A lot of men wonder about how to be an alpha male.

Or they ask, “What is an alpha male?”

There are a lot of opinions about what Alpha male means.

But those opinions are all based purely on an outdated view of what it means to be an alpha male.

Most of those opinions are based only on the chest-beating gorilla view of being an alpha.

And yes some of those aspects are important, but in a modern context, the alpha is more than that.

This article is an abstract view of how I see the modern alpha and what it takes to be one.

One of the problems with the outdated view of alpha is that many traditionally viewed Alphas are only alpha in some aspects of life.

For example, you might see a powerful guy in the gym who looks intimidating but as soon as he is around a woman he becomes a little puppy who takes orders.

Or when it comes to his personal and professional lives, it isn't very impressive.

The mainstream view of the Alpha is outdated.

My view of the Alpha, and the one I'm going to discuss in this article, is balanced, holistic, and an ideal of what a modern Alpha male is.

It's an abstract idea compared to the old, narrow, outdated idea of an Alpha male.

What Is An Alpha Male? – How To Be An Alpha Male

I already mentioned that the outdated view of the alpha is being left behind.

The world has changed, and you adapt, or you get left behind.

When I'm talking about being an Alpha, I'm talking about the idea of what it means to be a high-value male.

All the qualities of this high-value male holistically make him an Alpha.

So let's look more closely at how to be an alpha male.

Alpha Male Traits = Alpha Mindset

There are a few traits that I talk about in my book Alpha Mindset that forms this idea of what a Modern Alpha Male is.

The foundation of it is that being Alpha is a Mindset.

This Alpha Mindset is based on certain fundamentals.

Let's start with the first one:

Winning In Life Is A Conscious Choice

A lot of men in this world who are seen as “Alpha Males” are losers.

They might be tough, but their lives are mediocre and chaotic.

They have problems in their relationships, and a lot of times, they are controlled by their women.

But more importantly, they lose in the biggest area of life, which is being a professional in this game of life.

They don't achieve anything great, they don't build wealth, and they dont impact their community.

Their names are not remembered.

Therefore if you want to develop yourself into a real Alpha, then you need to make a line in the sand and make the decision to win in life.

And make no mistake, it's a decision, you have to make a decision that you will not take no for an answer, you will not stand back and wait for life to come at you.

You will attack and be aggressive.

But more importantly than that, you will be smart about it.

You will not be a mindless drone. You will learn strategy, you will learn tactics, you will learn mental and physical preparation.

Then you will execute consistently and mold reality according to your will.

Because you will is the thing that will distinguish you from the average man.

That hunger inside you pushes you above and beyond what anyone expects of you.

That inner drive pushes you to do the work when no one is watching.

Mind Transformation

The second part of becoming Alpha is taking control of your mind.

The mind is the most powerful tool you have.

You must learn how to develop the mind and then transform it.

If you are reading these words, then you already know you have room for improvement.

Some of you might be in a postion in life where your back is against the wall, and you need to make some big moves.

Well, you are in the right place, you will find the structure and plan to do that on this website.

First, you must realize we live in a time where the human mind is under constant attack from outside forces trying to influence us.

The human mind is the most powerful goal-seeking machine in the known universe.

However, it's also a very fertile soil for ideas to be inserted.

The ideas come in different types of attacks.

Some are from big companies, governments, schools, universities, and even “friends.”

These influences could be in person or through social media, TV, music, or other online sources.

The bottom line is that the human mind is much more open to planting seeds than most people realise.

Every day people are being unconsciously brainwashed.

Most people are unaware of the immense power of their minds and how the mind can be used against them.

However, once you study and understand the human mind, then it can be transformed into a very powerful weapon under your control.

Yes, it will take work and discipline to get to this point, but it can be done.

Once you master your mind and get control over it, you become a very powerful man with unlimited potential.

This is the foundation of the Alpha.

Mind power that is above the average man.

mountain man

Stop Asking For Permission

Now it's time to move on to the next important part of becoming a modern Alpha Male.

It's a mind shift away from being a follower.

You must make a mind shift and stop asking for permission.

Stop looking around you and look at what most people on planet earth are doing and start thinking for yourself.

Switch off that part of your mind that has the instinct to go and ask for permission before you take action in life.

It's time to become a leader of men.

It's time to become the man that people can depend on, someone that people respect.

A man that makes his own decisions.

There is nothing wrong with surrounding yourself with other Alpha men that is also on a mission to become the best possible version of themselves.

But before you form alliances and teams, you must first walk alone.

This is a right of passage of the Alpha.

Who Dares Wins

Most people in the world play it safe.

They think a life of no risk will give them what they want.

They think that by playing from a position of safety that their dreams will come true.

But they never do, and these people don't understand why.

Here is the reality:

Nothing great in life in any arena has been achieved without risk.

You must be willing to take calculated risks.

