Today I want to to put some light on why the beta male provider strategies most men use fail.

So let's start at the beginning.

A lot of guys in their 20's and 30′ and even 40's who are single say: “I just want to settle down”.

I don't have a problem with the idea of having a long term relationship and even marriage.

But I do have a problem with guys not seeing their own red flags in relationships.

And I do have a problem with this modern tendency of guys running to a relationship as a buffer or shield.

Beta Male Strategies

Many guys think it is the next step that they have to take no matter what happens.

No matter what condition they are in as an individual they think their lives can only get better when they get a ring on a girl's finger.

They think that when they finally get that long term relationship they can finally relax and settle into a nice “comfortable” life.

They think that once they are in the relationship their lives will magically get better and they will finally have all their shit together.

Within this mindset is where a lot of unhappiness gets created.

Within this mindset, a lot of marriage problems and failed relationships gets created.

So this is what normally happens:

A guy has an average job, he is in average shape physically and mentally he is way under his potential.

But all this doesn't matter he goes ahead into the long term relationship or marriage.

So as soon as he is “officially” in a relationship ” he thinks he is good and now he can just cruise.

He stops pushing hard in his career, he stops physically staying in shape and mentally he becomes another average dude.

He lets go because he thinks he is “safe”.

He thinks his ship has finally come in.

He can now sit back, have lots of sex, watch TV after work and “just be himself”

But soon he is in for the biggest surprise of his life.

All the sex he thought he was going to get is drying up.

The happy woman he dated is a lot more full of shit than she used to be before they started getting serious.

For a lot of men, this is when the cracks start showing all over their relationship.

Normally the relationship ends fast (if you are lucky) or they stay in a miserable relationship for years living a miserable existence while his girlfriend is fucking other guys without him knowing.

Sounds harsh?

Well, the world is a harsh place.

Don't fall for the Disney version of how relationships and women operate.

marriage problems

You Have To Be A Man Of Value.

The reality for men is this:

If you want to be attractive for women you need to be a man of value.

There is no way around it.

Women want to be with a man of value.

They want to be with someone that has more value than them.

Someone with frame.

Someone they can admire and respect.

Someone that is out there fighting the world.

This building of value should not stop when you go into a relationship or get married.

This is the mistake that most men make.

They think once they get the girl they can “just settle” and watch Netflix.

Why Do Men Think This Way?

Why is it that men want to take their foot of the accelerator and “just settle”?

Well, the answer is simple.

Most men want to hide from the following reality:

For the rest of your life, you need to keep on working, pushing and improving and building your value.

This is the only way you can guarantee your own happiness and the happiness of the women you are with.

Most Beta males want to hide from this reality.

They want to deny this reality so they can watch Netflix and chill.

He can cuddle under the blanket with his girlfriend while she is texting other guys.

Watch Out,You Might Be A Beta Male

A beta male is a man who is not in control of his own life.

He lets others make decisions for him and he goes along with whatever they want to do.

He does not have any ambitions or goals of his own and he is content to just go through the motions day after day.

If this sounds like you, then it's time to make a change.

Here are four reasons why you should not be a beta male:

1) You Will Never Be Truly Happy.

A beta male is someone who lives his life according to other people's standards and expectations.

He is always chasing after what other people want him to chase after, and he never takes the time to figure out what he really wants in life.

As a result, he is never truly happy because he is living someone else's version of what happiness should look like.

2) You Will Always Be At The Mercy Of Others.

When you are a beta male, you are constantly seeking approval from those around you.Beta Male behavior make a “victim.”

You are always looking for someone to tell you what to do and how to do it.

This means that you are never in control of your own life and you are always at the mercy of other people's whims and demands.

3) You Will Never Reach Your Full Potential.

A beta male doesn't have any ambitions or goals of his own, so he is content to just coast through life without ever really challenging himself or pushing himself to achieve more.

As a result, he never reaches his full potential because he isn't striving for anything more than mediocrity.

4) You Will Always Be Disappointed With Your Life.

