women and life in general.


Dataclysm: Who We Are – By Christian Rudder.

This book is not focused on just women and dating but there are some very important data related to these areas. 

This book is not in the category of The Book of numbers but it has very interesting data about how men and women evaluate each other.

For example, a reality this book brings to the forefront is that women are a lot more demanding than men when it comes to choosing a mate.

This might be obvious to many, but the way this data links up with other data related to women and relationships are the interesting parts.

Data is everywhere.

It's all around us, informing our decisions and shaping our lives.

In his book “Dataclysm: Who We Are” author Christian Rudder dives into the world of data, exploring how it can tell us about ourselves and how it can be used to better understand the world we live in.

Rudder starts off by discussing how data has been collected for centuries; from counting stars in the night sky to tracking the spread of disease.

He then moves on to modern examples – from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, to online dating sites like OKCupid – and shows us how these massive amounts of data can help us answer some fundamental questions about human behavior.

For example, he looks at data from OKCupid to examine differences between men and women when it comes to communication styles on dating sites.

He also examines what kind of photos get the most attention on different gender profiles on OKCupid.

Throughout the book, Rudder emphasizes the importance of looking at data with an open mind and not accepting any conclusions until they have been proven through rigorous analysis.

He makes a point of showing us that while data may provide insights into human behavior or trends, it cannot replace our own intuition or observations when it comes to understanding people or situations.

The book is filled with anecdotes from Rudder's personal experience as well as fascinating statistics that will engage readers from all walks of life, including men who are interested in learning more about themselves and their interactions with others.

Overall, “Dataclysm: Who We Are” is an excellent read for anyone interested in learning more about the power of data and its potential uses in understanding human behavior.

Christian Rudder takes a thoughtful approach to examining data and provides an engaging look at how we can use it to make better decisions in our lives.

It's a must-read for men who want to gain insight into themselves and their relationships with others.

To get the big picture ,read Dataclysm.

David Deida

The Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire – By David Deida.

This book is a legendary book in the dating community but I group this book more in a red pill category. 

It's not a dating technique book, it's more a life philosophy for men.

It focuses on some of the most important issues in men's lives.

Things like women, relationships, sex, and masculinity. 

This book is the most abstract book on this list and some would complain there are no specific steps to follow. 

However, the book is still packed with value and will give you a glimpse into a different way to view women, sex, and life in general.

David Deida's book The Way of the Superior Man is a must-read for any man looking to take control of his life and become a better version of himself.

Through this spiritual guide, Deida offers invaluable advice to help men navigate through the challenges they face in their relationships with women, in their work lives, and in dealing with sexual desire.

Let’s dive into what this book has to offer:

Deida provides a framework for understanding how men can live up to their full potential.

He explains that men should strive for three core values: truth, love, and power.

As men learn to embrace these values, they will be able to bring more joy into their lives as well as those around them.

Deida emphasizes the importance of understanding one’s purpose in life and living it fully and passionately.

According to him, it is not enough for a man just to live—he must also have a sense of purpose.

He states that when men understand their true nature and purpose, they can then begin to express themselves authentically and live life in alignment with that truth.

This leads to greater satisfaction from life as well as an increased capacity for love and connection with others.

Another important point raised by Deida is that men need to develop healthy relationships with women if they are seeking true fulfillment in life.

He suggests that men understand their masculine energy, which lies within them, what he calls “the wild essence.”

He suggests that men learn how to use it wisely so as not to hurt anyone else in the process.

By doing this, men can develop a deep respect for women while still maintaining their own masculine strength and integrity.

Lastly, Deida encourages men to open up sexually so that they can experience true passion through sex with their partners without fear or shame.

In order for this kind of intimacy between two people to exist, there needs first be an openness between them both energetically and physically—this openness is essential for true pleasure and connection.

Overall, The Way of the Superior Man is an excellent book filled with wisdom on how men can lead an empowered life while remaining respectful towards others around them—especially women.

It contains valuable tips on developing healthy relationships while also staying connected to one’s true purpose in life.

If you are looking for guidance on your journey toward becoming a superior man then this book is perfect for you!

Whether you are single or committed, young or old – David Deida’s words will surely help you gain clarity on your path ahead!

48 laws of power

The Illimitable Men – By Life Math Money.

The Illimitable Men Audiobook by Life Math Money will give you the harsh truth about being a man.

A lot of what he has to say might be a slap in the face for some but definitely a wake-up call for many.

The underlying theme of this book is power.

It will give you the truth that is the following: Most men get used by the system but a small group of men use the system and play by their own rules.

This small group of men live lives most men only dream about and “The Illimitable Men” audiobook will teach you how to move into this small group of men and live life on your own terms.

You will learn about:

-Power + Masculinity

-Women+Female Nature

-Social Dynamics

The Illimitable Men Audiobook will change your life.

alpha mindset


So there you have it the best Red Pill books on dating and relationships for men. 

Again, start from the top and work your way through it. 

Keep an open mind and don't just reject the ideas in these books as “false”.

Some might find these books hard to swallow, but the hard truth always stings, especially when you realize that your life up until this point was lived in a false reality. 

So don't blame women, or the world. Take responsibility, and start changing your life step by step.

Good Luck!

Until next time…