You can't win without the risk of losing.

I have mentioned this many times before, but you must follow the advice of the SAS(Special Air Sevice) whose motto is “Who Dares Wins”.

If you do not dare in life, you will keep on losing.

In my own life, nothing changed before I stopped dabbling with life.

I was a dabbler.

I would sit next to the stream of life and watch how the water goes past.

I would sometimes put my foot in the water.

But then the water would feel too cold, so I would take it out and return to safety.

It wasn't until I got to a point. in life when my back was against the wall that I decided to jump into the stream and emerged myself in the cold water.

Yes, the water was freezing, but it awakened me, and suddenly I was playing this game of life on a whole different level.

I wasn't a part of the cowed anymore, I was a player.

More than that, I was playing to win.

I was taking risks, not stupid risks, but calculated risks.

I was willing to lose. I didnt want to lose, but I was willing to take some losses to win in the end.

I realized “Who Dares Wins” is the secret to getting whatever you want.

I also realize that these words are a big part of the Mindset of the Alpha.

Alphas risk, they lead and know that whatever they want in life will demand sacrifice and the possibility of losing.

You can't win without the possibility of losing.

If this idea excites you, then there is an Alpha spark within you.

So jump into the water and become comfortable in the cold water of life.

Remember dabbling in life will take you nowhere, but committing to playing the game of life at a high level will lead to victory.

Live By The Code Of The Warrior

In a modern world where men live in a state of mediocrity and chaos is easy to look around and ask yourself, “What the fuck happened?”

It's easy to see the negatives everywhere.

But there is a way for us to rise above it all and dominate.

We do this in a simple and powerful way.

We go back to the old ways.

The way of the warrior.

Being a warrior is a way of life.

It's a philosophy that is ingrained in the deepest part of your blood as a man.

Your inner warrior is there, all you have to do is tap into it.

It will give you clarity, discipline, focus, determination, and courage.

It's a way of walking through the world that will give you one clear conclusion:

When you accept the way of the warrior, and you find yourself in a world of chaos and a world of men with no code, you realize that you don't need to be part of that problem.

You know this because you know you live in a world beyond this world.

Therefore the way of the Alpha is a code of ethics that you live by.

This includes mentally and physically preparing your body and mind for whatever conflict might come your way.

Living this way will bring inner strength and a sense of purpose.

The Alpha is a warrior monk.

Zen Maintenance

A lot of people try to make a change in life but soon, they find themselves in a place where everything they created is lost, and they are exactly back where they started.

The reason for the circle of chaos is that most dont realize the importance of one of the most powerful principles in the known universe.

This principle has created and upheld civilizations since the beginning of the human story.

This principle is maintenance.

Zen Maintenance is the key to long-term success.

If you dont maintain the standards you set for yourself in any area of life, then I guarantee you that you will lose it all.

Maintenance in all areas of life must become a culture.

It's the culture of excellence of the modern Alpha.

Dating Women And Relationships

The reality for you as a man is that women will play a big part in your life.

The quistion is how much of that influence will be positive and how much will be negative?

Here is the reality for most men:

The influence of women in their lives causes them to lose all their power.

And therefore, the influence mostly leads to unhappiness and, a lot of times, chaos.

All you need to do to see this is look at the modern divorce rate, and you will see that most men are clueless when it comes to women, they have no idea what they are doing.

A man with an Alpha mindset understands women and understands that if he doesn't make smart decisions with women that his whole life could be turned into chaos.

So the starting point for the Alpha is to learn about the true nature of women, then he must learn to become a master with women.

Next, he must become a very good decision-maker in dating and relationships.

Finally, the Alpha knows the most important lesson of all.:

A woman is not the most important thing in your life. Your mission is number one.

The Danger Of Becoming An Alpha Beta

Finally, a word of warning.

I know many men who start as Alpha or they develop into Alphas but then lose it all.

Why do they lose it all?

Well, they give into the seductive power of beautiful women.

They forget what they have learned, they dont have the inner strength to say no to women.

A big reason for this is that many men develop into Alphas to get the girl.

But then, when they become Alpha, they the first time in their lives get attention from a high-value beautiful woman (9 0r 10's).

And suddenly, the power of her beauty is too much for them to handle, so they become alpha betas.

And when you see them in a few years, they are back to being full-time beta males in a position where they can lose it all just because they gave in to their own weakness.

You must realize that being alpha means you will be tested.

This is the world Alphas live in.

You will be tested by the world.

And as an alpha, you must stand strong like a mountain and let the ocean go around you.

Do not under any circumstances let the ocean consume you.



So these were my abstract ideas of being a Modern Alpha.

Being a modern Alpha is an ideal.

It's something to look up to and tell yourself to always be getting better.

To always be growing and improving and, more importantly, maintaining it all so that you can leave a legacy.

Until next time

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