When you look back on your life, all you will see is wasted potential and unfulfilled dreams.

You will always wonder what could have been if you had only had the courage to seize control of your own life and forge your own path instead of following someone else's path that was laid out for you

If you are currently living your life as a beta male, it's time to make some changes.

Beta behavior make men unhappy, unfulfilled, and controlled by those around them.

If you don't want that for yourself, then it's time to take charge and start living your life on your own terms.

Let's Look At Some Signs That You Might Be A Beta Male:

1.No Drive To Go After Goals

A person who is disinterested in the notion of goal setting and achievement can be labeled a beta male.

Unlike their counterparts, these individuals are content to remain within areas of life that do not challenge them or require grit.

Instead, they shy away from adversity and never test themselves.

2. They Are The Definition Of Mediocrity

Beta males are not known for their excellence when it comes to producing work.

While they may be proficient enough, their performance rarely reaches the same heights as that accomplished by alpha and sigma males.

This lack of ambition limits promotion prospects significantly,they usually stay where they are in terms of career or job.

3. They Are Content With Their Position In Life

Beta male behavior tend to be comfortable with their current stage in life, often requiring an external force for any advancement.

Unsatisfied by the status quo, they are unmotivated to progress unless encouraged or compelled by outside sources.

4. They Hate Competition

Beta males tend to shy away from the competition.

They believe that there is no need to prove themselves when they have enough resources to meet their basic needs and desires.

Therefore they choose not to compete against others for projects, contracts, or even sports.

Instead, beta males prefer a more passive existence in the background.

5. Beta Males Love To Talk About Their Feelings

Beta's love to talk about their feelings and vulnerabilities.

They want to use every opportunity to tell the world about their challenges and shortcomings.

No stone is left unturned as they tell the women every little detail about themselves.

6. Beta Males Are Followers In Relationships

Betal males let women run their lives and relationships.

She is the decision maker, and he is the follower.

She lays down the law, and he must follow the law or pay the price.

Basically, he must be a good boy at all times and follow orders.

7. Betas Dont Like Conflict

Beta males possess a more tranquil personality, often shying away from disruption or conflict.

This can be attributed to their lack of physical and mental fortitude when compared with Alpha or Sigma males.

Rather than openly challenge the status quo, Beta men typically accept it without resistance.

8.Beta Males Are Not Intimidating

One of the obvious signs of a beta male is their physical disposition.

They do not look intimidating like alpha males.

Even though they are friendly, they lack alpha male charisma.

People don’t hesitate before approaching them because they are seen as ordinary individuals.

9.Beta Males Will Never Be Selfish

Beta males often struggle with the challenge of self-focus, as they are mindful not to displease those around them.

This tendency is out of consideration for their future needs; beta males always put others' requirements before their own.

10. The Approval Of Others Are Important To Him

A beta male's downfall is the reliance on the approval or thoughts of other people, leading them to forsake their integrity for a misguided sense of acceptance from society.

This dependency can be detrimental to achieving true potential and reaching one’s goals as they are consumed by seeking validation externally instead of inwardly.

11. The Beta Male Is King Of The Friendzone

Beta Males often find themselves in the unenviable position of being “friend-zoned” by those they wish to date.

While sometimes this is desired, as some partners prefer non-complicated relationships, many would opt for Alpha Males instead, leaving Betas out in the cold with nothing gained but platonic friendship.

The World Of The Beta Male Provider.

The Beta male provider reality in a long term relationship/marriage is one where he sees himself as being:



“Risk Free”

This is how this happens.

The Beta goes into a relationship with the mindset of sacrificing himself and his mission to please his girl.The beta male in relationship is doomed to failure.

She has a list of demands for him.This is the beta male test.

He has to follow these demands if he wants to be in a relationship or marriage with this woman.

If he is a good boy and accepts the terms of this deal he thinks he will get to fuck her and live happily ever after.

The problem with this “deal” is that most girls on a subconscious level have already lost respect for the guy.

She will probably go through with it anyway so she can have a nice beta provider that pays her bills while she fucks Alphas on the side.

Sounds harsh?

Well, welcome to the world we live in.

Of course not all women fuck around but unfortunately a lot of women do.

In fact, a lot more women fuck around than most men are aware of.

I know because I used to be the alpha that slept with some of these married women.

I would meet beautiful women and sleep with them.

After it happened they told me they are married so this is “just a one-time thing”.

I didn't care because they were strangers to me.

But the more it happened the more I realized how common it is.

And when I started asking questions it was always the same story.

Beta husband/boyfriend/provider that bored the woman and they lost respect and interest.

total responsibility

When Can I Relax and Just Be With My Girl?

The short answer is never.

The long answer is this:

Most men have been sold a feminist/Hollywood version of what women want.

They have been told to just be a good boy and do what their girl needs and everything will be fine.

Then they took it a step further:

They told men that if they really want to get into the heart of the girl they have to open their hearts to show their emotions and their true feelings.

They said all you need to do is be vulnerable.

So they basically sold the beta “weakness” to men.

Most men fell for it.

Men naturally have an idealistic idea of a long term relationship and marriage.

They think that their wives will love them unconditionally when they show their vulnerability and soft side.

But little did they know that they would despise them for it.

The truth is that women don't like to talk about is that they are attracted to the Alpha

And if they can't get the Alpha they will marry a Beta for the safe nest and fuck an Alpha on the side.


Alpha vs Beta male

If you think this is bad news then I have some hope for you.

Most guys are born Beta's but have the potential to grow into an Alpha.

The way you get conditioned as a child is important.

However, you can choose to become Alpha by developing the alpha qualities already inside you.

It's a Choice.

We have 2 parts in us.

The Alpha and the Beta.

Alpha vs Beta male.

Unfortunately, most guys go with the Beta.


Well, the answer is obvious.

Its an easy and “risk free” path to “happiness”.

But they have been lied to by the world and when they find out the truth they don't believe it.

Then when things go bad they want to find something or someone to blame.

They want to blame the girls who just dumped them for “No reason”.

They want to blame the alpha who fucked his girlfriend.

But the truth is that it wasn't his girl's fault.

And it wasn't the Alpha's fault.

Alpha's do what they do.

The problem is the guy himself.

But most deny this.

So guess what? They go into another relationship with the same approach and again they fail.


The Alpha Way

The Alpha Way is a harder path but also brings the most rewards.

Why is the alpha so attractive to women?

The alpha is attractive to women because she is not the most important thing in his life.

And she knows this.

The Alpha is “selfish”.

The Alpha is a dominant man.

His missions are his absolute priority.

His mission and life are the most important thing to him.

It demands his absolute focus.

He has the freedom to live life on his terms.

Women that come into his life come on his terms.

It is his way or the highway.

He is not overly emotional and doesn't get oneitis.

He doesn't fall for the first girl that gives him attention.

He has many women that want to be in his life and they know it.

He knows his own value.

And because he knows his value it makes him more attractive for women.

His career, fitness, and mind is something he constantly works on and improves.

He knows this truth:

In the world of the Alpha male he is always on point.

He is always aware that if he slacks off and stops living the high standards he sets for himself he can lose it all.

This keeps driving him.

It keeps him hungry.

He is not afraid of the risk and rewards that the alpha life gives him.

This excites him.

This life builds his confidence by constantly working and improving.

The alpha asks Big things from life and because he asks for them he gets them.

This is where Betas fail.

They ask for scraps and that is exactly what they get.

Betas are not willing to be initiated as an alpha wolf.

Alphas go out and conquer. 

alpha male


To become an alpha you need to find a mission, commit to it and then be prepared to walk alone.

You have to be prepared to walk alone.

If you don't and you give in to fear you will be doomed to the life of the Beta.

And once you get pulled into that life it gets very hard to get out.

So make a choice and reject the Beta.

Start walking alone right now.